Play in the "miniature Sahara" in the top 5 sand dunes of the Central

Play in the "miniature Sahara" in the top 5 sand dunes of the Central

The nature in the Central is very harsh, but this nature has also given here so many beautiful sand dunes that only exist in the region!

If you have an endless passion for exploring trips, in addition to the forest and the sea, there must be another land that is extremely attractive to you - the sand dunes. Different from the vastness of the ocean with a blue color, or the layers of green mountains, the beauty of the sand dunes can be described in two words - immense yellow. Therefore, standing in the middle of this place, you will find yourself extremely small in nature. This nature of the Central Vietnam is hard to live, but also offers a variety of beauties. The following is a list of the most attractive sand dune places to visit in Central Vietnam preferred by lots of both domestic and foreign tourists.

Mui Ne sand dune, Binh Thuan

Referring to Mui Ne, everyone will think of the Mui Ne sandhill first, so this is probably the most famous sandhill among its "siblings". Also called Fly sand dune, it has been formed for a long time, stretching over a wide area of ​​up to 50 hectares with different sand colors from yellow, opalescent to dark red, light red, etc mixed together to create a beautiful scene.

This is called Fly sandhill because that the shape of the sand dune often changes  to create the extremely impressive and attractive geographic forms. From the sandhill, you can see the panoramic view of Mui Ne with a vast blue sea. Mixing in wild nature, in the late afternoon sunlight, the featured destination will definitely bring tourists many unforgettable emotions.

White sand dune, Binh Thuan

Play in the "miniature Sahara" in the top 5 sand dunes of the Central

The beauty of nature in Bau Trang, Binh Thuan (

White sand dune, also known as Bau Trang, is like the miniature Sahara. The pure beauty of the sand and scenic surrounds of this place have made many people love it at the first sight. In addition, it is also known locally as Trinh Nu, or Virgin sandhill. This is because of the appearance of a lying girl with white and smooth legs. Especially, the bright sunlight creates the sparkling and fanciful beauty for the sand dune as standing in the boundary between reality and virtuality. In the middle of the sandhill, there is a freshwater lake that is very beautiful in the season of the lotus blossoms.

Bau Trang is in the Vietnam best places for you to rent an all-terrain vehicle or a jeep with a driver to conquer the sand dunes. The feeling of surfing on the sand, conquering the top of the hill will bring travelers a new adventure that is extremely exciting.

Nam Cuong sand dune, Ninh Thuan

Play in the "miniature Sahara" in the top 5 sand dunes of the Central

Nam Cuong sand dune

Located about 8 kilometers southeast of Phan Rang city, Nam Cuong sand dune makes everyone overwhelmed before the stunning sand work of sun and wind. This place has just been put into tourism, so it is quite pristine besides the village of Cham ethnic people. Visiting Nam Cuong, you will encounter the most idyllic scene of Cham people walking on the hill to the school, rice fields, school, or market, etc. That is the most attractive and unique point of Nam Cuong sand dune.

Especially, in the sunset, the scene is surprisingly beautiful that there are the silhouettes of the goats and sheep walking across the hill, recording their footprints on the sand. This is definitely a place you should note in the list of the must-visit places.

Quang Phu sand dune, Quang Binh

Play in the "miniature Sahara" in the top 5 sand dunes of the Central

Quang Phu sand dune is a famous check-in destination of the young

Quang Phu sandhill of the Central Vietnam is famous for the sand which has a lot of nuances. After the rain, the sand is red yellow and after that becomes more beautifully mysterious under the sunlight. Sometimes, the sand is yellow, white, or gray.

Thanks to the calm wind, sand waves in Quang Phu is not large, creating an impressive smooth. In addition, Quang Phu sandhill is very white, gentle, and pristine, stretching to the clear blue sea. With a reasonable height, this area is also suitable for things to do in Vietnam of adventurous games including sand slide.

Mui Dinh, Ninh Thuan

Play in the "miniature Sahara" in the top 5 sand dunes of the Central

A harmonious combination between the sand dune and the sea

Mui Dinh brings the features of the prairie that is as beautiful as the Mongolian steppe. This place is located next to the sea and still unspoiled. Right in the sand dunes, there are many hollows, forming small ponds adjacent to each other. The sand is white smooth and water is clear, sparkling under the sunlight, making the space here beautiful and touching. There is also a campsite with typical tents of the prairie, so travelers can rent a camp overnight and enjoy the true nomadic life here.

With a unique and featured beauty of the Central land, these most attractive sand dunes will definitely bring a joyful and unforgettable experience to tourists in an Asia package tour. If you like this place, don’t hesitate to like and share this with your friends. Hope you will have much fun here. Thank you.