Discover Mount Phousi – the beauty of peacefulness

Discover Mount Phousi – the beauty of peacefulness

Laos is now considered one of the interesting destinations for tourists in the world. When coming to Laos, tourists will have a chance to visit many beautiful attractions such as Si Phan Don, Wat Xieng Thong, or Royal Palace - Luang Prabang… Especially, together with Laos tour, we will introduce to you about Mount Phousi – one of the top must-see attractions in Laos.

About Mount Phousi

Phousi Mount (Color Mount) is a small hill located in the northeast of Luang Prabang with the width of 250m, the length of 1000m, and the height of 80m. If tourists want to conquer the scenery of the mount, they have to climb more than 300 steps which are made from red bricks painted white and coated cement. There are also some station-stops there.

Discover Mount Phousi – the beauty of peacefulness

From the top of Mount Phousi (via Laos tour)

On the two sides of the stairs on the ground, there are 2 flexible statues of the dragon with the length of over 10m, with hundreds of Champa roots over hundreds of years old. The tower was erected in 1804 under the reign of King Anourouth, repaired many times by UNESCO and it is considered a symbol and center of culture and belief of the ancient capital Luang Prabang.

How to get to the top of Mount Phousi

There are 3 ways for you to get to the top of Mount Phousi.

- You start from Sisavangvong Road which is opposite the Royal Palace Museum and the find the set of steps leading to the top of Mount Phousi there. This is the most popular and easiest way.

- You start from Kingkitsarath Road to the other side of Mount Phousi.

- You start from Kitsalath Road which is opposite Saynamkhan Hotel. It is more adventurous than the other ways. It is suitable for those who like to explore challenges.

The poetic sunset from Mount Phousi

The most beautiful moment on Mount Phousi is when the sun sets. At the time, tourists will have the opportunity to admire the colorful poetic scenery from the top - The cool green of the leafy trees, the pure white of Champa flowers, the bold red of Phoenix flowers, the moss green of the ancient temple roofs, the sparkling yellow of Chomsi tower on top of the mountain, and the red of sunset covering Luang Prabang and the Mekong river.

What to see on Mount Phousi

Together with Laos tour packages, tourists will have a great chance to explore many wonderful attractions on Mount Phousi below.

Wat That Chomsi

When you reach the top of Mount Phousi, you will see Wat That Chomsi temple which is located in the heart of Luang Prabang. This stupa was built in 1804 under King Anourouth. It is a golden temple set on a white painted rectangular base. There is a big statue of Buddha next to the stupa surrounded by many smaller ones. Especially, it has become the symbol of Luang Prabang’s spirit. Pimai festival is annually held here and many women usually leave flowers at the foot of the stupa in order to pray for many good things.   

Discover Mount Phousi – the beauty of peacefulness

Wat That Chomsi (via Travel with Visit Wonders, travel in awe!)

Wat Pa Houak

There is a small abandoned temple called Wat Pa Houak which is located at the entrance of Royal Palace of Luang Prabang. In 1841, this temple was used to be the library which saved manuscripts. However, the temple has few documents even nothing today. When we come to the temple, we just only see an altar to Buddha and some pictures about the traditional life in Laos.   

Buddha statues in Wat Tham Phousi

One of the destinations you should not miss is Wat Tham Phousi temple. This place is decorated colorfully with golden statues of Buddha. The most famous statue here is the statue of the reclining Buddha whose legend Buddha Tuesday. Besides the statues of Buddha, we can also see a small cave with a lot of images inside.   

Ruins Wat Pha Phutthabaht

Discover Mount Phousi – the beauty of peacefulness

Ruins Wat Pha Phutthabaht (via Pinterest)

One more destination for you on the trip to explore Mount Phousi is Ruins Wat Pha Phutthabaht. It is a cave near the top of Mount Phousi. When coming here, you can see the footprint of Buddha. This place is a good place for those who love and follow Buddhism or want to find out about Buddhism. It is very interesting, isn’t it?

Some useful tips when visiting Mount Phousi

- The food here is mostly fatty and spicy.

- Laos Beer is a drink that tourists should try once.

- The dishes made from fish and shrimps in the Mekong River are must-try.

- Women should wear clothes politely when coming to temples or the Royal Palace.

- Tourists should bring with them sunscreen, hat, or umbrella because it is very hot here.

- If you go to night market, you can haggle.

If you are attending to visit Mount Phousi, do not forget to contact us for more information. We hope that the post will provide you with some useful information about Mount Phousi. We will be very happy when becoming your partner on the trip to beloved Laos in the near future. Have a nice trip!