Admire the charming beauty of Perfume River

Admire the charming beauty of Perfume River

Hue - the ancient imperial city of Vietnam, is one of the most famous tourist spots in Vietnam. It’s strongly believed that a trip to Hue can't be complete without a boat tour on the poetic Perfume River, or else you cannot feel Hue romance”. The surreal beauty of the Perfume River will definitely touch your heart. Do not forget to take Vietnam tours to get more information about the best places to visit in Vietnam.


The Perfume River is a river crossing the ancient imperial capital of Hue, in Central Vietnam. Perfume River is around 80 kilometers in length. Its name originates from the fact that it flows through lots of forests of fragrant plants before reaching Hue, bringing with it a pleasant and pure aroma.

Admire the charming beauty of Perfume River

Perfume river

Deriving from Truong Son Mountains, the two springs of Ta Trach and Huu Trach meet at the convergence of Bang Lang fork and create the legendary Perfume River. From above, the Perfume river looks like "a silver sword upright to the blue sky". Perfume River is truly an invaluable treasure of Hue City. From Bang Lang fork to Thuan An estuary, the Perfume River is about 30 kilometers in length. Since the Perfume River's level is not much above that of the sea, the river runs quite slowly. The color of the river is darker as it runs along Ngoc Tran Mount's foot and the Hon Chen Temple which is the location of a very deep abyss.

Being a beautiful sight from its source, the Perfume river runs through many mountains and forest trees, bringing with it the aroma of tropical flora. The river runs moderately through the lush and shady villages of Kim Long, Vy Da, Nguyet Bieu, Gia Hoi, Dong Ba, Nam Pho, Bao Vinh and immerses itself in the odors of Hue flowers of Hue. The blue limpid color of the river is like a pearl under the golden sun.

The views on both sides of the Perfume river is filled with the imperial citadel, verdant gardens, tranquil villages, pagodas, and temples, etc. Their images reflect in the waters, making the already lovely river even more poetic, romantic and musical. Many people assume that Hue city owns peaceful, gentle and calm landscapes mostly thanks to the charming Perfume River. This river brings to Hue city a poetic sense and the perfect harmony from a land of age-old culture.

Artist inspiration

The romance of the poetic Perfume River is an endless inspiration to many artists, composers, and poets.

                     "Who comes to Hue

                      Who comes back to Ngu Mountain

                      Who comes back to Perfume River

                      The water of the Perfume River never sinks

                      Birds of Ngu mountains fly back to friends

                      Whoever are Hue children remember to return…”

These above lines are the beautiful lyrics of a popular song, “Who comes to Hue”, composed by Duy Khanh. In the autumn, flowers from upriver orchards fall into the water, giving it a perfume-like aroma, and a stunning poetic view. According to several artists, their inspiring love for the river stems from the pure water, the spectacular landscape, and the splendid bridge over the river.

A river tour

Nowadays, when coming to Hue, travelers shouldn't miss a boat excursion along the river. Most of them say that this is one of the most fascinating and extremely splendid riverside scenery, especially at night as lights are on.

The Perfume river flows through a chain of beautiful spots, taking tourists to every corner of the ancient city when traveling by boat. Along the river, you can see Phu Xuan, Da Vien, and Truong Tien Bridges, visit the Tomb of Minh Mang king, Thien Mu Pagoda, and Hon Chen Shrine. At the upstream in the tomb of Thien Tho, visitors can hear the rustling sound of the pine tree, which may evoke your inspiration of poem.

Admire the charming beauty of Perfume River

Thien Mu pagoda

As the night comes, the river surface is sparkling under the moonlight, and the melodies from the traditional songs of the boat rowers can break the silence. Just come here and immerse yourself in these beautiful melodies, and feel the pure atmosphere of beauty and romance!

Ngu Binh Mountain

Ngu Binh Mountain is another treasure of Hue, teaming up with the Perfume River as a symbol of the ancient imperial city. People often call Hue- the Perfume River- Ngu Mount area. Ngu Binh Mountain which stands 105 meters high on the Perfume River's right bank is framed by two smaller mountains, particularly Huu Bat Son and Ta Phu Son.

Ngu Binh mountains are covered with lush pine forests which are green around the year. Many visitors come here to enjoy the glorious scenery. From here, on a nice day, you can see the entire city with the glistening palace, ancient pagodas, the poetic Perfume River, as well as the pine forests, hills, and vast plains of Phu Vang, Huong Thuy and Huong Tra districts and farther off the Truong Son mountain ranges. It's such a breathtaking picture.

Admire the charming beauty of Perfume River

Ngu Binh mountain

With the incomparable nostalgic and peaceful beauty, Hue is home to remnants and royal tombs of Nguyen Dynasty, ornate pagodas, and the poetic Perfume River. Undoubtedly, exploring the Perfume River is one of the most enjoyable experiences in Hue. Do not hesitate to visit the Perfume River and feel its exceptionally charming beauty. Why don’t you stand up and take Asia tours right now? Asia is waiting for you. Share the post if you find it helpful.