The best coffee shops in Hanoi

The best coffee shops in Hanoi

Café has been considered to be an important cultural factor. A coffee shop is a place not only to enjoy the beverage but also to hold the meeting, hang out with friends as well as relax and get away from the bustling life. Coffee shops are believed to contribute to the charming beauty of Hanoi that is the thousand-year capital of Vietnam. Here are the best coffee shops in Hanoi, which are worth trying. Do not forget to take Vietnam tour packages to get more information about things to do in Hanoi.

Le peti

Address: 25 Ha Hoi, Hoan Kiem district

Le peti which means “small” in French is a lovely cozy café in Ha Hoi street that is a quiet one in the hub city center. This pretty coffee shop is decorated in the French architectural style, which makes the guests feel like they are getting lost in the ancient superb Paris. The vintage space of Le peti is believed to be an ideal place to escape from the bustle modern life. Le peti’s menu includes several types of coffee, the fruit juice, and tea. The enthusiastic staffs are also a good point of Le peti.


The Cube café

Address: 168A Tran Vu, Ba Dinh district

Being the largest boardgame in Hanoi, the Cube café is renowned for its wide range of games. There are over 400 US boardgame for the customers to choose from. Most of these games are free. Only a few games require the guests to hire with the price of 5,000-10,000 VND ($0.3-0.5). These amounts of money are entirely used to import more games. Café’s space holds the modernity and dynamism with the walls having the dominant color of blue and the wooden furniture. Let’s come to the bar on the first floor to order, find your favorite corner at 3 stories and let the game begins.


The Nest – Boardgame coffee

Address: 2nd floor 4A Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem district

“We are the little Board Game Cafe from Ha Noi. Let’s laugh and play our hearts together”. That is the slogan of the Nest-Boardgame coffee. Situated in the heart of Hanoi, this unique café is easily accessible if you are around Hoan Kiem lake. The coffee shop owns the luxurious space with the delightful white walls, the soft bright white light, the fashionable furniture, and the lovely tiny flowerpots. The boardgame collection is great and the beverage is evaluated to be tasty. The staffs are assessed to be welcoming and attentive. The service is quite fast even when the shop is crowded. The Nest-Boardgame is perfectly suitable for the nerdy snack or light snack. Why don’t visit this café with your partners and get the amazing experience?

The Nest Boardgame coffee

Ailu cat house club

Address: 2nd floor 114 Tran Vu, Ba Dinh district

Being the oldest pet café in Hanoi, Ailu was opened in 2010. After 3 years temporarily out of operation, in 2015, Ailu has returned and still hold the position as one of the most popular spots for pet enthusiasts in Hanoi. The shop is located on the second floor of the small-sized house in Tran Vu street. Although the café’s space is not wide, the playground for the cat which makeups most of the shop’s area is well-designed with the pretty wooden furniture and the artificial grass carpet. There is a wide range of cats here, which are incredibly lovely, especially you can’t resist the cuteness of those who have short legs when they are running.   

Ailu cat house club

Giang café

Address: 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem district

Being a charming hidden café in a narrow street of Hanoi Old Quarters, Giang café is incredibly renowned for the egg coffee which is a unique beverage is nearly helpless to find outside Hanoi. Although there are several shops buying this special drink, Giang’s egg coffee is supposed to have the most surprisingly exquisite flavor. This drink resembles impartially the taste of tiramisu. Taking a sip of egg coffee, you will feel the creaminess of egg blending perfectly with the characteristic bitterness of coffee and the sweetness from sugar. It’s a good idea to have a cup of egg coffee in a cozy atmosphere with beautiful music, isn’t it?

Giang café


Address: 36 Au Trieu street, Hoan Kiem district

Indigenous is a common spot for visitors when coming to Hanoi. The outstanding thing about the shop is the excellent quality of coffee beans that are grown by the local farm. There is a wide range of coffee for your choice. The coffee can be brewed in the coffee machine by the guests. Moreover, the shop also serves several types of tea and juice, which are of good quality. Situated near St.Joseph Cathedral, truthfully, Indigenous is much more than a place to have the coffee. The customers often sit outside the shop, take a sip of coffee and enjoy the picturesque quaint scenery of Hanoi’s lovely corner. The shop is embellished with the pretty unique handmade craft ceramics that can be also purchased. You won’t refuse to enjoy coffee in an awesome space like this, right?


Hanoi has a café culture that has still been lesser-known to the tourists. You can’t discover this charming thousand-year land without having a cup of coffee and sightsee the scenes of daily lives. Hopefully, the above list of the best café in Hanoi is helpful to you. Why don’t you stand up and take Asia tours right now? Asia is waiting for you.