Top 8 best things you should try when visiting Hanoi

Top 8 best things you should try when visiting Hanoi


Hanoi is not only the magnificent capital of Vietnam with 36 ancient streets but also a famous tourist destination which attracts a large number of foreign visitors. Here are the 8  best things to do in Hanoi for you when visiting the thousand-year-old city.

Go to the market early

What to do in Hanoi Vietnam? Quang Ba flower market and Long Bien market in Hanoi are two sites that visitors should come once. The main products here are flowers and food. The two markets are often open overnight. Not only having the sellers and buyers, Quang Ba and Long Bien markets are crowded with a lot of visitors who want to find for themselves a different perspective on the special culture in the life of Hanoi people. Going to these two Hanoi markets early, you will see a noisy and busy atmosphere of Hanoi when the night falls.


Quang Ba flower market is busy at night

Walk around Sword Lake in the early morning

According to a well-known photographer, Sword Lake in the early morning is the best thing to visit. You not only admire the gentle and stunning beauty of nature but also see the habit of Hanoi people which is to exercise regardless of winter or summer. Tourists can walk along the lake to enjoy the cool fresh air, rest on a bench to observe and even join with the crowd of doing Tai Chi or aerobic.


Sword lake in the early morning

Eat in a street food stall

What to do in Hanoi Vietnam? Hanoi is famous for its street food vendors and stalls. Everyone coming to the capital is surprised by the variety of food offered here, from beef noodle soup to fried fermented pork, string cheese, sugar-cane juice, and even the famous dishes which have made the soul of Hanoi such as Thanh Tri stuffed pancake, noodles with grilled meat. Visiting Hanoi at any time of the year, visitors can choose for themselves the tasty food. You should find the seasonal food to feel the full taste of Hanoi cuisine on the food stalls.


Hanoi is well-known for the street food vendors

Explore Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is always the most attractive place in the capital. In spite of the chessboard design that the streets are parallel to each other, not everyone can find the way out of the "labyrinth". Strolling around the busy streets or visiting souvenir shops hidden in the alley will be an enjoyable experience for any visitor who comes here. If you are tired, look for a cafe shop located on the balcony of an ancient house to watch the bustling life below with a cup of coffee in Hanoi.

Travel around Hanoi Old Quarter by pedicab

Watch the sunset in West Lake

Not far from the city center, this is the largest lake in Hanoi. You can rent a water bike or take a boat trip around this place. The best time to visit West Lake is at sunset to admire the stunning scenery when the sun goes down. Next to the West Lake is the ancient village of Nghi Tam, where it still retains the aquariums - a pleasure of the old Hanoi people. Nghi Tam is also known as the flower village. Every spring, the village will be filled with colorful flowers. Nearby West Lake, there are also Ngu Xa village and Yen Phu village. All are the destinations that you should visit when traveling to Hanoi.


The picturesque sunset in West Lake

Go on foot on Long Bien Bridge

Not only crossing the Red River, Long Bien Bridge is a historical witness of Hanoi which attracts many tourists to visit when coming to the capital. This bridge was built in 1898 with 3 lanes, in which the middle lane is for the train crossing. With the ancient and impressive appearance by architecture, Long Bien Bridge has appeared in many works of some foreign artists as well as some projects of young Vietnamese. Going to Hanoi, you should take a walk on the bridge in the early morning or late afternoon. That will be a fun and memorable experience.

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge

Attend the ceremony of lowering the flag at Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum

If you cannot get up early to witness the raising flag ceremony, you should attend the lowering flag ceremony at Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum at 9 pm daily. This is a sacred ritual that many domestic and foreign visitors wait. Activities at Ba Dinh Square are stopped when the loudspeaker begins announcing the preparations for the lowering flag ceremony. The national flag will be lowered by an army of 34 soldiers stepping from the right side of the mausoleum in the vigorous music. Many tourists visiting Hanoi have been surprised when witnessing many Hanoi people standing solemnly to watch the flag lowering slowly.


The lowering flag ceremony at Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum

Take a walk in Hanoi at night

What to do in Hanoi Vietnam?  In the daytime, Hanoi is a vibrant and busy city. However, Hanoi scenery at night is a quite different picture. The colorful streets of the souvenir shops in the daytime are replaced by the silence, the hustle and bustle of the city center also make way for the rare quietness. Tourists can follow the streets, go along the places that were previously busy to enjoy another space in Hanoi.


Hanoi is cover by the dark and silent at night

There are also many places to visit in Hanoi and the interesting things to do in Hanoi which are waiting for you to discover. To know more information about tours to Vietnam, via our website. Share this article if it is useful for you. Have a wonderful trip!

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