Ha Tien is a city located in the northwest of Kien Giang province. With the beautiful landscapes and friendly people, Ha Tien is one of the attractive tourists destinations in Mekong River Delta, Vietnam.

Overview of Ha Tien

Ha Tien is a district-level town in the Northwest of Kien Giang Province of which the north borders with Cambodia and the West border Gulf of Thailand. Known as the Heaven on land, Ha Tien is home to numerous stunning sceneries that are worth visiting. 

Ha Tien

Ha Tien

There are three main ethnic groups living in Ha Tien including Kinh, Hoa, Khmer. This is the diverse cultural identity land formed from over 300 years agos. Khmer people are the first landlord of this land but the land of Ha Tien was formed and flourished thanks to the Mac family when Mac Cuu came to reclamate this land and brought the land to Lord Nguyen. And from that time, Ha Tien is officially a part of Vietnam territory.

Ha Tien is in the tropical monsoon area with the annual average temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius. The rainy season is from May to October. It often comes early and ends later than other areas of the Mekong Delta. 

Ha Tien’s tourist attractions

Thanh Hoang communal house

Thanh Hoang communal house is located in group 1, Dong Ho ward, Ha Tien city. This is an ancient communal house, according to this historical compilation, this communal house is about 250 years, so it has the big value of architecture and culture. This is extremely a worth-visit place that you should not ignore in Ha Tien.

You can get to this communal house by motorbike. There are many motorbike taxis in the bus stations in Ha Tien, so it is great to take a motorbike taxi to wander around the city and visit Thanh Hoang communal house on the way.

This communal house is the worshiping place for people with meritorious services to Ha Tien land and country including Mac Cuu who firstly had reclamation of Ha Tien land, Mac Thien Tich and Mac Tu Sanh.

Temple of the Mac family

Temple of the Mac family is also a must-visit destination in your Ha Tien trip. This temple is located in Mac Cuu street, Binh San ward, Ha Tien city. This is where the tombs of Mac family are located in Binh San mountain with poetic landscape. Tourists can catch a bus, motorbike taxi, or taxi to visit this temple. The scared and peaceful atmosphere of the temple truly attracts tourists.

Da Dung mountain

Away 6 km from the center of Ha Tien, Da Dung mountain in the past was known with the name Chau Nham Lac Lo, the mountain is famous for its majestic with the with thorny but mysterious, seductive stones. From national road No.80, you can easily get to Da Dung mountain by motorbike or taxi. This mountain used to be a strategic point in term of defense during the wars, so it is recognized as a historical relic.

Da Dung mountain is very suitable for adventurers who love to explore and experience. Only take about 5.000 VND for a entrance ticket, you will see the mysterious and simple beauty of the caves, which imbued with the heroic traditional beauty of the nation in the years of Ha Tien people's struggle history.

Cave pagoda

Cave pagoda is also known as Ha Son pagoda, a unique pagoda in Ha Tien in the foot of Hai Son mountain. Located in An Binh commune, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province, it is easy to move by motorbike from Ha Tien. Cave pagoda was built in the 18th century by Thailand monks and local fishermen. The pagoda has a unique architecture, you can see a lot of valued Buddha statues. When entering the yard of the pagoda, you can see Buddha statue of Maitreya with the  weight of 22 tons. 

Especially in Cave pagoda, there is a cave overlooking the Phu Tu islet. It is the tranquility and mystery of the cave formed by nature resonating with the compassion and peace that emanates from Buddha statues and temples that make this place unique in the world. Buddha. 

Phu Tu islets

Dubbed as the second “Halong Bay”, Phu Tu islets is a famous tourist attraction in Binh An commune, Kien Luong district, which is 38 km from the center of Ha Tien city. You can visit Phu Tu islets by motorbike or car.

Phu Tu Islet is unique with the stone pillar of several tens of meters high lying on the sea. It used to be associated with an emotional story about father and son, so there are two stones like father and son wrapped in tangerines together, facing the sea and connected by a high pedestal stone 5m, there are many small islands around. This intimate image is one of the unique symbols of Ha Tien.

Ha Tien

Phu Tu islet

Mui Nai beach

Mui Nai beach is also called as Loc Tri beach which is a beautiful beach in the Gulf of Thailand and is one of the 10 landscapes of Ha Tien. This is also a rare spot still existing after 300 years of history. 

You can travel to the beach by motorbike or car. The poetic and idyllic beauty of Mui Nai beach is recognized by tourists. Although the beach is not wide, the sand is smooth and white. Near the beach is the fishing village hiding in the green lines of coconut trees. Tourists coming here will have a chance to enjoy numerous kinds of fruits and seafoods after feeding up with swimming and sunbathing.

Besides the beautiful destinations above, there are more gorgeous and exotic tourist spots in Ha Tien that you should come and explore. Coming to Ha Tien, you will have the wonderful experience to explore and enjoy the view-angle scenes of this city.