Quan Son Lake- An ideal destination in the suburb of Hanoi

Quan Son Lake- An ideal destination in the suburb of Hanoi

Located in the suburban district of My Duc, Hanoi, Quan Son lake is considered a “green gemstone” or “Halong bay inland” due to its natural beauty. It becomes the famous attraction for people who want to enjoy their weekend in the cool fresh atmosphere.

An overview of Quan Son lake

Quan Son lake located in My Duc district, Hanoi is around 50 km from the city center. It is recommended as the best place to escape the bustling and noisy city of Hanoi at the weekend. With its location and beautiful natural landscape, Quan Son lake is the most suitable place for a trip within a day with a reasonable price.

Quan Son lake is beautiful and peaceful with the green mountains shadowing on the lake. Coming to Quan Son, you can immerse your soul with nature, float on the immense water, enjoy the cool air and admire the spacious landscape.

Especially at the beginning of summer, it is the lotus blossom season. It is the best time for a trip to Quan Son Lake when the extremely poetic, lyrical scenery with fragile lotus flowers blooms vividly on the water, you will be surprised by this rustic but charming beauty.

Quan Son Lake

Quan Son Lake

The way to go to Quan Son lake

There is no direct bus to take you to Quan Son lake, but there is only a bus number 211 leaving from My Dinh bus station, Hanoi to Te Tieu bus stop, which is about 5 km away from Quan Son. Then you can take a motorbike taxi to go there. It is not too much time to get there if you go by motorbike. And it is considered the quickest way because it’s only 50km away from the city center.

In a good weather condition, you can enjoy the great pleasure of being able to stop at any place on the road to take a rest or take beautiful photos. In fact, the way from central Hanoi to Quan Son is very picturesque, you can have a chance to witness the wide green paddy fields, beautiful lotus ponds, magnificent mountain ranges and vivid rural life along the road.

If you decide to take a motorbike road trip by yourself, just search this location on google map and it will guide you in the direction. The way is quite smooth and easy to remember. Don't hesitate to ask the local people for the direction. However, if you are foreigners, it is easier for you to book the tours to Vietnam and Quan Son lake, the travel agencies will arrange everything including transportation for you.

The best time to visit Quan Son lake

The lake is not too deep so it can be dried out in the dry season, especially in April. But when the rain comes, the water will rise up so quickly. So let's notice the time before having an Asia vacation tour to Quan Son lake.

Quan Son Lake

Quan Son Lake

The summer is the highest water level season and the lake is wonderfully full of water after all the rains and storms of summer. However, it is a bit too hot and there is no any lotus for you to see because that time the lotus blossom would be faded.

So the best time to visit Quan Son is the lotus season from May to July. You may see lotus and waterlily and their colors will make the lake twice as beautiful.

Enjoy the beauty of Quan Son lake

Coming to Quan Son Lake, you should definitely book a small boat to go around the lake to enjoy the beauty of natural scenery. The ride takes 2-3 hours, boat rental for 4 people is 140,000VND and the entrance fee is only 15,000VND.

Jumping on the boat, you will have a chance to witness the entire view of majestic but romantic scenery with Lion Island, Voi Phuc hill, Giang Xe peak, etc. The shadow of it prints on the lake which is as beautiful as a miniature Halong Bay. And it is a note to not miss to visit Linh Son cave and Ngoc Long cave as well as many ancient temples around the region such as Linh Son Pagoda, Cao pagoda, Ham Yen pagoda.

Visiting each place, you will definitely be overwhelmed by the beautiful wonder of the stone with the shapes of stalactites looking like dragon, lion, tortoise, Phoenix or tigers. Especially in the rainy season, the water flow of the waterfall falls down to the lake with white foam that creates the extremely magical scene.

Quan Son Lake in the sunset

Quan Son Lake in the sunset

The lotus blossom season starts from mid-May to early July, it’s the time Quan Son lake wears itself the most colorful clothes. Wandering through the lotus pond, the small boat will lead you to a small island called Hoa Qua Son (Fruits mountain). Hoa Qua Son is famous for its rich variety of fruits such as oranges, lichi, etc.

Quan Son lake is a very suitable place for those who want to take a rest with their family and friends at the weekend. With its location and its natural beauty, it deserves to the top of destinations and things to do around Hanoi you should consider. If this information is useful for you, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!