Thien Cam beach - the most well-known beach in Ha Tinh

Thien Cam beach - the most well-known beach in Ha Tinh

Being considered as the most beautiful beach in Ha Tinh, located between Thien Cam mountain and Dau Voi Mountain, Thien Cam Beach is really an ideal destination for those who hate the noise and want to immerse in the wild nature.

Where is Thien Cam beach situated?

Thien Cam beach is located in Cam Xuyen district, Ha Tinh province about 20km from the city center. The highlight of this beach is full of tourist services but still retains the pristine beauty. Thien Cam beach is a wild nature area. Here, there are only the waves echoing into the cave which makes the stone bells become multi-melody sound as the ancient music of heaven.

Thien Cam Mountain means "the musical instrument of the sky". According to the legend in the period of building the country, there is a Hung King passing through here. Witnessed the vast sea, forest wind blended into the expressive sound of wind from the caves in the mountains like a symphony of nature, the Hung King named this area Thien Cam Mountain.

Sunrise on Thien Cam Beach

Sunrise on Thien Cam Beach

What to do in Thien Cam, Ha Tinh?

Swimming on the Thien Cam beach

Coming to Thien Cam, the first thing you have to enjoy is swimming on the Thien Cam beach. Thien Cam has 3 beaches, the most beautiful beach is the main beach about 3km long. The other two beaches are about 10km long. With the green sea water like the color of jade and fanciful white sand, Thien Cam beach brings the intact, wild, rustic and simple beauty - a rare beauty in most other beaches in the whole territory of Vietnam.

Visiting attractive locations

En Island, Boc Island: You can ask the hotel reception or restaurant owners to rent a boat to travel in the morning or afternoon. The rental price is about 500,000 - 600,000 VND/a group.

Cam Son Pagoda: This pagoda is about 100m from the Ministry of Public Security.

The pebbly beach at the end of Thien Cam beach: There are many fun activities taken place in here, especially in the evening. Tourists can go with friends or family to enjoy the happy time together as well as admire the night sea and the bustling atmosphere here.

Swimming in Thien Cam beach

Swimming in Thien Cam beach

Other interesting activities

Night squid fishing: This activity attracts a lot of tourists in recent years, especially young people who love exploring and experiencing. The price of night squid fishing is  1 million VND/a group.

Double bike ride: The rental of the double bike is from 30,000 - 40,000 VND/ an hour.

Seat a beach chair with umbrella in the sea: The price is 25,000 VND/a chair. Nothing is better than seating in the beach chair to evening to get some fresh air and the sea breeze.

Karaoke in the outdoor when enjoying drinks, smoothies or simply a cup of coffee: Because the people here are very friendly, so they often gather to drink, talking and listening to the songs. When visiting Thien Cam, you should try all of these activities to have the most memorable trip on this beautiful beach.

Where to stay in Thien Cam?

The popular hotels in Thien Cam beach arranged from the best one to the normal one (good hotel, nice view) are Cong Doan - Thien Y - Ministry of Public Security - Tre Nguon - Song La - Thanh Lich and Sao Mai.

You should book in advance by phone and transfer money through the account at least 1 week if you travel on the weekends and 3 days in week to ensure available rooms. In general, the quality of the hotels here is quite good.

Cong Doan Hotel: This is the most beautiful hotel on the beach, and the quality and service here is the best for new rooms and modern furnishings. The price is about 900,000 VNd/a night. The contact number is 0239 3862 226.

Thien Y Hotel: This is one of the good hotels with a nice view, quality service, and professional service style.

The Ministry of Public Security Hotel: The price of the night is 770,000 VND. This hotel is very nice, large and has security for children. There is also the leisure center for children, coffee shop, tennis courts, table tennis, etc. The contact number is 02393862275.

Sao Mai Hotel: The most expensive room is about 890,000 VND/a night. The hotel is a bit far from the sea with a freshwater swimming pool. The contact number is 0239 3757162.

Some special dishes in Thien Cam beach that you cannot miss


Delicious squid

Delicious squid you must try

What makes this food special is that the squids here are exposed to the sun just one time. However, they still remain the fresh, delicious and crunchy taste of meat. Visitors can enjoy many attractive dishes made of the squids here.

Grouper porridge

This fish is quite expensive but delicious. This porridge has a strange and attractive taste. Certainly, you cannot enjoy its taste somewhere else. One porridge cooker for 7 people is about 350,000 VND.

Eel dishes

If you travel to the Central region of Nghe An - Ha Tinh in tours to Vietnam, you cannot miss the eel dishes here. With the secret of making eel here, it certainly will not make customers disappointed. You can enjoy the eel dish when returning to Vinh, near Vinh station.

We hope that this information will be useful for your Thien Cam travel. If you want to know more about Thien Cam beach and Vietnam travel tours, via our website. Have a nice trip!