Angkor Wat - an overwhelmingly mysterious world to discover

Angkor Wat - an overwhelmingly mysterious world to discover

Have you ever got to Angkor Wat – top 500 fascinating destinations in the world (by Lonely Planet)? If you are attending to visit Angkor Wat in the near future, do not forget to book Cambodia tour to have a chance to explore the mysterious beauty there.

Why Angkor Wat is the right choice?

Angkor Wat was recognized as the world heritage by UNESCO in 1992. It has become the symbol of culture not only in Cambodia but also in Southeast Asia and Asia. Angkor Wat is a complex of more than 1,000 temples. Some of them have a life expectancy of up to 700 years.

The Angkor Wat complex is considered the top architecture of the Khmer empire. For centuries, it was also the capital of the Khmer kingdom. The total area of the Angkor Wat complex is about 200 ha. The Angkor Wat complex is a part of the Angkor Archaeological Park. Among them, many Khmer temples were built between the 9th and 15th century.

Each temple in Angkor Wat complex has different structures of different gods interwoven between sculptural images of daily life. The Bayon temple is a typical example. There are the beliefs about the family's image of dinner, on which men drinking wine together and women doing household chores. The Bayon Temple has 37 towers and is decorated with 216 faces.

Besides, Ta Prohm is one of the most photographed temples by the uniqueness when being surrounded by tree roots. In fact, Ta Prohm was used as the backdrop for the film "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" (Secret ancient tombs) in 2001.

Angkor Wat - an overwhelmingly mysterious world to discover

Angkor Wat is one of the best-known temples in the Angkor Wat complex. It is also the symbol on the national flag of Cambodia and the pride of people here. At first, Angkor Wat was built to worship Vishnu god of Hinduism. Later, when the Khmer kingdom follows Buddhism, Angkor Wat became the place to worship Buddha. So far, Angkor Wat has become the typical symbol of not only Cambodia but also Southeast Asia and Asia.

How to get to Angkor Wat

From Siem Reap center, you can start from the two main roads Sivatha Boulevard and Pokambor Road. Then you get into Tusamuth. Charles De Gaulle is the last road to get to Angkor Wat. To reach Angkor Wat, you can choose a variety of transportation options. You can take a taxi, tuk-tuk, or bicycle. You can negotiate the price with the driver. Because Angkor Wat is quite large, you can rent a bicycle to travel and slowly admire the mystical beauty of Angkor Wat.

The ideal time to visit Angkor Wat

You can visit Angkor Wat at any time of the year. However, you should avoid visiting Angkor Wat in the hot months. In order that visiting Angkor Wat is advantageous without hot sunshine, you should arrive early at 5:30 in the mornings. Besides, you should spend 1 day visiting all monuments, landscapes, and cultural sites in Angkor Wat. In addition, many people spend 2 days visiting all the other famous temples in the Angkor Wat complex.

What to do in Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat – the city of temples was built by King Khmer Suryavarman II in the 12th century. When coming to visit this place together with Asia travel tours, tourists should not miss top 5 interesting activities below.

Angkor Wat - an overwhelmingly mysterious world to discover

Admiring the sunrise in Angkor Wat

Together with Asia package tours, tourists will have a chance to admire the sunrise in Angkor Wat – one of the most beautiful moments tourists have when visiting Cambodia. Many people usually choose a space in front of the lotus pond to enjoy the mysterious beauty of Angkor Wat.

Visiting Angkor Wat Central Tower

The Central Tower of Angkor Wat is a three-tiered structure, connected by long, deep corridors. There are also carvings of reliefs which are about the ancient fairy tales originating from the Mahabharata and Raymana epics of India.

Visiting the corridor (on the 1st floor)

The corridor is the place where there are a lot of reliefs carved on the wall with the height of 2.5m and the length of more than 800m. They depict the achievements of the legendary Brahmins and the victories of King Suryavarman II - the creator of the temple.

Angkor Wat - an overwhelmingly mysterious world to discover

Admiring the carvings on stone

The temple contains many artistic pictures of stone carvings, such as giant reliefs, columns, doors, ceilings, walls, corridors, balustrades, roofs, and etc. All of them express the outstanding strength of the skillful hands of the ancient Khmer.

Angkor Wat center

It is located on the third floor – the highest floor with the height of 65m. It consists of two cross-shaped corridors intersecting in the middle. The intersection point of the two corridors is the center of Angkor Wat.

If you are attending to visit Angkor Wat, do not forget to contact us for more information. We hope that the post will provide you with some useful information about this must-visit destination. We will be very happy to become your partner on the trip to beloved Cambodia in the near future. Have a nice trip!