Explore the 5 most beautiful fishing villages in Phu Quoc

Explore the 5 most beautiful fishing villages in Phu Quoc

If you have visited Phu Quoc once, you will never forget the charming and gorgeous beauty of beaches with clear blue water and smooth white sand, the delicious cuisine with famous seafood and peaceful fishing villages. For those who are planning your best Vietnam tours in the pearl island, do not miss these fishing villages below.

Ham Ninh fishing village

From Duong Dong Town center to the Northeast 20 kilometers, Ham Ninh fishing village is a long-lasting village in Phu Quoc island. The people here still live in cottages with the main jobs are fishing and catching pearls.

Explore the 5 most beautiful fishing villages in Phu Quoc

Ham Ninh fishing village (via vietnamtourism)

No one knows when the village was founded. When Phu Quoc island was still deserted, some residents came here to catch seafood and set up the village. Ham Ninh is always the quiet and safe berth.  Sails and boats from mainland bring good there and take seafood away.

Beach in Ham Ninh is quite shallow. From Ham Ninh beach, you can see Hai Tac archipelago, Nghe Islet in the southeast and Ong Doi Cape in the south.

Dawn is the best moment in the village when sunshine begins to illuminate the beach and the green moss mountain. The beach here slope down and when the waves flood then leaves, a vast sandy beach with many shells exposes.

Coming to Ham Ninh fishing village, you shouldn’t miss the famous dish boiled crab. The specialties of the village are soaked horsetail wine, roasted horsetail, and pineapple berries.

Hon Thom fishing village

After 30 minutes going by boat from An Thoi port, you will get to Hon Thom Island to see the scenery of a fishing village. The image of the people knitting net next to the temporary beach house will make you feel very peaceful.

The floating houses with aquaculture are filled with rare species of animals such as turtles, abalone, and dog-salmon. In addition, the magical beauty is clearly visible through the fine white sand, coconut groves in the wind and the cool sea water.

Hon Thom village is an ideal place to see the coral reefs on An Thoi Island. In addition, you can go night squid fishing with fishermen or try to conquer the rocky slopes to get more unforgettable experience.

Coming to Hon Thom, you should visit the small market in the center where there are some grocery stores and fresh seafood is sold. People here live mainly on fishing and planting fruits on the mountainside. The life in Hon Thom is still poor. There are only two schools: one primary school and one secondary school.

Ganh Dau fishing village

Explore the 5 most beautiful fishing villages in Phu Quoc

Ganh Dau fishing village

Ganh Dau Cape is in the North of Phu Quoc – the headland of this pearl island. The scenery in Ganh Dau is tranquil with the deep blue sea, golden sand and the green forest spreading to the edge of the rock, connecting the vast ocean. At the end of Ganh Dau Cape are amazingly shaped rocks.

From the coast of Ganh Dau Cape, you can see Ban islet and Thay Boi islet – famous tourist spots in Phu Quoc. You also see Ta Lon Mountain of the neighboring country Cambodia.

Ganh Dau is still a small and deserted village. It is considered one of the most popular destinations in Phu Quoc island. Coming here, you have the chance the see the idyllic life of fishermen here. You can also admire the beautiful nature, catch up the familiar images of fishing boats anchoring or fish sauce production.

Rach Tram fishing village

Explore the 5 most beautiful fishing villages in Phu Quoc

Rach Tram fishing village

Located in the north of Phu Quoc, Rach Tram fishing village seems to be completely isolated with everything outside. The road to get to Rach Tram is quite rough but you will be impressed by the scenery of Rach Tram River and beach in Ham Rong Mountain. You can explore many interesting things when floating on the small wooden boat. Opening up to your eyes, you can see white mangrove forest interlaced with petals, star trees, green shrubs and red flowers blossoming each beam on the water.

Formerly, Rach Tram was the home of Cambodian immigrants. Unlike other places, the sea water here has mud under the sandy layer of the forest. That is why most of Rach Tram people live on fishing offshore. Coming here, you can enjoy the delicious seafood that much cheaper than others.

You can take a walk to see the orchids. Surely the beauty of nature here will make your visit to Rach Tram fishing village unforgettable.

Cua Can fishing village

Cua Can fishing village is located in the north and about 14 kilometers from Duong Dong Town and a few kilometers from Ong Lang beach. The village is quite small, lied peacefully beside the quiet beach which brings you a quiet place relaxing with cool water.

Coming here, you can see the familiar image of fishermen's daily life. Cua Can River running smoothly throughout the Phu Quoc primary forest is also the perfect place to visit with exciting kayaking activity.

The peace of fishing villages in Phu Quoc will definitely bring you the most relaxing time. Let’s come and explore how beautiful Phu Quoc island is. You can also visit our website to know more about best places to visit in Vietnam. Share this article if you find it useful. Thank you!