A trip to Ben Thanh Market- The symbol of Saigon

A trip to Ben Thanh Market- The symbol of Saigon

Ben Thanh market is one of the must-visit places that tourists can’t ignore when visiting Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam package tour. This is not only the largest and oldest market in this city but also the architectural and economic symbol of this largest Vietnam city. Apart from exploring the bustling lifestyle of the local people in Ben Thanh market, you also have chances to buy many kinds of goods and souvenirs for friends and relatives.

General information and history of Ben Thanh market

In the past, Ben Thanh market was just a small market located on the edge of Ben Nghe river, but when the French invaded Gia Dinh citadel-the former name of Ho Chi Minh city, they ordered to destroy the market and move it to the new place. The new market was built in 1870 at the center of the city with a new strange name "Les Halles Centrales". Until 1912, it was returned with the first name Ben Thanh. Through the up and down changes in history, Ben Thanh market is always an indispensable part of this city which plays an important role as a symbol of Ho Chi Minh city.

Ben Thanh market covers a large area of about 13.056 square meters. The market welcomes approximately 10,000 people coming to visit and purchase each day. The market includes more than 1,430 stalls with 11 main types of business and 4 main gates radiating 4 directions. Normally, Ben Thanh market closes in the late afternoon but after that, there are many stalls of fresh foods or nosh surrounding the outside market.

Ben Thanh Market

How to get to Ben Thanh market

Because Ben Thanh market is one of the most famous attractions in Ho Chi Minh city, it is very easy and convenient for tourists to visit this market by every means of transportation. If you stay in a hotel around District 1, there is nothing greater than visiting here on foot. It not only helps to save a lot of your money but also brings you an opportunity to explore many stunning things along the streets. Unless that, you can also catch a taxi or motorbike taxi to have a trip to explore this bustling market.

There are two ideal times for you to explore Ben Thanh market which are the daytime market and night market.  In the morning, Ben Thanh market is filled up the goods in the stalls where you can see many types of local products as well as imported products from the fresh fruits, cosmetic, clothes to the souvenirs, home appliances, etc. But the most crowded time is when night falls. Although some stalls in the market are closed, the shops and restaurants along the streets outside the market open to welcome you to try the various types of cuisines from the cuisines of three regions of Vietnam to the cuisines of Asian countries such as Indian, Chinese, Korean, etc.

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market​

What to do in Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh market was built in the French architectural style with 4 main gates facing the 4 directions. Despite the gates are connected together, each main gate still leads to a different zone in the market. The most remarkable gate is the southern gate, this gate is the most beautiful gate in Ben Thanh market with a clock tower above, the gate leads tourists to the zone of selling clothing items and dry foods. You will come to the area of fresh fruits through the northern gate, while the eastern gate is the full stalls of cosmetic and candies. You will have a chance to admire the world of diverse souvenirs and accessories with different bright colors when stepping through the entrance of the western gate. Here, you can fully enjoy the bustling atmosphere of Saigon with the noise of traffic outside mixed the sound of sellers and customers talking, bargaining, etc. Do not worry if you are hungry in the evening because small restaurants still gather around the outside area.

Furthermore, Ben Thanh market is a good place for tasting various Vietnamese foods. You can treat yourself with pho, banh cuon or noodle; and after that taking some coffee or fruit shake to get energy in the morning. A range of small restaurants inside the market is available to offer lunch for customers. In the afternoon, visitors can try some Vietnamese nosh like mixed fruits, banh xeo or a cup of sweetened porridge.

Ben Thanh market is an interesting highlight among the modern and lusciousness of Ho Chi Minh city. When coming to this market, you will feel the noisy and bustling differences compared to the hustle of the outside, noisy but very pleasant. We hope that via Asia package tour, you will have the best moments in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thank you!