Top 8 best places to take picturesque photos in Binh Ba island

Top 8 best places to take picturesque photos in Binh Ba island

Binh Ba travel is gradually more popular with the youth among islands in Vietnam and the beautiful Binh Ba shooting locations are also paid attention to a lot of people. Therefore today, Asia Package Travel will give you some of the most highlights of this beautiful island.

Turtle Island

If you are looking for a place to take the stunning photos in Binh Ba, you should not miss Turtle Island. If you admire the island from above, you will see the island like a giant turtle stretching out to the sea. Because the terrain around Turtle Island is quite complex, you cannot go down to the place to visit. However, standing on the high overlooking Turtle Island is also a very interesting experience for you. When coming here, you will definitely have your own unique photos because the natural landscape here is really beautiful.

Top 8 best places to take picturesque photos in Binh Ba island

Turtle Island In Binh Ba

Binh Ba floating village

In the journey of coming back from Turtle Island, there is a stretch of road that you can see Binh Ba floating village. This is a very impressive photographic location. If you depart from the town, you can ask the local people the way to see the village. Watching the scenery of the village from above will give you a sense of peace that no words can describe. Moreover, when visiting here, you will definitely get your own unique images.

Top 8 best places to take picturesque photos in Binh Ba island

The impressive Binh Ba floating village

The bungalow overlooking the sea in Nom beach

Situated in a location near the beach, this resort is always a popular destination for many travelers. In order not to break the wild beauty of the place, the rooms of the bungalow are designed in a simple, sophisticated and extremely unique style. The construction materials used here are mainly from wood and bamboo which makes a harmonious combination between nature and people. The rooms are overlooking the sea. Therefore, you can watch the beautiful sea or the breathtaking sunset and sunrise, which is also very interesting.

The poetic reed grass hill

Not only having the stunning sea, Binh Ba island also owns a lot of beautiful scenes with the distinct beauty. If you come to Binh Ba around March, you will go through a very poetic reed grass hill on the road leading to Turtle Island. Anyone who comes here must be amazed at the immense reed grass hill. The reed flowers blowing in the wind that you can only see in the film are appearing in front of your eyes. Moreover, this hill is the ideal place where you can get the spectacular sunrise and sunset and capture the amazing photos.

Top 8 best places to take picturesque photos in Binh Ba island

The poetic reed grass hill in Binh Ba is the ideal place to take the attractive photos

Old House Beach

Old House Beach is one of the most pristine beaches on the island with the clear blue water. Perhaps because of that, this place always attracts many tourists to visit and play. However, Old House Beach is quite rocky so bathing is almost impossible. In return, this area is home to many coral reefs with all shapes and eye-catching colors. The sea is not deep and the water is so clear that you can easily see the coral from the boat. This will definitely be an enjoyable experience for you when you come to Binh Ba to shoot the impressive photos.

Top 8 best places to take picturesque photos in Binh Ba island

Old House Beach - the beautiful location to play and have nice images

Sa Huynh Beach

One of the beautiful spots to photograph in Binh Ba that you cannot ignore is Sa Huynh beach. This beach is not in Binh Ba, but it only takes a few minutes boat or canoe to be able to reach this destination that you can easily visit to admire the beauty of this place. When visiting Sa Huynh Beach, you will feel the stunning beauty of the blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine. Everything is very wild and romantic which make anyone satisfied.

Chuong Beach

Chuong beach is not as blue as Old House beach and romantic as Sa Huynh beach. However, this beach is always the favorite destination of tourists. This place always brings the peaceful beauty and the harmony with nature and you can also understand the daily life of people when coming here. At every dawn on the beach, you will see the boats which are full of fish and shrimps, people are busy to prepare for their early market. Everything here is very hustle but very peaceful.

Top 8 best places to take picturesque photos in Binh Ba island

Chuong beach - the place to see sight and capture photos

Old Cua Lon Observation Station- Cam Ranh Bay

A beautiful site in Binh Ba to capture the amazing images which is loved by many young people is the old Cua Lon Observation Station. Although the ruins are no longer as intact as before, the pictures taken by tourists are extremely unique and wonderful. The location is also quite close to Old House Beach so it is very convenient for sightseeing and taking pictures. Even many people choose to swim from here to the beach. However, Old House beach is rocky, you should take a boat to reach this destination.

Top 8 best places to take picturesque photos in Binh Ba island

Young people often visit Old Cua Lon Observation Station to shoot the unique photos

Binh Ba Island is home to many beautiful landscapes for tourists to visit, especially for photographers. We hope that this sharing will help you to have more charming Binh Ba shooting locations and interesting experience in Binh Ba. Share this article if it is useful for you. Have a nice trip!