Explore Ly Son Island-The Green Treasure In The Offshore

Explore Ly Son Island-The Green Treasure In The Offshore

Ly Son is an island district located off the coast of Quang Ngai province. It is an emerging destination of Vietnam tourism attracting both Vietnamese people and foreign tourists.

About Ly Son island

Ly Son island is located in the offshore of Quang Ngai province in the center of Vietnam. This island used to be a volcanic field for million years ago. It just becomes popular in recent years, but Ly Son has the potential to be one of the top destinations of the center of Vietnam thanks to its stunning beauty with the exotic and untouched beach and lush valley. So if you are looking for a new location in Southeast Asia tours, Ly Son Island is definitely the place for you.

The best time to get to Ly Son island

Ly Son is a gorgeous island that you can freely go to visit anytime throughout the year. However, in order to have the best time in Ly Son, it is recommended for tourists to visit this beautiful island during the summer and garlic season. Summer starts on Ly Son island from June to September, the summer weather in Ly Son is very suitable for going to the beach, it is sunny and less rainy as well as the sea water is very clean and cool.

Gorgeous beach of Ly Son

Gorgeous beach of Ly Son

Garlic season is a good time for you to visit Ly Son. Garlic is grown in September and harvested in early December and the Ly Son garlic is very special compared to in the other places.

Going to Ly Son during this time, you will have many chances to enjoy the tasty garlic dishes. However, it is a note for you to remember to check the weather forecast carefully in advance because this time is also the storm season in Ly Son.

How to get to Ly Son island

Starting your Ly Son trip from Quang Ngai city, you will have to go to Sa Ky harbor. It is 20 km away from the city so you can catch a taxi, motorbike or public transport to get to the harbor. Ly Son island is 15 nautical miles from the north of Sa Ky harbor, there are 2 ways for you to get there.

The very first way is that you can jump in the conventional ships, it takes 2 hours to touch your feet on this island. However, it is better to take a speedboat, it can shorten half of the time. A turn of the speedboat costs 115,000 VND/ person and 40,000 VND for loading on the ship.

A tip that you should buy the boat tickets as early as possible but in case it is sold out, you can pay 100,000 VND to enter the ferry without a seat.

Boat to Ly Son

Boat to Ly Son

What to do and see on Ly Son island

Mount Thoi Loi

Mount Thoi Loi is the highest point of the island. In order to get this mount, you have to have a long trek up the mountain. You start to walk along the trail on the eastern side of the mountain to Thon Dong village and then continuously head to the coast on the road along the foot of the mountain. Then you will see a signposted path "Mount Thoi Loi and the National Flagpole", turn left following the sign and go to the extremely steep road up. Going to the end of the road, you will come to the top of the mountain where is a base of the Vietnamese military.

The National Flagpole is near the base and standing in this place, you will witness a breathtaking panoramic view of the wild northern coast with the dark volcanic rock contrasting to the vibrant green foliage, white sand, and turquoise water.

To Vo Gate

This is the most attractive place for those who love selfie because the landscape here is very charming, especially at the sunset. Coming here in the afternoon, you can easily see a lot of people posing around the natural stone archway to save the best shots.

To Vo Gate

To Vo Gate

Dao Be beach

Unfortunately, most of the beaches on Ly Son island is rocky and not really ideal for swimming. However, there is still a small sandy beach that you can go swimming on this island. It is Dao Be beach. The beach is quiet, and just like a tropical beach with palm-lined beach surrounded by clear blue waters. This place is also excellent spots for camping.

Enjoy seafood and local specialty

The garlic of Ly Son island is very famous and popular with Vietnamese people, especially the “lonely garlic” (one clove garlic) which is not only delicious but also can treat the illnesses. If you like to eat garlic, you definitely should try the garlic salad, which is a famous local dish.

You can find all kind of seafood in Ly Son, they are all fresh and the price is very reasonable. You can choose the types of seafood you want in right the beaches.

Finally, for a snack on the go, try a Ly Son specialty “banh it la gai”, which is a kind of sticky rice cake made with rice flour, gai leaves and filled with ground green bean or coconut.

Visiting Vietnam package tours, you will find out many interesting places like Ly Son to come and explore in the beautiful country of Vietnam. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Have a nice trip!