A new Dak Lak experience in M’Drak Resort

A new Dak Lak experience in M’Drak Resort

Considered as the "Miniature Dubai of Vietnam", M’Drak ecotourism resort in Dak Lak promises to become one of the attractions to many travelers who love to move.

Just typing the keyword "Dubai in Vietnamese version", immediately you will be "immersed" in a series of check-in image of only the sun, wind, and sand but they are extremely beautiful and unique like in the real Dubai emirate. Let’s travel with Asia Package Travel to one of the best places to visit in Vietnam in the Central which is very interesting!

Where is M’Drak Resort?

M'Drak mountain ecotourism resort is located in Krong A commune, M'Drak district, Dak Lak province. Since its inception, this unique resort has attracted a number of young people to visit. So far, M’Drak resort becomes a tourist destination Dak Lak which is very fascinating to tourists in Vietnam.

With a total area of up to 800 hectares, M'Drak mountain resort can completely take travelers away from the busy outside world to just relax and enjoy the wonderful and peaceful space with the white sand, rocks, water, and the farmhouse, etc.

A new Dak Lak experience in M’Drak Resort

There is a lake among the vast white sandhill

How to travel

M'Drak ecotourism resort is situated about 100 kilometers from the center of Buon Me Thuot city, Dak Lak province. From Buon Me Thuot, travelers just go to Krong junction and turn right (on the concrete road) to arrive. If tourists go from Ho Chi Minh city, they can follow the direction of Highway 14 to Buon Me Thuot to M'Drak district (according to the direction from Dak Lak to Nha Trang) and then ask the local people to go to M'Drak ecotourism resort.

What to travel

Beautiful natural scenery

It cannot be expected that in the Central Highlands of the sun and wind, there is a beautiful ecotourism resort like this. M'Drak mountain ecotourism resort has a pristine and majestic natural landscape with a sunny and breezy atmosphere of the Highlands, but through the ingenious and skillful hands, it is covered with a style of the "featured Dubai" with a pristine appearance of the white sandy desert hills and rustic flat square stone.

A new Dak Lak experience in M’Drak Resort

The resort is also very luxury

In the midst of green mountains, suddenly tourists encounter a pure white sand stretching, a quiet, clear green lake from far away, and many other unique features as an island. The beauty and tranquility of this place is as the style of the wealthy Dubai. That is why the resort is called as the "Dubai in Vietnamese version".

M’Drak mountain ecotourism resort not only has the "desert” sun like the weather in the summer. Coming here, travelers will still feel the coolness of the spring in the late afternoon, the golden sunset dying like the autumn at twilight, and the cold air in the highlands at night like in the winter. Therefore, one of the special points when visiting the “miniature Dubai” in Vietnam is that tourists will be able to experience the feeling of four seasons within a day. Indeed this is one of the ideal resorts in the Central for those who love the quiet and pristine natural space.

With an area of ​​800 hectares, M'Drak resort with a cool and airy environment will provide tourists with a memorable experience. The atmosphere is very fresh with mountains and lakes. The green trees, hills, and mountains are in a harmony with the warm sun and the cool breeze of the early morning, creating a great feeling for travelers.

A new Dak Lak experience in M’Drak Resort

The cozy space in the stilt houses (wanderlusttips.com)

Unique cultural identity

Decorated with the barren trees in the middle of the white sand, the Dubai in Vietnamese version also has the luxurious supercars for guests to take a picture and check in. In addition to the clear lake, it has the giant stone pillars which are both wild and mysterious. This ecotourism site also offers many activities Vietnam what to do with a horse farm and other interesting farming areas.

This place is the dreaming place for those who want to "purify" their soul, be with harmony in nature, and forget all the troubles in life. Visitors will be relaxed in the large stilt houses with the typical architecture of the ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands. These stilt houses are fully equipped, especially since they have large windows that allow guests to enjoy the view of the charming nature.

In addition to sightseeing and taking pictures of the great scenery here, travelers can also "step their foot" into the regal world of Dubai with experiences such as meditating on the giant rock in the early morning, horseback riding around the resort with many famous European and Arabian horses that are tamed and adapted to the atmosphere of M'Drak mountains, trekking and looking for the natural beauty, and exploring specialties here, etc.

A new Dak Lak experience in M’Drak Resort

The beautiful scene of sunrise in M’Drak resort (blogdulich.com.vn)

M’Drak Dak Lak tourism resort is a perfect place for your Vietnam package tours with the sunshine and beautiful, strange scenery. The spacious space here will bring a peaceful feeling, especially suitable for those who love ecotourism. If you like this place, don’t hesitate to like and share with your friends to plan a vacation here. Thank you.