Cham Island- An untouched paradise for travelers

Cham Island- An untouched paradise for travelers

Cham island is one of the best Asia tour packages in the offshore of Quang Nam province where is considered the green gem of this land. This destination is so marvelous with the beauty of mountain and sea as well as the biological diversity.

Where is Cham island located

Cham island is a group of 8 small islands in the offshore of the central province of Quang Nam, which has been recognized by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve. This ideal destination is a special gift of mother nature with the breathtaking landscape of mountain and sea as well as the local culture of Cham island's citizens.

The pristine beauty of Cham Island

The pristine beauty of Cham Island

The best time to go there

The best time to go to Cham island is the dry season from March to September. However, the ideal time is from June to the end of August because this is the optimal time for diving and snorkeling. If you come here in the rainy season from October to February, the boats may be canceled due to strong wind and waves. It is almost impossible to cross the sea as the sea becomes too dangerous to navigate. It is a note for you to avoid the weekend and holidays, it is the time when the island overloaded with tours of Southeast Asia packages.

How to get to Cham island

It takes about 30 minutes to arrive at Cham Island by speedboat from Cua Dai beach, Quang Nam province, though tourist can choose the conventional boat instead. It takes 45 minutes to get to this island.

However, if you book a tour from Hoi An, you will depart in the morning to the island. The travel agent will provide the tour guide, transportation and a meal to you on the island. Remember to check out the schedule usually because the boats often depart at 7:30 a.m and fare is $2 per person. Make sure you sit on the second level for the best view on the way to Cham Island.

Boat to get to Cham Island

Boat to get to Cham Island

What to see on Cham island

Chong beach

Chong beach is located on the western side of the island; it is 2 km from the south of the main village. Coming to this beach, you will see the pleasant set-up on the white sand with reed-sun umbrellas, loungers, swimming zone, and jet-ski zone. This is considered the best hangout beach because it is sheltered by the green trees.

Ong beach

Ong beach is closer to the town and bigger, but it is quite noisy by the speedboat tours. It is just 1 km from the north of town via a pleasant promenade along the water; the beach has a range of restaurants which only open in the daytime and a volleyball court. It is wonderful to come here at sunset to join in a match of football with the local people. The admission fee to come to this beach is 20.000 VND though it is a public beach.

Bac beach

Located in the very northwest corner of the island, Bac beach is a small beach with romantic views on the island. Similar to the other beaches on the island, the sea water here is pretty clean and blue. However, this beach has not yet been received significant care to develop tourism.

Swimming in the clear water

Swimming in the clear water

Xep beach

Xep Beach is the favorite beach for tourists on Cham island. The beach is so charming with the silky white sand stretching between the village and Chong beach. From the road, you will be amazed at the boulders with many sizes and shapes. This is the ideal place for swimming and diving.

What to do on Cham island

Most of the local people live in Hon Lao, which is an island with mountains in the center and on the western tip. There are two villages and beaches on the sheltered western side of the island. The main harbor is located in Bai Lang village where the public supply boat docks and the fishing village Bai Huong is near the southern tip.

There is only a single road on the island, but foreigners are not allowed to go to the eastern side unless you quietly hire someone to take you. Because the poisonous snakes are somewhere along the coast. There’s nothing on that side except magnificent views and military posts. Consider that foreigners are not allowed to ride motorbikes on the island.

A small ferry runs between Bai Lang and Bai Huong for 30,000 VND per person. There is a road on the western side of the island where you can bike with gears. It is a good idea to rent a bike in Hoi An and bring it with you. Otherwise, you can ask someone to take you around the island by motorbike.

Diving to explore the underwater world

Diving to explore the underwater world

This is one of the ideal places for diving in Vietnam. There is a diving center on Cham island which serves the snorkeling need of tourists for the price of $82 per person.

There are a few noodle soup restaurants in the villages that you can go for breakfast and lunch, it is better to choose a seafood restaurant in the village or on the beach. Finding a place for dinner is a challenge as most restaurants don't open in the evening. So it is a recommendation that you can make a meal with your homestay owners.

Cham island is waiting for you coming and exploring the beautiful landscape and the seascape hidden in the heart of the ocean. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Best trip for you!