Top 10 Restaurants in Halong

Top 10 Restaurants in Halong

Halong bay which is well-known for the emerald water and the spectacular limestone islands is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. In Halong city, there are several pristine restaurants with attractive seafood dishes. Here is our suggestion of 10 best restaurants in Halong city you may want to know.

Cua Vang restaurant

Address: 32 Phan Chu Trinh street, Halong city

With 3 storeys, being spacious and designed opulently, Cua Vang restaurant is considered to be the most luxurious one in Halong. Cua Vang is the ideal location to organize the events and conference. The restaurant specializes in the seafood such as crab, prawn, scallop, clam, and herring. However, the most outstanding dishes are crab hotpot and braised crab with bamboo shoot, which are nearly found outside Cua Vang restaurant. Let’s visit Cua Vang and wake up your taste with these attractive dishes.

Linh Dan restaurant

Address: 104 Bai Chay street, Halong city

With the modern and luxurious architecture, Linh Dan restaurant which has a varied menu including Asian, Western foods and Vietnamese specialty dishes is able to serve 200 customers at the same time. In Linh Dan, all the cooks are skillful and have experienced in working in the kitchen for years. The servers are also smart, friendly and enthusiastic. Coming to Linh Dan restaurant, you will be pleased with the delicious dishes and the excellent service.

Vietnam restaurant

Seafood at Vietnam restaurant

Seafood at Vietnam restaurant

Address: Dong Hung Thang section, Halong city

Located near Bai Chay beach, Vietnam restaurant is expert in serving the dishes with the fresh various types of seafood. The dishes of this restaurant are evaluated to not only be plentiful, flavorful and freshly cooked but also be decorated beautifully.

The service is quick and the staffs are attentive and friendly. Some of them can communicate in simple English. The remarkable thing about Vietnam restaurant is that there are live traditional musical performances if the customers require. Why don’t you visit Vietnam restaurant, have excellent foods and enjoy the amazing performances at the same time?

1958 restaurant

Address: Tuan Chau island, Halong city

At 1958, the customers can pick up the alive seafood directly in the pool and then, the staff will bring to the kitchen and let the cook complete the dish. 1958 has a cozy space that is impressive by the guests. The dishes in the restaurant are evaluated to be specific, fresh and tasty while the price is considered reasonable. The staffs are enthusiastic and considerate. All these things make 1958 restaurant become one of the most remarkable addresses in Halong culinary map.

Vinh Cat restaurant

Tasty cuisine at Vinh Cat restaurant

Tasty cuisine at Vinh Cat restaurant

Address: Tuan Chau island, Halong city

Vinh Cat restaurant is situated in front of the beach so when having a meal here, the customers can get the panoramic view toward the ocean with the straight lines of coconut and the white sand dune. Is there anything better than to enjoy the food in a poetic space like this? Vinh Cat is famous for the tasty fresh seafood and the authentic Western dishes. Especially, many guests are impressed with the pizza baked by wood and has the Italian original taste. Vinh Cat is worth visiting, right?

Hong Hanh restaurant

Address: 50 Halong street, Halong city

Hong Hanh restaurant is near Sunworld Halong complex. From the restaurant, you can see the ocean as well as the Queen cable cars. The restaurant is designed luxuriously with a wide space. The food is assessed to be delicious and flavorful while the staffs are thoughtful and enthusiastic. The service is also fast. However, the price is considerably high. The store is extremely crowded on the weekend so it’s advisable for you to book the seat 2-3 hours before coming.

Hoang Quan restaurant

Hoang Quan restaurant Halong

Hoang Quan restaurant Halong

Address: Group 9, Area 6, Gieng Day ward, Halong city

In Hoang Quan, with the extensive menu, there is a wide range of dishes for your choice, from the specialties of the plain area to the fresh seafood. Moreover, in Hoang Quan, there are fusion dishes which are combined with Vietnamese cuisine quintessence are worth trying. The staffs are attentive; especially the owner is extremely friendly and willing to consult the customer enthusiastically.

Ngoc Luc Bao restaurant

Address: 2 Halong street, Halong city

The dishes in Ngoc Luc Bao are not only superb but also well-presented. Having the opulent architecture, Ngoc Luc Bao has a nice location that offers the guest a spectacular view over Halong city. At night, sitting in the top floor of Ngoc Luc Bao, you can have the meal, sightsee Bai Chay bridge that spreads out the colorful light and enjoy the fresh cool air of the coastal city at the same time. It is such a glorious experience, right?

Kim Quy restaurant

Heaven of sea snails at Kim Quy Halong

Heaven of sea snails at Kim Quy Halong

Address: 278 Halong street, Halong city

Kim Quy restaurant serves the various dishes from the breakfast dishes to porridge, seafood hotpot. Especially, the restaurant has the plenty of snail dishes so if you like eating the snail, you can’t miss Kim Quy restaurant. The unique flavorful dishes of Kim Quy which impress the guest greatly are seafood porridge, stirred snail and the Ceylon spinach soup. You will be surprised at the perfect combination of the totally different ingredients.

Hoa San Ho restaurant

Address: 9 Tran Quang Dieu street, Halong city

With the varied menu, Hoa San Ho serves both the normal dishes and the specialty ones of every region. The exceptional thing of Hoa San Ho is that all the ingredients are chosen carefully to bring the most excellent dishes to the customer. Various types of seafood such as lobster, crab, sea cucumber, abalone, etc as well as kinds of meat such as porcupine, wild goose, stag, etc are all found here.

These above Halong restaurants are the 10 best restaurants in Halong. The cuisine is supposed to be one of 5 reasons to visit Halong city. Let’s visit these stores, satisfy your taste with the best food in Halong and the exquisite flavors will surely linger long in your mouth.  

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