Cu Lao Xanh - the gorgeous pearl of Quy Nhon

Cu Lao Xanh - the gorgeous pearl of Quy Nhon

Being known as “The oversleeping pearl”, Cu Lao Xanh has charming beauty, which can compare with the most lovely beaches in Vietnam. Once you have visited here, it will surely leave a strong impression on you.

Where is it?

Standing among the immense South China Sea and located near Xuan Dai Bay in Nhon Chau commune, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province,  Cu Lao Xanh island which is also known as Van Phi island is about 24 kilometers away from the mainland (similar to 2 hours going on the ship). Cu Lao Xanh is 364 ha in area with approximately 2000 citizens. The name of the island really tell its beauty that is fresh and filled with vitality since “cu lao” means “island” and “xanh” means “green” in Vietnamese.

The whole island is covered by the color of green and blue with the greenish lush natural forest, the lines of the tall coconut trees along the beach, the pure blue of the sky and the blue of the sea water are so pure and clean that you can see the bottom of the beach. Under the sunshine, the water surface sparks which will surely fascinate you. Cu Lao Xanh has soft white sand dunes. Seeing from above, Cu Lao Xanh looks like a pretty woman who is sexy and full of vitality is lying among the vast ocean.

The stunning coral in Cu Lao Xanh

The stunning coral in Cu Lao Xanh

When should get there?

Cu Lao Xanh island’s climate has the typical features of weather condition of the South Centre Vietnam which is similar to that of some beaches of Khanh Hoa or Phu Yen. You can visit Cu Lao Xanh at any time during the year. However, typhoon tends to happen in July and August. At this time, the wind is so strong and the wave is so huge that ship isn’t allowed to go to sea and tourist activities that take place along the coast are also abandoned to ensure the safety for people. Therefore, it’s advisable for you not to arrive at Cu Lao Xanh in July and August.

The ideal period may be from February to June or September and October. Choose the most appropriate time to have a satisfying trip as much as possible.

What to do there?

Swim in the sea

Swimming in Cu Lao Xanh

Swimming in Cu Lao Xanh

When going on holiday in the sea, the first thing coming to your mind is always to swim on the beach, right? Cu Lao Xanh which is one of the most unsullied beaches in Vietnam hasn’t been commercialized greatly to meet the need for tourism. The beach still keeps its natural, wild and quaint beauty.

Instead of owning entertainment centers, Cu Lao Xanh has lovely beaches with the blue crystal water sea, the long soft white sand stripes and colorful & unique multi-shape coral reefs in Gala or Bon beach, etc. These beaches are often situated in the west of the island. Water sea and sand dunes are truly clean. If you are a sea lover, you can’t miss this amazing opportunity to experience this magnificent beach.

If you like to discover the measure under the bottom of the sea – stunning coral reefs – you can become a scuba diver and contemplate these spectacular corals in your own eyes. Moreover, you can take part in other exciting activities such as seeking sea stars, catch sea urchin, etc. You are recommended to mix yourself with the blue sea and you will feel how close you are close to nature more than ever.

Discover the lighthouse

The lighthouse which was built since the French colonist period has been situated on the island for over 100 years. At that period, this establishment which was the highest lighthouse of the Indochina was attached to the event that a ship sunk. The lighthouse is 119 meters in length and its light can spread up to 50 kilometers.

The lighthouse in Cu Lao Xanh

The lighthouse in Cu Lao Xanh

The lighthouse’s architecture is a unique and perfect combination between the school of Gothic architecture and features of the Eastern house. This is a stunning architectural construction, in which you can have a panoramic view over the Cu Lao Xanh island and surely will you be overwhelmed by the picturesque sceneries here.

Visit Gieng Tien stream

Located in the Northwest of the lighthouse, Gieng Tien stream was named after a myth. According to that, at the nights of moonlight, the fairies will come to this stream, have a shower, then get back to their home. “Gieng” means “pond” and “tien’ means “fairy’ in Vietnamese. Therefore, Gieng Tien stream means the pond where the fairies have a bath. The stream with crystal-clear water murmurs through the forest. Some various-size stone scatters on the stream. Coming here, you will have a chance to mix with the cool water and enjoy the lovely sound of flowing stream, all of which will surely amaze you.

Join Cau Ngu festival

“Cau” means “pray”, “ngu” means “fish” in Vietnamese. This is a typical traditional festival of the coastal areas including Cu Lao Xanh. Cau Ngu festival which is held on 16th March following the lunar calendar holds the meaning that shows gratitude to the fish lord, prays for favorable weather condition, catching fish abundantly and going to sea safely.

During the festival, besides the worship rituals, interesting games such as the contest of sailing, tugs of war, etc are also organized.

Cu Lao Xanh

Cu Lao Xanh

Those who used to set foot on Binh Dinh can’t surely forget the saying:

 “Binh Dinh co nui Vong Phu

Co dam Thi Nai co Cu Lao Xanh”

(Binh Dinh has Vong Phu mountain.

Has Thi Nai lagoon has Cu Lao Xanh.)

When coming to this beautiful coastal land, you can’t definitely miss Cu Lao Xanh. Let’s discover this lovely island and have a memorable trip.

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