Halong Bay is known not only as a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also one of the most famous natural wonders in the world. With many beautiful landscapes, rich fauna and flora with the great archeological and geological significance associated with the cultural and historical value, Halong Bay is considered one of the most famous destinations of Vietnam with foreign tourists.

Halong Bay is located in the west of the Gulf of Tonkin, about 170 km from Hanoi. Halong Bay has a total area of 1,553 km2, including 1,969 large and small islands and two famous bays: Bai Tu Long Bay in the east and Lan Ha Bay where there is Cat Ba Island in the south.

The best time to visit Halong Bay

The weather in Halong is divided into four distinct seasons. The winter is very cold which lasts from November to March and the summer is extremely hot which lasts from April to October. 

The peak season in Halong for domestic visitors is from April to August when you can participate in a lot of fascinating activities such as kayaking, windsurfing or parachuting. At that time, there are many promotions for tourists with special discounts. 

However in summer, especially in July and August, tropical storms and depressions often occur that leads some trips and activities will be canceled. Therefore, from April to June is the most suitable time to travel there. 

The beauty of Halong Bay

The beauty of Halong Bay

Halong in autumn (from September to November) is very beautiful with the clear sky and a lot of sunshine. At that time, the typhoon is less and the number of tourists decreases, so it is also an ideal time to visit Halong Bay. 

Must-try experiences in Halong Bay


Kayaking is one of the most popular activities in Halong Bay. There is nothing better than the feeling of sitting on the kayak and creeping through the stunning limestone caves. 

Stay overnight on a cruise

Cruise ships in Halong are like a miniature hotel which are well-equipped with air-conditioning and private bathrooms. You can relax in your own room and admire the majestic beauty of Halong through the large window. 

Taking a cruise, you can have the chance to take part in a lot of funny things such as cooking class, Tai Chi, night squid fishing and etc. 

Explore magnificent caves

Halong Bay is famous for its magnificent rocky island and cave systems. There are hundreds of rocky islands, in which each island has a very different and lively shape such as Human Head Islet, Dragon Islet, La Vong Islet, Sail Islet, Hon Tam Islet, Lu Huong Islet, Toad Islet, Trong Mai Islet.

Hidden in the rocky islands are the spectacular caves associated with many miraculous legends such as Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Tam Cung Cave. These are actually the masterpieces of nature on the earth.

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Visit floating villages

Besides gorgeous beaches and magnificent caves, Halong Bay is also renowned for its ancient floating villages - a distinctive feature of the locals here. 

Coming here, you will feel the rustic and peaceful space of life. Chatting with them, you can understand more about their interesting culture through traditional customs or learn how to fish by a net.

Vung Vieng, Cua Van or Ba Hang fishing village are the most popular ones that tourists cannot miss in their Halong Bay cruise trip. 

Mountain climbing

Not only intrigued by the charming beauty, but Halong Bay with diverse and dangerous terrain is also a challenge for tourists who love mountain climbing. If you are a fan of this extreme sport, surely the thorny cliffs and gliding corners of the mountains and caves here will give you a desire to conquer.

The best Halong Bay cruises

Top 5-star cruises

  • Paradise Elegance Cruise
  • Orchid Cruise
  • La Regina Royal Cruise
  • Hera Cruise
  • Dragon Legend Cruise
  • Starlight Cruise
  • Victory Star Cruise

Victory Star Cruise

Victory Star Cruise

Top 4-star cruises

  • Gardern Bay Cruise
  • Flamingo Cruise
  • Royal Palace Cruise
  • Uni Charm Cruise
  • La Paci Cruise
  • Pelican Cruise

Top 3-star cruises

  • Lavender Cruise
  • Majestic Cruise
  • Glory Legend Cruise
  • Rosa Cruise
  • Bai Tho Cruise
  • Legacy Cruise

What else are you looking for? Let's take a trip and come to Halong right now to get a memorable time with your family and friends.