The best souvenirs of the trip to Hanoi

The best souvenirs of the trip to Hanoi

Being the thousand-year capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is the perfect harmony between the tradition and the modernity attracting the visitors by the exceptionally charming beauty. There are various exciting activities as well as the impressive tourist destinations in Hanoi. The original local culture is reflected through several famous traditional goods. Here are the best souvenirs for the trip to Hanoi, which are worth considering for your mementos. Do not forget to take Vietnam tours packages to get more information about how to travel around Vietnam.

Green rice

It seems to be unconvincing to arrive at Hanoi without trying green rice. Green rice is the special dish reflecting the culinary quintessence of this long-history land. Because green rice, as well as products made of it, is the dry food, you can easily carry along with you to the airplane. Actually, green rice is immature rice kernels. These kernels are roasted over low heat, then put into a mortar and are pounded by pestle until they become flattened. Green rice has a slight natural sweetness as well as the great aroma of immature rice. Green rice is frequently wrapped in a lotus leaf to keep the original flavor as well as to absorb the fragrance of the leaf. Being the seasonal food attaching to autumn, green rice can be eaten instantly, served with bananas or used to make several dishes. The green rice cake is served as the traditional pastry while the savory green rice cake (cha com) is served as the savory dish in the meal. Green rice is mixed with ground pork. Then, this mixture is divided into small pieces and dried thoroughly.

The best souvenirs of the trip to Hanoi

Dry apricot

Having all of the sourness, spiciness, sweetness, and saltiness, the dry apricot which is an addictive snack is favored by the gourmet customers. There is a wide range of dry apricot for your choice with the affordable price. Various fruits are used to make the dry apricot however the most outstanding dry apricot may be the dry apricot of dracontomelon that is the specific fruit of Northern Vietnam. The sweet-sour crunchy dracontomelon gets on really well with the slight spiciness of ginger, which will certainly wake up the taste of the eaters as well as satisfy the strictest guests. Bite a dry apricot of dracontomelon and immediately the exquisite flavor will spread out in your mouth. The reputable address to buy the dry apricot is on Hang Duong street. Why don’t you get there, try varied types of dry apricot, choose the most preferable type and buy some packs for yourself as well as your family and friends in your hometown? They will definitely be pleased.

Lotus tea

While autumn is the season of green rice, the summer is the appropriate time to enjoy the elegant beauty of lotus ponds in Tay Ho. The harshly hot June is the time when lotus is in full bloom and the locals start to have the delicate cups of lotus tea in order to reduce the blazing heat of the summer. Lotus tea has pure natural sweetness and special taste. The traditional method of making lotus tea is quite complicated with the secret recipe that is passed down from generation to generation. All the steps are made by hand. The tea is put into the empty space between the lotus bud and petals. The aroma of lotus spreads out from the bud and absorbs the tea. When the petals begin to fall out, the tea is ready to serve. No matter where you are, just by taking a sip of lotus tea, the image of Hanoi will come alive in your mind.  

The best souvenirs of the trip to Hanoi

Ground glutinous rice cake (Che lam)

Being described as the dish warming up human’s heart, che lam is made of the simple ingredients associating to agricultural life such as glutinous rice flour, salt, sugar, peanut, and little ginger. The fragrance of rice mixes with the spiciness of ginger, the creaminess of roasted peanut, creating an exquisite flavor. The outstanding thing about che lam is the attractive slight spiciness of ginger that will leave a strong impression on your mouth. Che lam is suitable to be served with a cup of hot green tea. It’s no surprise that many visitors buy a box of che lam as a valuable gift for their family and relatives.

Dien pomelo

Dien pomelo is always listed on Hanoi tourist handbook that the travelers can’t miss or refuse to buy as a gift for relatives in special occasions. “Dien” is the abbreviation of Phu Dien that is the name of the village being extremely renowned for growing pomelo in Bac Tu Liem district, Hanoi. In the ancient time, Dien pomelo which used to be the precious fruit was offered to the emperor. The attraction of Dien pomelo originates from the thin yellow zest and the pure natural sweetness. Despite not being large-sized, Dien pomelo has segments that are incredibly juicy and delicately sweet. Dien pomelo is not planted easily so the volume is considerably limited. The best way is to reach Phu Dien village and buy the pomelo directly in the garden to ensure the most authentic flavor.  

The best souvenirs of the trip to Hanoi

These above stunning souvenirs won’t surely regret you. Green rice, the dry apricot, the ground glutinous rice cake, lotus tea, and Dien pomelo are all the specific products reflecting the varied cultural life of Hanoi people. Why don’t you get some souvenirs to save the beautiful memories of Hanoi even when you are far away from this pretty land? Why don’t you stand up and take Asia tours right now? Asia is waiting for you. Share the post if you find it helpful.