The Best Time To Travel To The North Of Vietnam

The Best Time To Travel To The North Of Vietnam

The weather plays an important role in making up a successful trip because it not only affects what to do and see in the attraction but also affects your mood during your trip. As catching up with your mind, we recommend you the knowledge of the weather of northern Vietnam.

When is the best time to visit northern Vietnam

The Best Time To Travel To The North Of Vietnam

The best time to visit northern Vietnam is depended on many factors such as weather and the cycle for planting and harvesting rice. For example, the factor of weather will determine how comfortable your trip will be. If you travel in the hottest days of the year or the coldest day of the year, your body will definitely feel uncomfortable and even the landscape in the attraction is also not beautiful as what you think. Besides that, the cycle for planting and harvesting also determines how the landscape will look like when you arrive. It is better to travel before or during the harvest season because if you arrive just after the harvest, you will be so disappointed about the empty and rugged landscape. The best time to visit northern Vietnam is the beginning of the year when rice is still growing in the terraces.

The seasons of northern Vietnam


Spring comes to the north of Vietnam in March and ends in May. The weather of northern Vietnam in spring is very pleasant. The temperature is quite cool and sunny. However, this is a transition period, sometimes it pours the light drizzle in March and heavy rains in May.

Spring is a season of preparation in terraces of northern Vietnam. This is when terraces are cleared, repaired, and prepared for planting.

This is a popular season for trekking. However, it’s not ideal for admiring the terraces, since they have not yet been planted.


Summer in northern Vietnam is from June to September, this is the lush and green season in northern Vietnam because the rains fill the terraces with water. Usually, this will occur over several weeks or more in June. However, the early arrival of the summer rains may allow planting to start in May.

Summer is such an amazing time of year to visit the north of Vietnam. Yet, the hot and wet weather of summer is not suitable for trekking. The summer is considered the rainy season in this region where sometimes the flood can happen and damage to infrastructure and crop. However, don't worry too much about that, because the summer is always a beautiful time to travel to the north of Vietnam. This is the most gorgeous time to see the rice terraces when it turns golden in June.


The Best Time To Travel To The North Of Vietnam

Autumn in the north of Vietnam just happens in a short time within 2 months from September to October, but it is probably the most ideal time to visit northern Vietnam. The weather at this time is generally comfortable although there still may be a lot of rain till October, it is worth to take a risk to visit this region to admire the gorgeous views of the golden rice fields.

Autumn is also the rice harvest season and it usually occurs in October. It is the time the farmers go out the fields to harvest the crops, so you can have the chances to have the best photos of the working people. Although tiredness and sweat, they always smile so bright as a way to greet you. The harvest season can come earlier or later depending on the lunar calendar. So, let's check the time carefully to have a chance to witness the beautiful rice terraces in the mountainous region of northern Vietnam.


Winter is from November to March of the next year. The weather of winter is quite dry and cool in northern Vietnam. It’s cool enough that trekking isn’t advised during this season.

It is a good season for viewing the beautiful peach flower forests which bloom early to welcome Tet vacation.

Tips for you to travel in the seasons

  • If you travel with your family, October is the best time to travel because it will provide you the best balance of weather and a chance to see the romantic views of rice terraces and forests turning gold.

The Best Time To Travel To The North Of Vietnam

  • If you make a plan for a trek or simply want to explore culture and history, the spring is the best time to travel to the north of Vietnam because it is deemed to be the festival season where a hundred festivals are held in the entire region

  • If you want to see the terraces at their finest, the best time to visit  Vietnam is between August and early October, when the rice is still in the fields. Because it is in the mountains, the temperatures will be bearable, but there will be rain in the forecast and you might encounter road closures or other weather-related challenges.

Via Vietnam tour, you will have the most memorable time since choosing the right time to travel to northern Vietnam. Besides that, you will have useful knowledge of weather in other regions in Vietnam when becoming our friends in Vietnam trip. If you need further information, feel free to contact us. Thank you!