Itinerary To Back To The Root Of Vietnamese People In Hung Temple

Itinerary To Back To The Root Of Vietnamese People In Hung Temple

There is a Vietnamese saying that: “ No matter where you go, remember come back to Hung King's temple on March, 10th”. It is proved the important position of Hung King's temple in the heart of the Vietnamese people, where they always head forward whenever thinking about their root and origin. Spring travel to Hung King's temple is an ideal time to visit the root land and join in the biggest festival of the country, the Hung Kings temple festival.

Overview of Hung Kings temple

Itinerary To Back To The Root Of Vietnamese People In Hung Temple

Far away from Viet Tri city in Phu Tho province about 100 km, the Hung Kings Temple appears as a spiritual symbol of Vietnamese people for a thousand years. It is a sanctuary complex which rests solemnly on the peak of Nghia Linh mountain. The place is dedicated to the worship of the Hung Kings. The complex is also a venue for the Hung Kings temple festival from the first to tenth days of the third lunar month. You can easily visit this relic when catching a train Hanoi Sapa, it will drop you at Viet Tri train station.

The complex of Hung Kings temple

The complex includes the Lower temple (Den Ha), the Well temple (Den Gieng), the Middle temple (Den Trung), the Upper temple (Den Thuong), and Hung Kings Tomb which were built in the fifteenth century. The site is one of the oldest relics in Vietnam that started construction in the tenth century under the Dinh dynasty and was completed in the fifteenth century under the Post-Le dynasty.

Standing in the main entrance of the complex, tourists can see a range of 99 hills that resemble 99 dragons worshipping the fatherland and protecting the sacred temples. From the foot of the mountain to the gate are about 225 stone steps to reach the Lower and Thien Quang Tu temples.

The legend says that Au Co Mother gave birth to 100 children there and the oldest boy became the first Hung King who founded the country named Van Lang and set up the capital at Phong Chau. And Phong Chau is considered one of the ancient capitals of Vietnam like Hoa Lu, or Hue.

There is a small temple at the foot of the mountain called Well temple (Den Gieng), this is the place honoring two princesses of Tien Dung and Ngoc Hoa, who were the beautiful daughters of the eighteenth Hung King. Just over a hundred steps above are the Upper temple where King Hung hosted a ceremony to pray for rain and a good harvest. Here, tourists see many artifacts of the Hung Kings through the time of stone, bronze, and iron which are on display at a nearby museum.

Itinerary To Back To The Root Of Vietnamese People In Hung Temple

The top of Nghia Linh mountain is the sacred top of Vietnam where you can see a panoramic view of the majestic landscapes of mountain and river.

Hung Kings temple festival

The ancestral death anniversary of Hung Kings or Hung King Temple festival has become one of the biggest national festivals in Vietnam that attracts the care of all Vietnamese people around the country for a long time. On the third lunar month annual year, all Vietnamese citizens are eager to wait for March, 10th to head for Nghia Linh mountain, Hy Cuong commune, Lam Thao district, Phu Tho province to have a spring travel and commemorate Hung Kings who founded the glorious state which is considered the first sovereign nation in Vietnam history.

Hung Kings temple festival is annually held within 10 days from 1st to 10th of March in the lunar calendar but the most important day falls on 10th. This is the official day-off of all Vietnamese people. Like most festivals in the north of Vietnam, there are two parts to this festival including the incense-offering ceremony and the activities.

The important part of the festival is held at the Upper temple to express the respect and gratitude of Vietnamese people to the ancestors. The offerings consist of many things such as a pig, a goat, a cow, Chung cake, Day cake and a lavish five-fruits plate that are all the farming products of Vietnamese people.

The sound of an old bronze drum marks that the festival officially starts and then the state representatives, the elders and the crowded pilgrims behind will conduct the incense-offering rite.

Itinerary To Back To The Root Of Vietnamese People In Hung Temple

However, the most interesting one belongs to the festival part, there are the procession marches which replay the lifestyle of Van Lang country in the past and the legend of "the descendants of Fairy and Dragon", besides that, tourists can enjoy Xoan singing performance in the Upper temple and Ca Tru singing performance in the Lower temple. Moreover, the cross-bow shooting, rice cooking, swinging contests, cockfighting, and dragon dancing are the indispensable games that attract many tourists’ attention.

Vietnamese people are so proud of their origin because they are the descendants of Fairy and Dragon. So, the Hung King temple is always a holy place in their heart where they are eager to have a visit once in their life. If you feel interested in the temples in Vietnam, let’s contact us to visit Hung King's temple in your Vietnam tour this time.