A day tour in Patuxai Triumphal Arch - the historical symbol of Laos

A day tour in Patuxai Triumphal Arch - the historical symbol of Laos

Travelling to Laos, most visitors spend their time to visit Patuxai Triumphal Arch. This is a popular tourist spot, attracting people by the unique architecture which features the beautiful Land a million Elephants.

A historical symbol of Laotian nation

Patuxai Triumphal Arch is a symbol of the country. It is also known as Anou Savary - the unknown soldier monument. It was built to commemorate the heroic national heroes who sacrificed to save the independence of the country during resistance war against French.

Moreover, according to documents, the triumph was built between 1962 and 1968, but the work has not been completed yet due to a number of reasons, partly due to lack of funding. For the people here, Patuxai Triumphal Arch is as a "picture" representing a part of the poor history of the Laotian people. Therefore, it is like a message to the generation of Laotian descendants of seeing the situation in the past of the nation to always make efforts in striving in the future.

A day tour in Patuxai Triumphal Arch - the historical symbol of Laos

Tourists can see the panoramic view of Vientiane city from the 7th floor of Patuxai Tower 

Patuxay Triumphal Arch was built in the area between the Vientiane capital and That Luong of Laos, at the end of Lan Xang or Thanon Luang Highway on the northeast. It is located in the middle of the most beautiful street in the capital. Traveling to Vientiane city, no matter where tourists stand, they can obviously see the beauty of the triumph. Many people say that in Laos, the triumphal area is the ideal place for them to welcome the sunshine of dawn and also of the sunset. This is where visitors can feel the soul of the Land of a million Elephants.

Afternoon is the most crowded time in Patuxai Triumphal Arch. When the sun is gradually calm, people living in Vientiane come here to take a walk, play, and exercise. Besides the cool green lake is the majestic Patuxai, marking of a heroic history of Laos in the past.

An architecture featuring Laos country

Patuxai is also a famous work of architectural and sculptural art of Laos. Although the construction has not been completed, this place still attracts a lot of Laotian and foreign tourists to travel and save the best memory here.

A day tour in Patuxai Triumphal Arch - the historical symbol of Laos

An attractive tourist spot in Laos that every tourists should not miss

The triumphal arch is a four-sided structure, 55 meters high which consists of seven main floors and two complement floors with spiral stairs. With a lake and a system of greenery surrounding, Patuxai offers tourists with a spacious and open view. Encircling Patuxai are the headquarters of many important state agencies of Laos.

From the seventh floor, a vast space stretching out all the directions of the beautiful Vientiane capital appears in front of the visitors. This is probably the moment to feel the experience of "embracing" all the city. In here, they can see the majestic city hall in a distance, watch the Morning market and the largest market in Vientiane, etc. Especially, travelers will have a chance to watch That Luong - a cultural heritage of the world and also the Buddha national symbol of Laos.

Patuxai was built according to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. However, it still features the characteristic architecture of Laos. If you look closely, you can easily recognize the sculptures, reliefs, and decorations on the Patuxai triumph is characteristic of Laos such as Kinari image (half woman and half bird) or Rama Anthem. The windows next to stairs of the Patuxay Triumphal Arch were also ingeniously designed according to the Buddha statues.

Although the triumph "dresses" a cold look of the outside cement coat, Patuxai is still a great place to discover. The "unfinished" beauty of the triumph combining with the vast and open space, the lake, and the historical marks of the time has made Patuxai much more special and attractive.

A day tour in Patuxai Triumphal Arch - the historical symbol of Laos

The architecture featuring Laos inside Patuxai Triumphal Arch 

An entrance ticket to the tower costs kip 3,000/tourist (equals to USD 0.36/tourist). Travelers will have to take the stairs to reach the top of the Patuxai Tower. Inside Patuxai, there are souvenir shops on 6th floor for tourists. In these shops, they can purchase in Kip (Laos), Bath (Thailand), or USD (The United Stated), so guests will have more choices here.

Patuxai Triumphal Arch, a historical landmark has reminded every Laotian people of the profound nostalgia, of the monumental history of the country. Imitating the Western architecture, Patuxai still retains the distinctive features of the Land of a million Elephants. If you’re planning Laos package tours or Asian tours, don’t forget to experience this attractive landscape and masterpiece. Thank you.