Explore The Magnificent Beauty Of Na Hang, Tuyen Quang

Explore The Magnificent Beauty Of Na Hang, Tuyen Quang

Tuyen Quang not only is a rich traditional and cultural province but also owns the attractive natural landscapes that captivate tourists at first sight, and one of them is Na Hang. Once setting foot in Na Hang, you will be seduced by the beauty of the ancient land where you can find the footprint of the pre-historical human.

Na Hang Lake

Na Hang lake

Overview of Na Hang

Na Hang is a mountainous district of Tuyen Quang province in the northeast of Vietnam which is only 3 hours drive from Hanoi. Na Hang is famous for its rich natural scenery with many spectacular and fanciful landscapes. With its distinctive beauty, this place has become one of the greatest potential tourist attractions in Tuyen Quang.

Na Hang is home to 12 ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has its own culture that creates a lively cultural picture that captivates many people. As an ancient land of Vietnamese people, where each river, stream, forest, and mountain are associated with fascinating legends, the name of Na Hang has long been a familiar stop for those who are on the way to travel around Vietnam.

How to get to Na Hang

Although Na Hang is a mountainous district in the northeast of Vietnam, it is quite convenient to travel from Hanoi. The best way to get to Na Hang from Hanoi is to catch a bus or rent a private car. If you travel on the budget, catching a bus is a smart choice to save money because the distance is not too far. There are some direct buses to Na Hang at My Dinh bus station, so you can come here to buy a bus ticket to get to this attraction, it takes you about 4 hours.

If you want to be faster, you should rent a car with the driver, it only takes you 3 hours to get there.

We highly recommend you to book a Na Hang tour in Hanoi in advance with an English speaking guide. It is useful for you to visit an off the beaten track place like Na Hang.

When is the best time to visit Na Hang

Na Hang is located in the tropical climatic region with two main seasons in the year which are the rainy and dry season. The rainy season starts from May and ends in October, it is also the summer season in Na Hang. However, it is unevenly distributed due to varying topography. The average annual rainfall in Na Hang is 1,500 millimeters with about 150 rainy days in a year. The volume of rainfall accounts for about 94% in the rainy season compared with the dry months, which is the winter period.

Although the number of rainy in summer is quite much, it is considered the best time to visit Na Hang thanks to its lush green beauty of the landscape.

Pac Ta mountain

Pac Ta mountain

What to do in Na Hang

Get away from the bustling and noisy city, have a trip to Na Hang to feel the gentle beauty of the countryside in northern Vietnam.

Na Hang lake is one of the biggest natural freshwater lakes in northern Vietnam that you can take a boat ride to witness this lake. Tourists will be immersed in the nature of the river and mountain which is the perfect combination of majestic mountains,  quiet river and the white clouds in the sky. The lake is calm with the green water as a mirror reflected the shadow of mountains. The lake is the crossing point of the Gam river and Nang river which is surrounded by 99 mountains, whereas, each mountain has a different shape, so visitors will be surprised by the miracle of creativity.

Besides, Pac Ta mountain is the highest mountain in Na Hang, looks like the elephant bowed the head to have a sip of water. At the foot of Pac Ta mountain, there is an ancient temple worshipping a wife of Tran Nhat Duat- a son of King Tran Thai Tong in the 13th century. Experiencing many historical events as well as the change of time, Pac Ta temple has been rebuilt more spacious and become a sacred place for the people to pay their respects and meet the spiritual needs of people in generations. Surrounding Na Hang lake area, there are many other beautiful natural sites such as Khuoi Sung, Nhi Nhi, and Mo waterfalls.

Following the gentle stream, visitors continue to admire the magical beauty of Mo waterfall. The waterfall has 5 floors, each floor with the white water flow dip together to the pond at the end as a stream of soft hair of a young girl. There is a story related to this waterfall. The story said that once upon a time, at the foot of Pac Ban mountain, there was a house of a young couple named Mo. One day, her husband went to the mountain to find the herbs but did not return. She remembered her husband and went to look for him. One day, when the blackness of the night was covering the space, she still went and the dark night made her fall down the mountain and turn into Mo waterfall.

Mo waterfall

Mo waterfall

Another interesting experience in the journey to discover the hidden beauty of this place is to have a trekking trip in the primeval forest in Na Hang nature reserve. With 68% of the area being tropical moist forest still in primeval condition, Na Hang has a rich and varied ecosystem of over 2,000 species. There are many species listed in the Red List of Threatened Species of Vietnam. Entering into the forest, watching the giant old trees and listening to the beautiful sounds of the wild birds that will bring you the strange and interesting feelings.

Na Hang is surely a worth-visit place to go in Vietnam. This land is deemed to be a rich potential land to develop the tourism of Tuyen Quang province thanks to its natural and cultural beauty. Via Vietnam tour, we hope that you will have the best moments in Vietnam. Share this post if you are interested in. Thank you!