Full guides in the paradise without wifi in Koh Tonsay, Cambodia

Full guides in the paradise without wifi in Koh Tonsay, Cambodia

There is no wifi, nor electricity for the day, but Koh Tonsay is still a popular destination for many Westerners in the Vietnam Cambodia tour. Let’s explore the pristine and gorgeous beauty of this island with Asiapackagetravel.

Peaceful space in Koh Tonsay island

Koh Tonsay island covers a total area of about 2 square kilometers, located close to the southern coast of Cambodia and is approximately 4.6 kilometers from the south of Kep city. Koh Tonsay in Khmer means "Rabbit Island", but there is no existence of any rabbits on the island. Actually, this name is based on the shape of the island that looks like a lovely rabbit.

Full guides in the paradise without wifi in Koh Tonsay, Cambodia

Unlike other islands, Koh Tonsay is seen as a paradise by the peace it expressing. The atmosphere here is always cool by the sea breeze and the sun is also gentle. Smooth white sand stretching is decorated with the green color of the coconut trees shading in the quiet late afternoon when the sun goes down creating the fanciful orange color.

How to travel

From Kep beach, visitors will spend 20 minutes reaching Koh Tonsay at about USD 8-10/round-trip ticket (for an overnight stay on the island) or USD 25 for renting a boat which can contain 6 people (for-a-day tour). This is a small island, so travelers can walk around the island for 2-3 hours.

Guests from Vietnam will arrive in Phnom Penh capital, then transfer to Kep city by bus or taxi. They can take the Sorya Bus Company bus at the central bus stop - number 168, or catch the bus directly on National Highway 2. Both options cost USD 4/person/way, taking about 4-5 hours.

Full guides in the paradise without wifi in Koh Tonsay, Cambodia

What to do


This place is extremely ideal for relaxation and pleasure of the soul because the island is quite small, taking tourists only 3 hours to discover all the scenery on the island. Furthermore, Koh Tonsay is still pristine, so leisure activities or water sports have not been put into operation to serve tourists yet. In Koh Tonsay, there is also no wifi services, no electricity for the whole day, no luxury pool resorts or seafood restaurants, and no exciting activities. However, this place still attracts a number of travelers to be immersed in the cool weather and fresh sea water.

This is also the best opportunity for them to get away from the modern facilities, throw away all the worries of life, and just lie on the hammock under the coconut tree to read a book and relax. The sunset is the most beautiful scenery that visitors can walk on the beach or sit on the rock to let the soul dream and enjoy nature.

Swim and dive

Koh Tonsay is not boring at all, because there are so many interesting things to do here. Around the island are the ideal beach for tourists to swim and sunbathe because the beach is very safe with the smooth white sand, clear blue sea water, shallow and fairly flat sea bottom. This is the reason why it has attracted many visitors to bathe. Especially, the ecosystem in the bottom of the sea here is extremely diverse that there are many beautiful coral reefs and marine species. In Koh Tonsay, visitors can also participate in many other exciting activities such as fishing, playing volleyball, and scuba diving in the beautiful beach full of colorful coral reefs.

Take part in a boat tour

After a long bath time, tourists can sail on the sea or hire fishermen to travel around the surrounding islands to wander barefoot on the cool and wet stone at below USD 10. For a little more exploration, travelers can also take a walk on a road around the islands leading to many interesting fishing villages, beaches, and many other places.


If tourists want to enjoy the best of relaxation, there is one activity that they should not miss in this Cambodian island. That is the massage service at the beach huts. Visitors will go to the main beach, spend USD 5 for foot massage and USD 7 for coconut oil massage. The huts here offer guests with pillows to sit and cushions to lie. The indigenous people will massage with coconut oil which is really delicate and good for skin at an affordable price.

Full guides in the paradise without wifi in Koh Tonsay, Cambodia

Where to eat

A visit to Koh Tonsay island cannot lack of tasting the delicious specialties here. Due to the small size of the island, there are only 3-4 restaurants on the main beach but they serve a lot of delicious and cheap specialties and seafood. Spending only USD 5, 2-3 guests can have a large seafood plate that is extremely fresh.

Where to stay

For tourists who love this peaceful island and want to stay overnight for a new experience, they can stay in one of the 20 bungalows in Koh Tonsay island. They look like the leave houses in Vietnam, located between the lawn, besides the coconut trees, and towards to the sea, so the sea space here is extremely cool and there is no need of air conditioning or fans. Each bungalow is usually occupied by 3-4 guests with a very cheap price of less than USD 10/night, but due to the unspoiled nature of the island, there are not many facilities in these bungalows that are only pillows and mosquito nets.

Unlike the bustling Koh Rong, Koh Tonsay island is considered to be an emerging paradise of pristine tranquility. This is the ideal destination for anyone who wants to "hide" themselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you need more information about a tour of Asia multi country, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.