A memorable summer picnic at Dong Cao plateau, Bac Giang

A memorable summer picnic at Dong Cao plateau, Bac Giang

Located in the Northeast of Vietnam, Dong Cao Bac Giang has become a popular destination for young backpackers. For a safe and perfect Dong Cao plateau trip, tourists need to prepare sufficiently before starting the journey. In this article, Asiapackagetravel will offer the experience of the best Vietnam tours in Dong Cao shared by those who used to visit the dreaming plateau.

Beauty of Dong Cao plateau

Dong Cao is considered as the "Mountainous Mother of Bac Giang", is a small plateau of Ga villageThach Son communeSon Dong districtBac Giang province. The nature of Dong Cao is spacious and enormous with magnificent cliffs and lush green forests in the distance.

Going to Dong Cao, travelers should not miss the two most wonderful moments of the place which are the dawn and sunset. At the top of Dong Cao plateauBac Giang, in the early morning, the green grass enjoys the dew blending in the fresh and airy atmosphere. Standing here in Dong Cao plateau, visitors will feel as they are bathing in the interference of heaven and earth, clouds, wind, and mist. The taste of mountains and forests will dispel the fatigue and worries of daily life.


Admiring sunset on the top of the plateau

Moreover, what will be more wonderful than the feeling of relaxing at night besides the campfire on the plateau, admiring the starry sky and the brilliant yellow moonlight, and singing in the midst of majestic nature? Let's enjoy the night experience here and save for yourself the most awesome selfies.

Best time to travel

Located only 20 kilometers from Son Dong districtDong Cao village in Thach Son commune is nearly 1,000 meters above sea level. This is a destination that young people love to travel in every autumn.

Located in the Northeast which is cool all year round, Dong Cao is really ideal to travel from September to November. Around this time, the weather in Bac Giang is dry, cool, and fresh, very suitable for camping at night. On the other hand, tourists should avoid going to Dong Cao in the summer because the plateau from June to August often has heavy rain, floods, and landslides which are very dangerous.

Dong Cao is 160 kilometers from Hanoi, taking about 3-4 hours to travel by motorbike. Young travelers should choose to go at early afternoon to have enough time to set up tents and watch the sunset on the top of the plateau.

Dong Cao plateau

Trying camping and daybreak experiences in Dong Cao plateau

Way to travel

From the center of Hanoi, travelers will go to Highway 5 to Thanh Tri bridge, then move toward Highway 1. When arriving the junction with Highway 31, tourists will turn right and continue to go straight to Cam Dan bridge. Until seeing the signboard of “An Chau town 13 kilometers”, tourists will turn right and go straight the road through Thach Son commune leading to Dong Cao plateau. Let’s pay attention to the traffic signs along the way to avoid exceeding speed limit. At the foot of Dong Cao, travelers will walk to the top to be able to rest and set up the camp between the immense space of the wind and nature.

What to prepare

Dong Cao plateau is quite far from the residential area, so tourists had better prepare thoroughly the necessary tools as well as food for a perfect and safe Dong Cao trip.


A wonderful picnic on the weekend

First is the equipment needed to set up camps such as tents, canvas for tents, mats or canvas to display food outside the tents, flashlight, grass cutter, lighters, dry alcohol, raincoat, blanket, pillow, and nylon bag, etc. Especially, travelers should buy gasoline to reserve in case of running out of gasoline when reaching the peak of Dong Cao. They can rent tents in many shops in Hanoi for a price of VND 40,000-200,000 depending on the number of people.

Second, Dong Cao is the ideal place for young travelers to organize a barbecue party that local people sell firewood and lease pans, so visitors just need to prepare food such as chicken, beef, pork, fish, etc with beer, wine, soft drinks, and some other items such as plastic bowls, cups, chopsticks, knives, grills, etc. In addition, bread or instant noodles are also very handy for the Dong Cao trip. Tourists will delight to enjoy the atmosphere of a delicious meat skewers grilled in the middle of the windy plateau with the warm campfire and sing in the bright moonlight spreading in the sky.

With its cool, fresh air and pristine beauty of nature, Dong Cao has attracted many tourists to have interesting experience on the weekend. If you have a chance to enjoy package tours of Asia, don’t forget to try a day at Dong Cao plateauBac GiangVietnam. Thank you.

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