Discover Vietnam - a beautiful country in Southeast Asia

Discover Vietnam - a beautiful country in Southeast Asia

Vietnam is known as the S-shaped country located in Southeast Asia with many natural wonders and heritage sites. Let's explore Vietnam in this article with us!!

Where is Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country located in the Southeast Pole of Indochinese Peninsula with an area of 331,698 km², covering the land area of 327,480 km² and more than 4,500 km² of the inland sea. Vietnam has more than 2,800 islands, large and small reefs near and far from the shore, including the Truong Sa and Hoang Sa archipelago claimed by Vietnam.

Vietnam borders the Gulf of Thailand to the south, the Gulf of Tonkin and the East Sea in the east, China in the north, Laos, and Cambodia in the west. The body of Vietnam is S-shaped and the distance from north to south is 1,648 km. The narrowest position from east to west is 50 km. The coastline is 3,260 km long excluding islands.

In addition to the internal waters, Vietnam claims 12 nautical miles of territorial waters, the additional 12 nautical miles near the territorial sea, 200 nautical miles from the exclusive economic zone and finally the continental shelf. The sea area belonged to the sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction of Vietnam occupy an area of about 1,000,000 km2 of East Sea.

Where to visit in Vietnam?

Because of the ideal geographical location, this S-shaped country has a lot of attractive tourist destinations for visitors to travel in Vietnam tours.


Hanoi - The capital of Vietnam


The capital of thousand years of civilization with the special old quarter, preserving old architecture as well as many traditional values is always waiting for international visitors to explore. Hoan Kiem Lake with Ngoc Son Temple and The Huc Bridge are the symbols of Hanoi. In addition, you can explore the history and culture of Vietnam when visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Hoa Lo Prison, etc.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the two largest economic and cultural centers in the country but still retains its charming architecture from the French colonial period. As recommended by Trip Advisor, international visitors can go to the War Remnants Museum, Cu Chi Tunnels to learn about the Vietnam War, or visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, Ngoc Hoang Pagoda. If you want to shop, Ben Thanh market is a familiar destination with many kinds of goods.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a precious jewel, the pride of Vietnam tourism. The limestone islands, rocky systems, and caves create unique natural populations that are easy to make a strong impression on visitors.

When sailing out to visit the bay, you can come and explore some of the floating villages of fishermen. Thanks to the beauty and value of geology, Halong Bay was honored by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage.

Halong Bay

The beauty of Halong Bay

Hue Imperial City

Hue Imperial City is one of the most historic cities of Vietnam, with the relics dating back to the 19th century of the Nguyen Dynasty. Located on the gentle Huong River, the Hue Imperial City has a large area and the perimeter about 10 km with some famous attractions such as Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, Dien Tho Palace.

Guests should take a boat on the Huong River to visit the tombs and temples such as Tu Duc Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, Thien Mu Pagoda.

Da Nang

Da Nang has emerged strongly in recent years and is gradually becoming a familiar destination of domestic and foreign tourists. The big plus of the city is the friendly people and a clean environment, delicious and strange dishes bringing the local flavor.

Many tourist attractions in Da Nang are My Khe beach - one of the most charming beaches in the world, Ba Na Hills tourist area with many recreational activities, Son Tra Peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son mountain, Han River, and Dragon Bridge.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Recognized as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999, Hoi An Ancient Town (Quang Nam) is an increasingly popular destination for foreigners. This is considered as a heaven for shopping with great souvenirs, handicrafts, antiques, silk, art picture.

Here, the 19th-century pagoda, ancient house architecture, lantern city, and mysterious cultural elements make up the attraction for Hoi An town. In particular, the hospitality and friendliness of the people here can make visitors want to come back again.

Hoi An by night

Hoi An Ancient Town

Da Lat

Da Lat is an ideal resort location thanks to pleasant weather all year round. Features of Dalat tourism are the farms and flower garden houses with agricultural products which makes visitors enjoy the feeling of farming.

The attractions here are very rich, beautiful and romantic such as Xuan Huong Lake, Valley of Love, Datanla Waterfall, Langbiang Mountain. Cultural enthusiasts can visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda, Truc Lam Zen Monastery or Hang Nga Villa.

The interesting things you should try in Vietnam

Reaching the Northwest mountain area to admire the ripe rice season

One of the attractive beauty of the Northwest mountains in Vietnam is the rice terraced fields. The golden ripe rice terraced fields will be worth the reward for those who cross the dangerous roads to come here.

The most beautiful areas recognized here are Nam Ty (Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang), Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai), Sapa terraced fields. Remember that October is the ripe rice season.

Stay overnight on Halong Bay

Setting on the cabin of the big wooden cruise ship bobbing on the sea waves, you will be lost in the dream when watching the starry sky, grasp the virtual mist, feel the smell of seawater and explore the work of nature ... All things will be an enjoyable experience for anyone who has the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Climbing Fansipan peak - the roof of Indochina

Fansipan peak

Fansipan peak

Situated at an altitude of 3,143m above sea level, Fansipan Mountain is the target of many adventurous young adventurers to show their bravery and endurance. The feeling of touching on the tip of the stainless steel and watching the views from the "roof of Indochina" will dispel all fatigue on the climbing road. That is the joy and pride when you have overcome the challenge to achieve what you want.

Diving in Phu Quoc to watch the beautiful coral reef

Phu Quoc - the largest island of Vietnam brings in its original, gentle beauty with the white sandy beach embracing the blue sea water. An interesting point that you need to experience here is to dive into the sea watching beautiful coral reefs.

The feeling of immersing yourself in the stunning beauty of coral reefs on An Thoi island and touching the colorful fish will give you many impressive memories that never fade. The best time to go to Phu Quoc is from December to March next year.

Visiting the Southwest in the floating season

When the heat of summer is no longer burned, it is also the time for the Southwest to enter the floating season. Coming to the famous floating markets in the region such as Cai Rang, Cai Be, you will be immersed into the miniature world of the river with plenty of garden products.

Sometimes just watching mango, orange, rambutan, dragon fruit, you are full enough. A cultural experience from sounds, pictures, taste, and even scents will help you "harvest" a lot in your Vietnam tour of discovery.

There are many amazing activities that are waiting for you to explore. To know more information about Vietnam tours, via our website. Share this article if it is useful for you. Have a nice trip in Vietnam!