Discover the best destinations of  Southern Vietnam

Discover the best destinations of Southern Vietnam

Southern Vietnam which is famous for the fat soil, the liberal spirit of the resident is a magnificent tourist destination that you can’t miss in the journey of discovering Vietnam. There are lots of things to do in Southern Vietnam as well as several places to visit in Southern Vietnam. Here are some suggestions you may want to know.

Discover Ho Chi Minh city – the most dynamic city across the nation

The central site of Ho Chi Minh city

The central site of Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh city which used to welcome 7.5 million foreign travelers in 2017 is not only the biggest city but also the important cultural center of Vietnam. Being known as “The Eastern Pearl”, Ho Chi Minh city which has the former name of Saigon, owns various specific characteristics that distinguish it from other cities in Vietnam, including Hanoi. Some people can misunderstand that in general, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city resemble each other since both of them are the large bustle urban areas with a high pace of life and the great competitiveness.

However, the truth is that despite having something in common with Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City has its own distinctive features. Ho Chi Minh City is known as “the land of the immigrant” since many people from all parts of Vietnam come here, build the career with the hope of having a better life in the future. Saigon offers a large number of job opportunities, especially in the service field, that can help lots of people escape from poverty and change their life totally. Therefore, this is the place that cultural interference takes place in the strongest way in Vietnam.

At any places, you can realize the accent of all regions. Church, pagoda or mosque, they are located sides by sides. The street of the Chinese, the existence of the markets that specialize in buying the specialties of the North or Central; all the dishes across Vietnam are found in Ho Chi Minh city. The resident of Ho Chi Minh city is impressive by the sincerity, liberal and kindness. Nowadays, having developed more powerfully, Saigon is a prosperous land with the skyscrapers and the crowded shopping mall beside to the well – preserved relics and the ancient constructions with the unique architecture and the profound meaning.

Must-have experiences:

► Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral – the hundred-year construction in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

► Discover the Independence Palace

► Explore the tunnels of Cu Chi

► Stroll around Ben Thanh Market

► Sightsee Vinh Nghiem Pagoda

► Wander in Nguyen Hue walking street

► Go jogging the “Western street” (namely Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien street)

► Enjoy the specialty dishes such as com tam (broken rice), hu tieu (pork and shrimp noodle), etc

► Experience the culture of “plumping” coffee with a cup of ice milk coffee.

Discover the “rice bowl” of the whole country

Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang floating market

Mekong Delta which has the former name of “The Western region”, is in Southwest Vietnam with 12 member provinces. The name “Mekong Delta” has occurred since the Mekong River flows through this fertilize land. The Mekong river approaches and goes into the sea through the network of the ramifications of the river.

As a result, this is also the place where the tangled network of channels and canals is noticed. Being over 40,500 kilometers in area, Mekong Delta owns the yellow rice paddies that seem to stretch endlessly, the wide fruit farm with the abundant crops, the canals or rivers that are full of shrimp or fish during the year.

Many of the daily lives take place in the boat. Many people spend their lifetime on the river and consider their boats as the mobile house. Lots of families settle in the floating houses from generation to generation. Their life may be challenging and not be as flourishing as people in the land but with the liberal spirit of waterway citizens, they are always straightforward, joyful, enthusiastic and friendly. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Mekong Delta is also known as “The land where human love is always existing and visible”.

Must-have experiences:

► Explore the floating markets: Cai Rang (Can Tho), Cai Be (Tien Giang), Tra On (Vinh Long), etc.

► Visit Ca Mau cape – the South pole point of Vietnam

► Visit Bac Lieu field of wind electricity

► Wander around Tan Lap floating village

► Go jogging in Ninh Kieu pier (Can Tho)

► Discover Tra Su (An Giang) and U Minh Ha (Ca Mau) forest of cajeput

► Explore the ecological tourist centers such as Xeo Quyt (Dong Thap), Con Phung (Ben Tre), etc.

Phu Quoc – the paradise island

Being the largest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc was awarded “The cleanest and most beautiful beach in the world” by ABC News in 2008 and has been recognized as “The world biosphere reserve” since 2006. Phu Quoc owns the idyllic tropical white sandy beaches with crystal blue water. The seas are calm and have warm water, which is a favorable condition for swimming.

There is a wide range of beaches for your choice. Each of them which is an ideal place to watch sunset has its own distinctive beauty that you have to discover by yourself. Let’s sunbathe in the brilliant golden sun and enjoy the serene atmosphere. Phu Quoc is truly for those wanting to escape from the bustling modern life and mix with nature.

Phu Quoc beach

Phu Quoc beach

Must-have experiences

► Discover Phu Quoc prison

► Scuba diving and snorkeling

► Visit Dinh Cau and Ganh Dau cape

► Visit Ham Ninh fishing village

► Explore Suoi Tranh waterfall

► Explore Phu Quoc National Park

If you like to discover the Vietnamese country and people, exploring the South is a must. Now you know what to do in Southern Vietnam. Let’s have a trip to this magnificent land and get marvelous moments!

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