Explore the unique architecture of Wat Arun temple, Thailand

Explore the unique architecture of Wat Arun temple, Thailand

Wat Arun is also called as Wat Chaeng by local people, located in Thonburi- the west of the Chao Phraya River. Considered one of Bangkok's most sacred temples in Thailand, Wat Arun (or Temple of Dawn) is made up of colorful towers and an attractive tourist destination in the land of golden temples that all of tourists are curious of when visiting this country.

Where Wat Arun temple is located

Wat Arun temple is also known as Wat Chaeng temple, located on the western bank of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. This is one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok, it is beautiful not only by its wonderful on the bank of the river but also by a special architectural appeal which is different from other temples. Wat Arun has the special architectural style which is designed with colorful towers standing majestically on the water.

Explore the unique architecture of Wat Arun temple, Thailand

Wat Arun temple

The architecture of Wat Arun temple

Wat Arun is a temple designed in Khmer style with 5 "prang", the largest "prang" is lied in the center. The large building represents 5 mountain gods according to the Khmer, Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Whereas, "Prang" Center depicts the legendary mountain god of Meru representing the center of the world according to Buddhist cosmology.

Created by the hands of skilled craftsmen, Wat Arun with an extremely specific and beautiful architecture is considered one of the most beautiful temples in Bangkok, Thailand. The riverside towers are one of Bangkok's most attractive destinations. There is a majestic tower of over 70 meters, beautifully decorated by colorful small glass pieces and delicate china porcelain placed in the tower.

When visiting the temple, you can climb the center "prang" if you want. The steps are quite steep but there is a barrier to keep you safe. When climbing to the top of the tower, you can see the beautiful Chao Phraya Palace, winding along the Wat Pho temple on the opposite side. Along the central tower, there are sculptures of the soldiers and animals by china.

Upon entering the hall, you can admire the statues of Buddha in gold and the sculptures decorated on the walls. Although Wat Arun temple in Bangkok is very popular with tourists, it is also an important sacred place for Buddhists, so making sure that you dress appropriately when entering the temple.

Explore the unique architecture of Wat Arun temple, Thailand

The sculptures by china in Wat Arun temple

History of Wat Arun temple

Wat Arun temple was built by King Taksin in 1768. The temple was considered the home of the jade Buddha statue in the royal palace, before the capital and palace moved to another river bank. From the temple, you can easily see the Royal Palace.

The central towers were extended during the reign of King Rama III (between 1824 and 1851) and became one of the attractive tourist attractions in Thailand.

The best time to visit Wat Arun temple

In order to discover and admire the beauty of the temple at the sunrise, you have to wake up early. Wat Arun is known as the sunrise temple, but it is also an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful sunset. In order to feel the quiet space, you should go very early to choose yourself a good place, before the temple becomes crowded.

Explore the unique architecture of Wat Arun temple, Thailand

The sunrise in Wat Arun temple

How to visit Wat Arun temple

Sailing is the easiest way to get to Wat Arun temple. If you join the tour on the river, you can find the Wat Arun on the journey. Moreover, you can also choose to go by public transport. If you choose the public transport to travel, you can come and take the subway from Saphan Taksin station, get off the train and walk to the station. Local train lines run all day and stop at each stop on the road. One-way journey costs only 15 baht. High speed trains that run during peak hours in the morning and afternoon will have a yellow or orange flag, so consider to look at the colors of the flag to get on the right train route. The train will not stop at all stops and the maximum cost is around 25 baht. The stop you have to remember down is called Tha Tien. The stop is opposite Wat Arun temple and you can take a local boat to cross the river for 3 baht.

With the impressive architecture and beautiful position, Wat Arun temple is one of the most worth-visit destinations in the capital of Bangkok, Thailand. Let’s book a Asia package tour to explore Wat Arun temple as well as the beautiful Thailand. If you need any recommendation of tours or travel tips, let’s contact us via our website. Thank you and have a nice trip!