The best places to visit in Central Vietnam

The best places to visit in Central Vietnam

Being in the heart of Vietnam, Central Vietnam which is full of historic sight and cultural destinations with the magnificent beaches is always highlighted in the Vietnam tourist map. There are several places to visit and lots of things to do in Central Vietnam. Here are some suggestions that may be helpful to you.

Visit Hoi An, Danang, and Hue – the heritage center of Vietnam

Hoi An

Hoi An ancient town

Hoi An ancient town

Hoi An ancient town which has been recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage site is situated in the bank of the romantic Thu Bon river. This used to be a trading port from the 15th to 19th century. The melting-pot history notices the hallmarks of the Japanese, Chinese and French, all of which mix together, causing Hoi An to become a living museum with Japanese-architecture temples or bridges; Chinese wooden houses and French colonial constructions.

► Mix yourself with An Bang or Ha My beach

► Discover My Son Sanctuary

► Try “cao lau” (noodle with pork and local greens)

► Visit Cau Temple

► Wander around the nostalgic streets

► Explore Cu Lao Cham island

► Put out the lantern into Thu Bon river


Danang city by night

Danang city by night

Danang is not only the city having the fastest speed of development but also the most livable one in Vietnam and the cultural, educational center in Central Vietnam. The important highlight of Danang is the long coastline with the gorgeous beaches, which are precious gifts Nature offer this land. These pretty beaches have soft white sand, gentle slope, calm waves, and crystal blue water, which suits perfectly for leisure activities.

Must-have experiences:

► Swim in the Non Nuoc or My Khe beach

► Sunbathe, snorkel, jet-sky, and surf

► Climb to Marble mountains and Son Tra mountain

► Visit Dragon Bridge

► Explore Hai Van pass

► Discover Cham museum


Truong Tien Bridge

Truong Tien Bridge

The ancient imperial city Hue, which is located in the bank of poetic Perfume River has also been listed as one of the World Heritage sites by UNESCO. This used to be the capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen dynasty. If you are a history buff, you can’t miss Hue where the constructions representing the power of the existed Vietnamese feudal empire are available like the living witnesses.

With the picturesque sceneries and the tranquil idyllic atmosphere, Hue has become the endless inspiration for artists for a long time. Setting foot on the ancient imperial city, you must try the local cuisine which is a form of art with its lightness, elegance, and nobility.

Must-have experiences:

► Discover Hue Citadel

► Visit Emperor Tombs

► Visit Thien Mu pagoda

► Sightsee Trang Tien river

► Visit Vi Da hamlet

Quang Binh – the kingdom of the caves

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park which was declared a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO is located in Quang Binh province. The national park which consists of plenty of caves and grottos is the home to the giant karsts and owns the diverse floral carpet with the immense greenish forest. The most spectacular caves are Phong Nha, Thien Duong (Heaven) cave, and Toi (Dark) cave where you can contemplate the various blocks of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Sailing on Chay river, you can enjoy the stunning landscapes on both sides and the peaceful atmosphere.

Being the most massive cave in the world, Son Doong cave is truly the magnificent work of Mother Nature. The trip to Son Doong cave is quite adventurous, which is not for those being faint-hearted. However, in return, travelers can sightsee the wonderful limestone such as stalagmites and stalactites. This sparkling scenery will touch your heart and always linger in your mind.

In this superb underground world, the collapses caused by erosion leaves the openings where the sunrays pour down, creating the enchanting light show. At clear night, you can catch stars glistening in this position. At the end of the cave, there are spherical "cave pearls" that can make you believe in the miracle of nature. Other interesting destinations are Nhat Le beach, U Bo mountain, Bai Da Nhay, etc.

A corner of Son Doong cave (

A corner of Son Doong cave (

Nha Trang – the precious pearl of Vietnam

In Vietnam, when you think of the sea, the first things coming to your mind are Halong Bay and Nha Trang. Being the six-kilometer pretty palm-lined coastline with the soft white sand dunes and the blue crystal water, Nha Trang is a great example of the fantastic marine life. For those who are the sea lovers, spending in lovely Nha Trang beaches under the delightful golden sunrays may be the most marvelous thing they have ever experienced. Tran Phu beach is the most popular one however you should reach the beaches near Hon Chong Promontory to have more authentic experiences.

Nha Trang beach

Nha Trang beach

Nha Trang beach is an ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling and the gift you will be given is the chance to contemplate the glorious coral reefs. Moreover, it seems not to be convincing if you arrive in Nha Trang without taking the mud baths. Let’s take a rest by soaking your body in the natural mud pool and let its powerful effect soothe your skin. There are also heated mineral pools and the hot springs that are waiting for you. Besides, Nha Trang is a hub for sightseeing from Long Son Pagoda, Ponagar Cham tower, Ba Ho fall to Bao Dai villa, and Thanh Citadel.

Central Vietnam holds an important position in Vietnam tourist map with the superb beaches, the glorious caves, and the meaningful historical site. Now you know what to do in Central Vietnam. Let’s explore this pretty land and have an unforgettable trip!

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