A 10-Day Motorbike Tour To Explore The Northwest, Vietnam

A 10-Day Motorbike Tour To Explore The Northwest, Vietnam

The northwest region of Vietnam is the best place to visit in Vietnam as well as the most suitable place for trekking and motorbike tour because of its majestic topographic. A motorbike tour to discover all the destinations in the northwest region of Vietnam is such a dream of many people. So, let’s spend 10 days to join in a motorbike tour to check out the beauty of the mountains and forests of Vietnam.

Day 1: Hanoi-Mai Chau

The first day of this northwest Vietnam motorbike tour is very struggling, you will have to go through the distance of 160 km with 5 hours driving from Hanoi. To have a trip safely, the tour leader will concentrate all of the members on having a short briefing to let you know about the rules and how to understand him by his body language. Finally, the journey officially starts around 9.30am after the rush hours.

Leaving Hanoi at this time to avoid the heavy traffic, driving through the delta plain, you go to the endless limestone karst scenery. Continuing to go to the northwest and after passing over two passes, finally, you will come to the valley settlement of Mai Chau. Here staying overnight in a traditional stilt house of White Thai village and enjoying the cultural activities of Thai people such as Xoe dance, etc.

A 10-Day Motorbike Tour To Explore The Northwest, Vietnam

Day 2: Mai Chau-Phu Yen

From Mai Chau, the journey continues to direct to Moc Chau and turn to Road 43 leading to the Da river. After crossing Hoa Binh hydroelectric reservoir at Van Yen ferry, driving on a beautiful winding secondary road until meeting Phu Yen where the motorbike team will stay in a guesthouse.

Day 3: Phu Yen-Son La

The journey of the third day starts on the almost empty Road 37, the motorbikes will enter the living area of the Black Thai people, you can see they are in the colorful traditional dress working on the large terraced rice fields. The winding road will lead you through many Thai villages and fields which bring great opportunities to see the daily life of local people in the mountainous area. The journey still continues to conquer the passes until coming to the sugar cane growing area on the cooler Son La plateau. Overnight in Son La.

Day 4: Son La-Tuan Giao

Heading to the northwest of Son La province, you continue to drive on the road with a series of mountain passes and pass through the living areas of Black Thai people. Along the way, you can see many daily activities of local people which is very familiar with many people who were born in the countryside such as children walk to school, or take care of the buffaloes, the ethnic women plant rice in the fields while men pull the buffalo to plow.

A 10-Day Motorbike Tour To Explore The Northwest, Vietnam

The highlight of the journey today is you have a chance to challenge one of the most dangerous passes in Vietnam, Pha Din Pass, the pass is very long and steep where at the top you can see the vast views of the surrounding mountains. After enjoying the wind and landscape at the top of Pha Din pass, ride down the other side to arrive in Tuan Giao. Overnight in Tuan Giao.

Day 5: Tuan Giao-Sin Ho

From Tuan Giao, direct to the northwest on the road passing through the villages of Hmong and Thai people, which are the small villages settling on the banks of the rivers or bending on the slopes of the mountains. Having lunch in one of the local villages, then continue the journey by going through a cool stream and hitting the road to the high Sa Tong pass. You have to come to this pass before the sunset because this place is empty and dangerous. Going to the other side of the pass is the large Lai Chau valley. Find a place to stay overnight in Sin Ho, a small remote town.

Day 6: Sin Ho-Sapa

The sixth day is a very important day when you passing so many beautiful places. In the morning, the team will start earlier and head to the direction of Hoang Lien mountain range. The massive region is covered by the high mountains and the motorbikes have to move on the dangerous road with one side is the mountain and one side is the abyss. You have to drive on the top of the highest road pass in Vietnam which is Tram Ton Pass to come to Lao Cai province at the altitude of 2,000 meters above the sea. The views look out the lush mountains and forests for miles and miles, before descending to the mountainous Sapa valley. Overnight in Sapa.

Day 7: Sapa

A 10-Day Motorbike Tour To Explore The Northwest, Vietnam

This is the easiest day on this 10-day northwest Vietnam motorbike tour, so you should make use of this day to recover the energy and go around the misty town to see the romantic landscapes.

Depending on the group’s mood, you can have a relaxing day in this beautiful town or go down the villages of H'mong, Tay, or Dao people to join in the daily activities with them.

Day 8: Sapa-Luc Yen

From Sapa, going through the road with two sides covered by the lush palm forest to Luc Yen and then asking for a stay with a local family in the Tay community. Moreover, the hosts are very welcoming.

Day 9: Luc Yen-Vu Ninh

Explore the Luc Yen area before riding to a village of Dao people in Vu Linh. The welcome is exceptional and the host will feast you by a party but it is good to not drink too much.

Day 10: Vu Ninh-Hanoi

After breakfast, let's ride on the motorbike on Highway 2 to head to Viet Tri city, Phu Tho. Going along the edge of the Red River till the crossing points between Red River and Da river. You are very close to the Red River delta, so keep driving on the main road until you meet a bridge. Crossing the bridge is the territory of Son Tay, you drive through Son Tay and then return to Hanoi on the highway. End tour.

With a motorbike and a trustworthy companion, you have a meaningful trip to travel around Vietnam. Via Asia group tours, you will have the most beautiful moments in the northwest of Vietnam. If you satisfy with our tour, please give us some feedback. Thank you!