Explore The Vibrant Living Rhythm Of The Local People in Cai Be Floating Market

Explore The Vibrant Living Rhythm Of The Local People in Cai Be Floating Market

A floating market is a unique form of the marketplace in Vietnam as well as in the world, it attracts a lot of foreign tourists who are curious about how local people here can operate the market on the river. One of the best Vietnam markets in the Mekong river delta is Cai Be, which is located in Tien Giang province, where tourists can come and explore the vibrant living of local people.

The history of Cai Be floating market

Similar to Cai Rang, Phung Hiep, Phong Dien, and other floating markets in the Mekong river delta, Cai Be floating market is one of the noticeable and influential markets that affect profoundly in the lifestyle of the local people in Mekong Delta.

Although no one knows when it was formed, many people still consider that the market was formed by the immigrants from the north and center of the country in 17th to 18th centuries, together with the period of Vietnamese headed south. They were known as the first founders who cultivated and set up the very first Vietnamese villages along the banks of two biggest river branches of Mekong river which are Tien river and Hau river.

There are a lot of boats and rafts gathering here to trade and do business. Although the market is often open all day, the busiest time of the floating market is in the early morning.

Exploring Cai Be floating market

Exploring Cai Be floating market

The vibrant living rhythm of people in Cai Be floating market

For people who never heard floating markets, we highly advise you to set foot in Cai Be once in your Vietnam tour this time. Cai Be floating market is a huge market located in the river where both sellers and buyers make deals or purchases on the boats. In fact, this kind of market is not strange in the Mekong Delta region, it is very familiar with people who were born and grown up here where they stay with the waterway for most of their lives.

There are a lot of the tourist agencies operating Cai Be floating market tours for tourists to explore and experience the beauty of the river region and local people. All you have to do to have a memorable tour in Cai Be floating market is simply to sign up for a package tour as well as wake your body up early in the morning.

In general, there are 2 distinguishing parts in Cai Be floating market you can easily see, which are the buying and selling places. At that time, there are all farming products and necessities such as vegetables, fruits, etc from other provinces anchored along the banks of the Tien river for kilometers. Similar to Can Tho market, the sellers often hang the sample of goods on the long pole in front of the boat to help the customers realize easier. This seems to be a common and unique signal that you only find in the floating markets in Mekong Delta.

If you want to feel deeper about the purchasing activities of local people in Cai Be market, you can hire a motorboat to sail in the narrow boat lines. The floating market opens very early, so right from 3 a.m in the early morning, boats concentrate here very crowded. Cai Be is considered one of the largest markets in Tien Giang province as well as the entire Mekong river delta region. The water is likely to become an inseparable part of their daily lives. They eat, sleep, hang out, and do other jobs on water. On the deck of one boat, it is easy to catch the images of kids studying or playing with dogs.

The sample of goods hanging on the pole in Cai Be floating market

The sample of goods hanging on the pole in Cai Be floating market

In addition, you may also gain practical experience by accompanying the locals to know how they catch fish. After visiting the whole market area, let's give your body a few relaxing moments in the homestay. It is so good to wander around the fruit gardens to breathe in the fresh atmosphere as well as enjoy the local cuisine and listen to folk songs.

Useful tips for tourists to consider when traveling in Cai Be market

Most of the floating markets in the Mekong river delta open very early from the very early morning to the late noon. Therefore, the ideal time to catch the busiest, liveliest and most impressive scenery in Cai Be market is from 1 am to 2 am, it is quite hard for foreign tourists who are not accustomed to getting up early.

Don't forget to bring your hat, sunscreen, insect spray, and high-quality camera, because the weather is quite hot at noon and there are many unexpecting stunning views that you want to grasp on your trip by chance.

If you are planning to go to Cai Be market, let’s consider this information because it will help you a lot in the Cai Be trip. Share this post if you feel it useful. Thank you and have a nice trip!