Discover the charming beauty of Tam Dao - A romantic gift of mother nature

Discover the charming beauty of Tam Dao - A romantic gift of mother nature

Tam Dao is considered as a “Sapa” of the Red Delta in the north of Vietnam because of the similarities of its landscapes and climate. Moreover, it is very near to Hanoi that you can easily take a trip there.

Tam Dao- a greeny treasure of the Red Delta

Tam Dao tourist attraction is located in Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province, at the altitude of over 900 meters above the sea. It is only 80 km from the capital of Hanoi from the north and it takes you 2 hours to drive from Hanoi. Here is also the location of one of the largest national parks in the north of Vietnam-Tam Dao national park.

Unlike the other places in the Red Delta, Tam Dao was given by nature the good conditions to develop tourism such as the primeval forests and clean climate.

Tam Dao was discovered by French forces at the beginning of the 20th century when they colonized Vietnam. They found that this is the ideal place for relaxation to escape the heat in the summer of Vietnam. Immediately they were offered to build the range of villas, restaurants, sports facilities, swimming pools, dance floors, etc in Tam Dao to meet their needs. Today, throughout the destruction of time and war, most of that architectures are ruined but its backgrounds still lie somewhere deep in the forests.

The beauty of Tam Dao

The beauty of Tam Dao

It is so good to take a motorbike trip to Tam Dao, along the windy road, you will have a chance to admire the beautiful landscapes of the wildflowers blooming, the colorful butterflies hovering around and the lush forests.

The best time to go to Tam Dao

The ideal time to visit Tam Dao is between April and October. In spite of the near distance of Hanoi and Tam Dao, you will feel the differences in the climate and landscape between them. At that time, the weather in Tam Dao is so cool, the average temperature is around 20-degree Celsius to 32-degree Celsius, it is totally different from the muggy atmosphere in Hanoi.

The summer is the second highest tourist season in Tam Dao after the fall. So when coming to Tam Dao that time, you should consider the price of hotels, some hotels push the room price higher to take the quick profit during the peak tourist season. Coming to cheap Asia tour packages to have a reasonable hotel price.

Some tourist love to travel to Tam Dao in the winter to feel the cold breeze and hunt the snow or ice. On the coldest days, it may have snow or frost holding on the leaves that create a beautiful unique view in the tropical region like Vietnam. So many people come here to comfort their curiosity.

Whereas the spring is considered the lowest season for tourists because of the disadvantages of the weather. It is drizzling and foggy all the time that makes you uncomfortable, that causes your clothes can’t be dry.

What to see in Tam Dao

Tam Dao National Park

Tam Dao National Park

Tam Dao national park

Tam Dao national park holds an area of 36,883 hectares, including more than 23,000 hectares of forests. It is located in the border of the provinces of Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang, and Vinh Phuc.

Tam Dao national park is home to a rich flora, which consists of 490 species from 34 genera and 130 families with a lot of rare and valuable plants, and 281 species of fauna from 281 genera, 84 families and over 60 orders. This is a place saving a lot of rare kind of animals such as cheek black monkey, Tam Dao snake-head fish, etc.

That is why Tam Dao national park is attracting not only scientists coming for researching but also tourists who come to admire the beauty of the pristine forests and see the rare birds along the trip conquering the Tam Dao peak.

Van pagoda

The official name of Van pagoda is Tam Dao Tinh Vien Van Son. It is a new pagoda which was built in 2009, but the architecture of this pagoda still follows the traditional pagoda architecture of northern Vietnam. With the beautiful views and peaceful atmosphere, Van pagoda is surely an ideal destination for those who want to stay overnight in Tam Dao instead of staying in the bustling hotels.

Silver waterfall

Located at the height of 50 meters, the Silver waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Tam Dao. From Tam Dao town, you have to go through trail down the valley to Silver waterfall. At the end of the trail, you will see the beautiful waterfall looming in the mountain and hear the sound of water falling down the cliff. It is worth exchanging your effort.

Tam Dao ancient church

Tam Dao Ancient Church

Tam Dao Ancient Church

Tam Dao ancient church was built in 1937 by the French but throughout the wartime, this church was almost destroyed but it is still an exciting destination for tourists because it brings to the chilly feeling for tourists. Besides that from the church, you can observe the whole Tam Dao town and Tam Dao natural landscape.

Sky Gate

From Tam Dao town, you have to go straight to Tam Dao ancient church, then turn left and continuously go straight to get to Tam Dao sky gate. Standing in the sky gate, you will see the perspective of Tam Dao town looming in the sea of the white cloud.

What to do in Tam Dao

When visiting Tam Dao via Asia group tours, you will have the chances to join in some easy hiking that you can see the herds of deer or goats along the trail. Hiking trips can be organized by the local hotels and they will guide tourists to go trekking to one of three highest peaks in Tam Dao. Besides that, the national park has a romantic pine forest and this is the famous place for the young who come here to have a picnic at the weekend.

With the charming beauty and temperate climate, Tam Dao is an ideal place to see in Hanoi for tourists who want to escape the summer heat and the bustle of the city. If this information is helpful for you, please contact us. Thank you!