The 5 most attractive destinations in October in Vietnam

The 5 most attractive destinations in October in Vietnam

In October, all three regions of North - Central - South Vietnam have favorable weather which is the ideal condition for you to plan your best Asia tour packages in Vietnam. In addition, the brilliant flower seasons and the special cultural festivals will contribute the excitement to your trip. Let's refer to the most attractive destinations you should not miss in October.


The weather in Vietnam  October of Hanoi is kept at a level of 25 - 26 degrees Celsius with gentle wind and the dramatical decrease of radiation. The average temperature in Vietnam in October of Hanoi drops sharply to 23 degrees Celsius at night and 28 degrees Celsius during the day. The Hanoi climate is milder due to the reduction of humidity and rainfall to 69% and 146 mm. Although the number of rainy days does not change much, the rain is not as heavy as the previous month.

Hanoi in autumn is very cool and pleasant which is the best time to visit the capital of Vietnam. The scenery during this time is mostly yellow and a bit red due to the color of the leaves which makes Hanoi become poetic and romantic than ever. Another reason is that in October, Hanoi steps into the season of aromatic milk flowers. In the evening, you can go along Ba Trieu street, Quang Trung, Nguyen Tri Phuong, Quan Thanh or Tran Dai Nghia Street to feel the milk flower blooming season. Besides, you do not forget to enjoy Vietnam cuisine with the best food in Hanoi such as Hang Than green rice flake cake, Ho Tay shrimp cake or a cup of famous egg coffee and watch the crowded street in Nguyen Huu Huan.


Hanoi in the autumn in October

Perfume Pagoda

Perfume Pagoda or Huong Son is a cultural and religious complex of Vietnam including tens of Buddhist temples, several temples for gods, and communal houses of worship of agricultural belief. Coming to Huong Son in the cool weather of autumn in early October, you will admire all the most poetic and beautiful landscapes that nature gives without having to push through the crowd as in the holiday season. You can also enjoy the charming beauty of the mountains and rivers here.


Visiting Perfume Pagoda

Rowing the boat on the clear Yen Stream in the morning will take you through the blooming pink-violet water lily. The sunlight reflecting on the lake through the dew that still stagnates on the petals of water lily creates a sparkling and fanciful beauty. You can ask the boatman to bring you to the bank where water lily blooms the most in the morning or noon and capture picturesque photos with these beautiful flowers. Some people said the most stunning scene in Yen Stream is the melaleuca forest - a kind of gnarled tree, no leaves, growing in rows here. Visiting Perfume Pagoda in the ideal weather in Vietnam October of autumn is to admire the beauty of the pellucid Yen stream, the charm of the water lily in the blooming season, explore the fancy of the melaleuca forest or simply to find a peaceful place to escape the noisy life in the city.


The stunning pink-violet water lily in Yen Stream

Ha Giang

Nearly 300 km from Hanoi, Ha Giang in the north of Vietnam is a highland province with the rich cultural identity of more than 20 ethnic people living. In the pleasant temperature in Vietnam in October, the brilliant Ha Giang buckwheat flowers cover the hill in the purple color.  Buckwheat flowers concentrate the most in Dong Van - Meo Vac, Xi Man - Hoang Phu Si. When coming here, you not only admire the stunning buckwheat flower fields but also can take breathtaking photos to save the memories of the Ha Giang trip. In addition, you should also spend time exploring other famous destinations in Ha Giang such as Dong Van ancient town, Dong Van stone plateau, Sung La valley, Lung Cu flagpole, King Cat Palace, Quang Ba double mountain, and colorful trading sessions of Mong, Tay ethnic minorities.


The brilliant buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang

Da Lat

Da Lat is sunk into the romantic space with the fresh weather in Vietnam  October  that anyone cannot resist. October on the land of fog in Da Lat is the lively and brilliant yellow wild sunflowers. The wild sunflowers are the most beautiful in the morning when it is sunny at 9.00 -10.00 AM. Besides, in the afternoon of 4.00 PM when there is no sunlight, you can also take a walk and take pictures with wild sunflowers. Some routes to see the most beautiful sight of wild sunflowers are the pass from D'ran to the center of the city with wild sunflowers, pine forests, green tea hills, the road from Lien Khuong to Da Lat and Da Lat - Elephant Waterfall - Lang Biang. In addition, if you do not want to go far, you can see wild sunflowers in the Valley of the Golden, Valley of Love, etc. When coming to Da Lat, instead of staying in luxury resorts, you should choose homestays with the reasonable cost only from 100,000 to 300,000 VND/ per room. Some popular accommodations are The Circle Vietnam Hostel, Beepub Hostel, Dalat Otel, La Nha Homestay.


The great moment of taking wedding photos in Da Lat

The Southwest region in Vietnam

The final destination that you cannot ignore when traveling to Vietnam is the Southwest region. In October, this is the raising-water season which brings you a lot of interesting experiences. To visit Southwest Vietnam in this season, tourists can sit in the three-leaf boat to travel to the attractive destinations of this region such as the lush fruit gardens of Mekong River, the lotus lakes in Dong Thap or go back to U Minh forest to explore the wild, beautiful Melaleuca forests. Not only that, you also participate in purchasing in Cai RangCai Be floating market, watching the fishermen fishing, listening to Southern amateur music as well as enjoying the attractive specialties here.


Boating in Tra Su Melaleuca forests

If you travel to Vietnam in October, do not forget to visit one of these 5 most attractive destinations. To know information about Vietnam package tours, via our website. Share this article if it is useful for you. Have a memorable trip!

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