List of interesting things to do in Ko Lanta Yai, Thailand

List of interesting things to do in Ko Lanta Yai, Thailand

Koh Lanta is a beautiful island off the southwestern coast of Krabi province, Thailand. Surrounded by the Andaman sea, the warm clear water lap up against the pristine white beaches where you can laze away a sunny day, before experiencing a fiery beachside nightlife scene.

List of interesting things to do in Ko Lanta Yai, Thailand

Ko Lanta Yai

Enjoy Thai food in the traditional street markets

When traveling to Thailand, going to the night market is a must. Like many places in Thailand, Ko Lanta has many street markets and the most famous market here perhaps is the night market in Baan Saladan on Wednesday evening. The market stalls are open all day, but the night market actually takes place around 4 pm and lasts until about 9 pm. A variety of food, clothes, and souvenirs are available at very cheap prices. If you like to eat street food, you will love this market because you can find many kinds of food here. The stalls of clothing and souvenirs will look like many stalls you have seen throughout Thailand if you have been somewhere else in this wonderful country. There are some things that will definitely attract you here with all the things to do and visit in the street markets.

Explore Khao Mai Kaew cave

Khao Mai Kaew is a system of caves and tunnels found at the center of the island of Lanta Yai, this site will amaze you with the magnificent beauty of nature. The hot air inside the cave could be suffocating for the unfamiliar people. You will find an underground lake and all wild creatures including bats, snakes, and spiders in the cave system. Tourists will need to wear appropriate clothes when exploring the caves because it takes about 2 hours to trek in wet conditions as well as climb and walk through many natural rock formations and sometimes cross over the narrow spaces.

List of interesting things to do in Ko Lanta Yai, Thailand

Khai Mai Kaew cave

Take a boat tour

Walking along the major roads on the island of Ko Lanta, you will see no shortage of tour operators offering boat trips to neighboring islands, or even to Langkawi which is the island of Malaysia. Taking a private long boat tour to islands like Koh Rok and Phi Phi island as well as diving sites, it is really not a bad idea.

Help out with the Lanta Animal Welfare

Like the other places in Thailand, Ko Lanta Yai sadly has a large number of stray animals. Wandering dogs and cats are brought to the Lanta Animal Welfare to care as well as for a shelter, so visitors when coming to the island can help the center by donating cash, adopting animals as well as taking time to help care for animals. The center provides medical services for many homeless, abused and injured animals and propagandize visitors about the causes of what these unfortunate animals are suffered from.

Enjoy the beach

Ko Lanta luckily owns some of the best beaches in southern Thailand. The white sand beaches are surrounded by one side that is the clear blue water and the other is the beachfront relaxation resorts and bars. Klong Dao beach located in the north of the island is considered the most beautiful beach on the island, the beach is about 1.6 km from the pier in Saladan. Coming to the beach, you will see a spacious area covered by the golden sand, the waves are like playing with young and old visitors. Ko Lanta's west coast is where you will find all the best beaches on the island, all beaches here allow you to watch the sunset.

List of interesting things to do in Ko Lanta Yai, Thailand

Ko Lanta Yai beach

Take a stroll around Lanta’s Old Town

Ancient town of Lanta is a beautifully preserved village on the east of the island. Initially, the town was a settlement of the local fishermen which used to be the main trading port of the island. The architecture of the town is the mixture of traditional Thai architecture and Chinese style with the Chinese influence from the settlement of Chinese merchants over the past few centuries. The houses built on the stilts jutting out into the sea, when the tide is high, the waves crash down the house pillars. The first full moon in March is the time the town celebrating a cultural festival, called Laanta-Lanta festival, which lasts about 3 days with many activities such as cooking competition and live music performances.

Visit the Koh Rok island

Bluewater, coral reefs and lots of fish make Koh Rok island a must-see place when visiting Ko Lanta. Beautiful beaches and warm waters make a memorable day trip that you expect to enjoy. About an hour travel by speedboat from Long Beach in the south of Lanta Yai, the Koh Rok archipelago forms the southern part of Mu Koh Lanta Marine National Park. Scuba diving or snorkeling are the favorite activities, so you will have the opportunity to witness the wonders of the sea.

Visit the Mu Ko Lanta National Park

Opened in 1990, Mu Ko Lanta National Park is home to a variety of animals including coral reefs, tigers and cobras. The park covers many islands in the south of Krabi province. On the main island, you can participate in watersports such as boating, diving, and snorkeling. You can also take a walk through hilly terrain, rainforests on the small islands in the park. After an interesting tour of the park, you can relax on one of the beaches in the park. Mu Ko Lanta National Park is famous for its pristine beaches with clear blue water and fine white sand, so you will definitely fall in love with this beautiful park.

With the beautiful landscape and interesting activities, Ko Lanta Yai is a must-visit destination in Thailand. We hope that with the list of activities above, you will have a great trip in Thailand via our Asia package tour. Thank you and have a nice trip!