Otres Beach - the beach paradise in Cambodia

Otres Beach - the beach paradise in Cambodia

Among Asia vacation tours, Cambodia is not only well-known for the ancient temples which are hundreds of years old but also famous for the Otres Beach with the pristine beauty. Let's follow this article and find out why Cambodia beach is one of the most tourist attractions of this sacred land.

Where is Otres beach located?

Otres Beach is located in Sihanoukville, Cambodia and in the south of Ochheuteal Beach with the shape of a 3km crescent of white sand towards the southwest. Otres beach includes Otres beach 1 and Otres beach 2 which is more beautiful. With the wild landscape, the clear blue sea water, and silky sandy beach, Otres Beach always leaves an impression on tourists whenever coming here.

The villages and temples of Otres Beach are only located about 1km from the beach. Therefore, if you want to learn more about the indigenous people's life, you can travel there along the way from Ochheuteal over the hill then reach. The life of people here is mainly depended on fishing and small business tourism services but the service quality of service is pretty good.

Otres Beach - the beach paradise in Cambodia

Services on Otres beach

There are no large and modern hotels, restaurants or spas on the beach, just some restaurants, bars, and bungalows situated along the seaside from the intersection to the new development project. Because of the limit of service, Otres beach maintains the pristine and tranquil atmosphere.

Most of the restaurants provide seafood and other dishes. However, every restaurant has its own unique flavor. Some small bungalows and guesthouses are located on the beach which placed on the sand beach away a few meters from the sea water. The price and quality of each room and bungalow are different. Therefore, you should choose an accommodation which is suitable for your finance and requirements. In addition, you need to know that after the night falls, it can be difficult to move between Otres and town.

How to get to Otres Beach

There are 3 ways to travel Otres beach:

Otres Beach - the beach paradise in Cambodia

- Follow the road from Ochheuteal throughout the hill across Queen Hill Resort. You can drive a motorbike on this road but the tuk-tuks and cars are blocked.

- If you want to travel by tuk-tuk or car from Ochheuteal, you can come along Polaway Street (1 Kanda Street) and turn left at the end of the pavement. After that, you pass over the bridge and drive about 500 meters to the next right turn, go along the road about 2.3 kilometers and you can reach the beach. However, this road is quite rough.

- In contrast to the second road, Omui Street from the city center is paved and in good condition. You can go along the Otres turnoff and then turn left.

5 Things to do on Otres beach

Relax on the beach

A vacation to Otres beach is really ideal. No way is better than finding out an area on the sand and chilling. Then you can stroll on along the beach and see what thing you really enjoy. Admiring the breathtaking sunset at Otres beach is also a must-do.

If you are fond of changing the scenery, after 45 minutes walk, you will come to the Otres beach 2. This beach is more tranquil than Otres beach 1 and also the location with many restaurants, bars, and accommodations where you can relax and recharge before reaching home. Besides, you can enjoy a picnic in the shade on the beach.

Enjoy kayaking

Otres Beach - the beach paradise in Cambodia

You can rent a kayak from the hotels for a relaxing paddle through small villages and mangroves. It is also possible to reach the closest island, take a rest and wallow in the shallow waters. It’s also an ideal place for snorkeling so you can ask for a mask and snorkel when you hire the kayak. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and drinking water.

Otres Night Market

Otres Night Market is the ideal place for the evening. You can take a tuk-tuk about 10 minutes to reach Otres village and you will see the party pumping. The night market has a range of food and drinks stalls, as well as stalls trading crafty items. You can hear live music at the center of the stage where DJs play music until the early hours.

Take a late-night swim

Otres beach is home to breathtaking bioluminescent plankton so taking a late-night swim will be an incredible experience to watch the water light up when you swim through the sea. You should remember not to leave any valuable asset on the beach because they will probably not be there when you return.


There are some women coming to the beach and serving everything from massages to manicures. If you want to indulge yourself in a relaxing massage without leaving the sun lounger, you can call a woman and negotiate

Otres beach is really an attractive beach for tourists to visit in Cambodia package tours. To know more information about Cambodia destinations, via our website. Share this article if it is useful for you. Have a memorable trip!