Ham Ninh fishing village is located on the east coast of the island, behind it is a mountain forest, in front of it is a vast sea. The population is concentrated along the shore of Ham Ham canal.

Ham Ninh Fishing Village

No one knows if this village is self-sufficient, only knowing that when Phu Quoc Island was deserted, some residents from far away exploited seafood, then set up a village to live. When Duong estuary is echoing waves, Ham Ninh is quiet and safe. Sailboats and boats from the mainland come to the port here to load goods and transport seafood.
Ham Ninh Sea is a few hundred meters away but still shallow. When the water was low, the vast sand beach ran far away, when the water was rising, flooding the beach, into the forest.
Ham Ninh Fishing Village
Standing on Ham Ninh beach, the islands belonging to Hai Tac archipelago (of Ha Tien) appear far away. Deviating to Southeast, Hon Nghe is dim on the blue water. In the south is Mr. Doi's Cape - the last point of the island.
It is especially if one time visitors come here and do not enjoy the boiled crab, they are considered incomplete. Crabs are specialties of this region, almost every season. The crabs that just caught up and boiled, bright red, firm meat, dotted with salt and pepper with lemon and enjoy the sea, are interesting.