Schedule to visit Vietnam attractions for all the year round

Schedule to visit Vietnam attractions for all the year round

World map Vietnam is located in the area affected by tropical monsoon climate, so the weather in this country distinctly varies among seasons. With a rich nature, it creates a convenient condition for travelers to explore Vietnam all the time. Let’s explore the best times to visit Vietnam with us and schedule for yourself a trip this month.

Travel to VN


What is the best time to go to Vietnam? At the beginning of the year, around Lunar New Year is a good time to travel to Sapa (Lao Cai) or Dien Bien. The Southerners wishing to experience the cold winter often choose to go to Sapa or to Dien Bien city to see wild peach blossom blooming on the valley and hillsides.

Meanwhile, on the first full moon in the Lunar New Year (around February-March), Saigon is very attractive to visitors with the largest street festival of the Chinese people in Saigon - the Lantern Festival. Crowds from everywhere go there to attend the traditional festival of them, which is operated at Binh Tay market with thousands of people parading through the old streets and traditional cultural characteristics of China such as Peking Opera, dragon dance, stilt walking, and fan dance, etc.

March, when the weather in Hanoi entering the cold in the 3rd Lunar month, is also the right time for those who love photography or romance to book tickets to the capital. Weather in this season is not really convenient, sometimes having drizzle with relatively low temperature but it is still memorable to see the white milk flowers falling down the streets in Hanoi, covering a broad expanse of heaven.


Each year, the Danang International Fireworks Competition is held at the weekends from April to June. There are 8-9 international teams including the Danang - Vietnam team competing and presenting the firework display for two days on both sides of the Han river. This time also opens a summer tourist season of the city due to best weather to visit Vietnam. Also, the nearby Hoi An ancient town is a spot that everyone should not miss.

The peaceful Hoi An ancient town near Da Nang city

The peaceful Hoi An ancient town near Da Nang city (

May is the best time to visit Vietnam with the exploration of Phong Nha cave in the world natural heritage Phong Nha - Ke Bang. While the temperature outside is 36-37°C, the temperature in the cave is very cool and comfortable, always at 20-21°C.

In addition, Hue Festival is accomplished each 2 years (in the even year) to honor and revitalize the cultural heritage of the land with many community performances in a large space such as the Royal Night, Nam Giao ceremony, “ao dai” festival, sea festival, kite flying, and countryside market in festival, etc. Besides, there is also the attendance of the featured international performance of many countries in the world.

Vietnam tours in summer are also attractive in the Southwest such as Can Tho, Ben Tre, My Tho, Chau Doc, and Ca Mau, etc, especially around June to July because this is the fruit season here with diverse types. Travelers will be fascinated when enjoying fruits in the immense fruit gardens or going to the floating market to feel the featured river atmosphere in the Southwest.

The rustic yet interesting life of people in Cai Rang floating market, Can Tho

The rustic yet interesting life of people in Cai Rang floating market, Can Tho

August is considered the golden time in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) to finish a lively summer. During this time, the coastal city is still in dry season without rain, but it is not too hot and really suitable for swimming and joining outdoor activities.


What is the best time to go to Vietnam? September is the beginning of autumn - the most beautiful season in Hanoi, so even though there is rain sometimes, people still feel pleasant when enjoying the flavor of green rice in the early season, wrapped in fragrant lotus leaves - a dish as the soul of the capital city.

The period from September to October has the best weather to visit Vietnam, so rice in the uplands begins to ripen, creating a spectacular scenery of the terraced fields. There are 3 main routes to see yellow rice fields in Vietnam: Tu Le - Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai), arcs around Lao Cai, and Hoang Su Phi - Xi Man (Ha Giang). In particular, Lao Cai is the center of the 'golden season' tourism in the North with numerous routes and valleys filled with a yellow and aromatic scent of ripe rice.

Majestic nature in Ha Giang (​)

Majestic nature in Ha Giang (

The Southwest welcomes travelers in October and November with the sunny and dry weather. This is also the most exciting time of flood season that over the summer, tourists will enjoy the beautiful scenery and eat the delicious dishes of the riverside land.


The buckwheat flowers have become the brand of Ha Giang tourism. Every year, from the end of November to December, tourists from everywhere go to Ha Giang to see these rosy flowers covering rice fields and valleys. Also, the Highlands is very charming in the dry season that weather is extremely cool and fresh. Especially, Dalat and Pleiku are in the season of wild sunflowers. All the hills, valleys, trails, and resorts, etc of these places begin to be covered with the yellow color.

For foreign tourists, December-January is a good time to travel to the wonder of the world Halong Bay. The bay in winter is very airy and peaceful, suitable for relaxation. Coming to Halong, not only do they admire and immerse in the beautiful beaches, islands, and majestic caves but visitors also take part in interesting activities like kayaking, playing volleyball, climbing on high cliffs, and biking, etc.

Vietnam is favored by Nature Mother with a variety of attractive landscape of which each one hides a distinct beauty. Hope that with the list we have provided, you can explore all of them in their most beautiful moments. If this is useful for you, don’t hesitate to like and share with others. Thank you.