Asiatique The Riverfront - The shopping heaven in Thailand

Asiatique The Riverfront - The shopping heaven in Thailand

Thailand owns many famous night markets attracting tourists, whereas, it is impossible to not name the Asiatique night market in the list of the most famous Thailand's night markets. The Asiatique The Riverfront is the biggest shopping and entertainment heaven in Bangkok. Coming to this night market, you can enjoy eating the quality Thai food and shopping the beautiful items and enjoying the hours of fun.

Asiatique The Riverfront - The shopping heaven in Thailand

Asiatique The Riverfront

Overview of Asiatique The Riverfront

Bangkok has been long prominent with the shopping and entertainment malls. And the Asiatique The Riverfront is one of the most outstanding malls that you have to visit in Bangkok. Basically, the Asiatique The Riverfront is a large commercial entertainment center with a collection of various types of entertainment.

The Asiatique The Riverfront is a center of supermarkets combining shopping malls and night markets. You only need 10 minutes to travel from Saphan Taksin bus station or go along the road that is parallel to Chao Phraya River to get to Asiatique The Riverfront. There are about 1500 clothing stores and 40 different restaurants at Asiatique The Riverfront for you to admire.

The best ways to explore Asiatique The Riverfront

This famous night market is known as one of the most crowded shopping paradise attracting visitors when traveling to Bangkok. Moving to this location is also quite convenient. You can travel by road or waterway. As this market is located along the bank of the Chao Phraya River, you can take a leisurely boat trip to the market, and enjoy the scenery along the river. Or if you want to save time, it is better to travel by train, Saphan Taksin bus station only takes about 15 minutes to move to the market. Because the area is crowded, traffic is quite chaotic so you should not go by taxi here.

According to the review of many tourists, if you have a generous time, the most suitable means of transportation is boating. As soon as you travel on the river, you can see the entire scene of the market with more than 1500 clothing stores and more than 40 restaurants.

When the boat dock, it is also dark, you will walk up a path only about 300 meters long, but the view is so romantic with sparkling fanciful lights. In order not to waste the romantic scene, take a selfie to save the vibrant moment in the market.

When the shopping complex was designed and put into construction with the idea of ​​creating a nostalgic space, the houses and stalls bring the breath of the architectural style of the late nineteenth century. But when the construction was finished, people decorated it in the modern style, so it is the combination of both classic and modern style with spacious space, clean hygiene that create a good impression with tourists.

Asiatique The Riverfront - The shopping heaven in Thailand

The view of Asiatique The Riverfront from the Chao Phraya river

What it has in Asiatique The Riverfront

The shopping and entertainment activities of this market are usually from 5 pm to midnight. During this time, you can enjoy enjoying fun shopping time and enjoy the attractive dishes of the Thai people. Because the market is very large, it has been divided into 4 areas so that visitors can be more convenient when visiting and shopping. The map of the whole market is sold in the area, so you can buy to know where you want to explore in the area. There are many booths and stalls but you can completely rest assured shopping without fear of getting lost. This is perhaps the most unique feature of this market that few places in Bangkok have.

You can start your visit to the Chareonkrung area. In this area, most of the works are designed quite small with about 1,000 stalls built in 4 warehouses. The items sold in this area are mainly clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, and handicrafts. In this area, you can easily find the genuine Thai fashion brand quality with the price is very affordable. The quality of the goods here is not inferior to commercial centers such as MBK or Chatuchak Market.

Asiatique The Riverfront - The shopping heaven in Thailand

The stalls in Asiatique The Riverfront

In Asiatique The Riverfront, there are not only fashion stalls, souvenir shops, or snack bars, but also well-known technology booths such as Apple which are also available at the Factory District. Alternatively, you can visit the fine dining restaurant of Thai and Italian at The Waterfront. The area of ​​Town Square is a place where many bars are located which are very noisy and vibrant. With spacious and airy outdoor space, this is always a place to organize many attractive events.

You can also easily find many fast food stores such as MK, Pizza Company, Au Bon, KFC in this market. In addition to the busy shopping area, there are two outstanding places there, they are Calypso Cabaret with the most attractive ladyboy shows in Bangkok and the Joe Louis Theater where you can enjoy Thai dances. These shows always attract a lot of audiences to enjoy. There are a lot of interesting activities happening here. Everything has perfectly combined to create a famous Asiatique Bangkok night market.

Asiatique The Riverfront has long become an indispensable destination on the journey of exploring Bangkok of many tourists. If you have the opportunity to visit Bangkok via Asia tour, do not forget to visit this attractive place. Thank you and have a nice trip!