The 9 Best Hanoi City Bars & Clubs

The 9 Best Hanoi City Bars & Clubs

Hanoi is the economic, political, cultural and social center of Vietnam, so there are many entertaining spots to help people reduce pressure after tired working hours. Among them, the bars and clubs are the ideal destinations which attract numerous people to have fun and meet friends.

Here are top 9 famous bars and clubs in Hanoi with the modern sound system, good security, and a very exciting atmosphere that you can refer to.

1900 Le Theater

1900 Le Theater Bar is situated in no. 8B Ta Hien Street - the busiest center of Hanoi Old Quarter. The bar is based on the architecture of the old Quang Lac Theater. Thanks to the combination of traditional culture and modern style in architecture and interior design, the 1900 Bar has become the most attractive nightclub in Hanoi. Despite bringing the image of life in Hanoi years ago, the bar 1900 is no less youthful and vibrant.

1900 Le Theater Bar offers modern services with a wide variety of beverages ranging from beer, soft drinks, sodas to spirits such as whiskey, vodka, champagne, etc. In particular, this is the place of the hottest music shows today. Besides, with modern audio and visual systems, and the presence of famous DJs, it is sure to bring you the most lively music moments. Each month at the 1990 Bar, there is a special event with the well-known invited artists from around the world, attracting around 500 people each night.

The impressive performance in 1990 Le Theater Bar

The impressive performance in 1990 Le Theater Bar

Nineteen bar

Located in no.19, Cha Ca, Hoan Kiem, Nineteen Bar is a paradise for young, dynamic people with the modern lifestyle. The creative and unique design in the space together with the regular presence of the most beautiful female DJs in Hanoi and Saigon has become the magnet attracting a large number of visitors to this bar. Moreover, Nineteen Bar always takes the lead in the hot trend and brings Hanoi youth in particular and those who love music parties, the sparkling light of exchange programs and the perfect combination of the sound of exciting music and the very spacious design.

The Rooftop

As one of the most famous bars in Hanoi located on 19th Floor Pacific Place, 83B Ly Thuong Kiet, The Rooftop owns a luxurious and extremely spacious space equipped with ultra-high quality sound and light. This bar always plays vibrant music following the trend. Therefore, The Rooftop attracts a lot of people to visit, especially young people.

Every week, The Rooftop also has many exciting and attractive events - a very successful marketing strategy to appeal to numerous guests.

The luxurious atmosphere of The Rooftop

The luxurious atmosphere of The Rooftop

Lift Bar & Lounge

Also situated in Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Lift Bar & Lounge has satisfied the first two criteria of a famous bar that are the stunning space and lively good sound system. The Lift Bar & Lounge offers an extremely luxurious space and colorful lights, which creates beautiful effects to increase the joy and excitement for young people when coming to this bar. Lift Bar always has hip-hop songs, great house music mixed by the top well-known DJs in Vietnam and all over the world.

New Square Bar

Located in no. 360 Kim Ma Street, Ba Dinh District, New Square is known as the largest dance hall in Hanoi and a fun place that many young people come. With the longest life in Hanoi, New Square Bar has been pioneering the development of entertainment space with vibrant music since the bars in Hanoi was not much.

New Square Bar has a very exciting setting with modern interior design, a high-quality sound system which brings a high level to New Square that other bars do not own. The bar has a capacity of over 1000 people. There will be weekly events with the attendance of many famous singers making New Square become a popular fun spot for the youth in the capital.

A big event in New Square bar with the participant of the popular dancers

A big event in New Square bar with the participant of the popular dancers

Don's Tay Ho

Don's Tay Ho owns a prime location in the capital Hanoi. Don's Tay Ho is located right on the West Lake and a combination of a luxury restaurant and an open space bar. In addition to the familiar drinks in the bar, Don's Tay Ho also serves the special dishes made from fresh seafood.

When coming to Don's Tay Ho, you will be immersed in the lively party music and enjoy the attractive seafood as well as watch the beautiful, sparkling, charming scenery of West Lake when the night falls. Besides, the bar also is designed with a gentle, romantic space for those who do not like the noise. This is also an ideal place for you to meet important working partners.

Hero Bar

Located in no.42 Yen Phu, Hero Bar is famous for its international professional music DJ. This is a perfect choice for youngsters who want to relax during the weekend. The bar usually open late, so it is reasonable to have fun at 11.00 - 12.00 PM. MC in Hero Bar is sexy and funny, whoever coming here plays extremely enthusiastically. Hero Bar is also a "cheap" bar with affordable drinks and beers ranging from 60,000 VND.

Hair of the Dog

Situated in no. 232 Ma May Street, Hair of the Dog impresses guests from the special name of the bar to the funny space satisfying the heart of the young and foreign tourists to visit here. The lounge area of the bar has a myriad of imported wines prepared by the professional bartenders to create colorful cocktails with special taste.

On the second floor of the bar is a separate space dedicated to the explosion of vibrant mixed music that will make everyone happy after hard-work and studying hours.

Hair of the Dog - the famous bar to have fun in Hanoi

Hair of the Dog - the famous bar to have fun in Hanoi

Next Top Club

Next Top Club in no.2 Hoang Minh Giam is an ideal destination for those who love the luxury and sophistication. Besides the bar service, Next Top Club is also a combination of luxury restaurants, vibrant dance hall, and a high-end dance floor. The sound system here is extremely excellent because of the high-standard sound of the speakers imported from abroad to satisfy the music needs of guests.

In addition, the bar regularly has big events with the presence of other invited well-known singers such as Minh Hang, My Tam or Jimmi Nguyen.

We hope that the 9 Best Hanoi City Bars & Clubs will help you find an ideal address to have fun and relax when you visit Hanoi on Vietnam package tours. To know more information about the best places to visit in Hanoi, via our website. Have a great trip!