Explore one of the most sacred pagodas in Hanoi - Perfume Pagoda

Explore one of the most sacred pagodas in Hanoi - Perfume Pagoda

With the long history and culture, Hanoi is home to numerous temples and pagodas that you should consider in your best Vietnam tours. Located in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi, Perfume Pagoda is one of the most sacred pagodas here with the stunning scenery and ideal location.

Suitable time to visit Perfume Pagoda

The Perfume Pagoda festival takes place from the 6th of January to the end of March (lunar calendar). It is considered the biggest festival in Hanoi in particular and in Vietnam in general. The main part of the festival occurs from the lunar mid-January to 18th February. At that time, a lot of people travel there, so it is very crowded and the service price is increased highly. However, coming here you can take part in many interesting cultural activities such as boat rowing, climbing or singing.

If you just come here for sightseeing, you should avoid the festival time. The best time is in summer and autumn when you can easily admire the beautiful scenery and feel the sacredness of the Buddha.

If you are a nature lover then from October to November is the ideal time for you when the water lily flowers bloom on the green Yen Stream and white flowers bloom on the fields which make a very romantic scenery.

Perfume Pagoda

Thien Tru Pagoda

What to see when visiting Perfume Pagoda

Tuyet Son Cave

Tuyet Son Cave is situated in Phu Yen village, Huong Son Commune. The gate of the cave is carved the word "Ngoc Long Cave" and is divided into 2 regions. In the cave, there are many beautiful stalactites.

Huong Tich Apricot garden

Apricot is the specialty of Huong Son, a must-mentioned thing when talking about Perfume Pagoda. Thanks to the special soil of the limestone mountains, apricot in Huong pagoda is famous for its large fruit, small seeds, thick pulp, and succulent and slightly sour flavor. Apricot is a precious gift of Huong Son, often used as a beverage or wine of apricot. Previously, the forest Huong Tich old apricot trees for hundreds of years can harvest tons of fruit. Now, the area of growing apricots is narrowed so only a few trees are seen. Many people worry whether the apricot trees are absent in Huong Son land. Huong Tich apricot forest is located in the valley slope in the south of Huong Tich in Yen Vi hamlet and a few in the valley of Tuyet Son mountain in Phu Yen village.

Beautiful scenery in Perfume Pagoda

Beautiful scenery in Perfume Pagoda

Huong Tich Cave

Huong Tich Mountain is located at an altitude of over 900 meters. The road to the cave was opened by the people in Yen Vi. Although the mountain rod is winding and steep, it is easy to walk.

The beauty of Huong Tich landscape also includes the rugged road with more than 2000 meters from the Tro Wharf to Huong Tich Cave. The green stone door was erected in 1927. Although it was not terra cotta, it also evoked the deep spirituality of the cave.

According to a legend, Huong Tich cave is the mouth of a dragon and Dun Gao Mountain is the dragon's tongue. In the past, there are two wooden bridges paralleled from the door to the inner but they were damaged. On the way to the cave, there are words mean the best cave carved on the rocks. The ceiling of the cave hangs down nine stalactites shaped nine dragons chasing a block of stalactite under the floor.

Huong Tich Cave

Huong Tich Cave

Trinh Temple

Trinh Temple is a small one on the right side of Yen Stream. It was built at the foot of Ngu Nhac Mountain. Ngu Nhac is a mountain range consisting of five adjacent mountains forming a streak-shaped like a green dragon protecting at the gate. According to the feng shui, Ngu Nhac is a mountain with a clear and majestic shape. It is said that in the past, it was only a small temple worshiping the general who fought the An enemy.

What to eat there

The specialties that you should not miss when coming there are goat meat, beef, and horse meat. Along the way front the boat station to Thien Tru Cave, there are a lot of restaurants serving food at a reasonable price. However, you should ask the price before you eat there. Mai Lam restaurant with a good service is our suggestion for you.

Some notes when visiting Perfume Pagoda

  • Put the garbage in the right place to keep the clean environment in the pagoda campus.
  • It's so crowded at the festival so you should keep your belongings carefully.
  • Go in the group to save money.
  • You have to get dressed politely and do not make noise.
  • To travel conveniently, you should not wear high heels.

Such a lot of wonderful experiences when traveling to Perfume Pagoda. Let’s consider it for your upcoming trip in Vietnam. For more information about package tours in Asia, you can visit our website. Like and share this article if you find it helpful. Thank you!