Top Highest Mountain Tops To Conquer In Northern Vietnam

Top Highest Mountain Tops To Conquer In Northern Vietnam

Although most of the foreign tourists know Vietnam as a country of the beautiful sandy beaches and sacred temples, in fact, the mountains and hills that take up a third of the country land. So, there is no surprised that trekking becomes a popular sport here which not only improves your physical health but also gives you the chance to witness the natural beauty of the country. Today, we are pleased to give you top mountain tops in northern Vietnam to go trekking. Please read it till the end!

Mount Fansipan

Top Highest Mountain Tops To Conquer In Northern Vietnam

The first name we have to name in the list of the highest mountains in Vietnam is definitely Mount Fansipan. This gigantic beauty is a part of Hoang Lien Son range located in the north of Vietnam which is the natural border of the northeast and northwest of the country.

Lied at an impressive altitude of 3,143 meters above the sea level, Fansipan is also called as "Hua Si Pan" meaning Huge Rock according to the local people. This is the highest peak in Indochina peninsula and considered as the rooftop of this peninsula. This is the most ideal destination to have a trekking trip to conquer the majestic beauty of this top.

Unfortunately, recently there is a cable car route that can take you to the top of the mountain in 20 minutes. As you can imagine, the number of people going up the area ruins the nature of this top. But it is better to conquer this highest top of Vietnam by foot when you reach to the top, you will be amazed at the remarkable nature of the majestic mountainous region, as you walk upwards on the ever-steepening trail (that is potentially muddy from the rain).

In order to come to Fansipan, you have to catch a train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, then take a bus to Sapa town.

Pu Ta Leng Mountain

For those who love to conquer the height and discover the strange destinations that aren’t on the tourist radar, Pu Ta Leng is such a mountain you are looking for. Pu Ta Leng is one of the highest and most dangerous mountains in the northwest region of Vietnam, it is located in the Lai Chau province near to the border with Laos. You are just able to conquer this mountain with the support of a local navigator because of its rough terrain.

The trail to the top of the mountain is like a maze, with flat easy trekking part at the beginning but soon, the trail becomes more difficult when you have to go through the big rocks along the streams, the rocks here are very big, it is like the obstacles through a dense forest that make you exhausting. Although it might sound quite mad, more and more people coming here to challenge their power, and they call this trail as the “Fair Route" because there are many majestic poetic scenes along the way that recover your tiredness.

Tay Con Linh

Top Highest Mountain Tops To Conquer In Northern Vietnam

This name contributes to making a list of the top best mountains in Vietnam that you have to conquer once in life. It is located in the north pole of Vietnam, Ha Giang province which is one of the most secluded destinations in Vietnam. However, it possesses an absolutely stunning scene of rolling green mountains, with winding roads and some of the most breathtaking mountain views.

Having a trekking tour in Ha Giang is an experience of the culture and landscape and the best times to conquer Tay Con Linh is during the spring when the forests change a new coat and the weather is warmer. In order to have a successful tour to climb up Tay Con Linh mountain, you have to have good health and spirit. Besides that, a local navigator is a must-have thing to conquer this destination.

Bach Moc Luong Tu Mountain

Another climbing spot in northern Vietnam that is not for the faint-hearted people is Bach Moc Luong Tu. In the beginning, many trekkers are deceivingly easy that the trail is smooth and easy to climb because the first part of the trail includes a pleasant stroll along the mountainside through the romantic bamboo and fruit forests. Then the hike becomes more challenging, where paths become steeper until you reach the 2,100m camping point.

Staying overnight and retaking the energy in the camping point before going on the journey in the next day, it is supposed to be a hard day for all trekkers when you have to get through a range of the rock slopes and slipped forest trail.

Gaining to the top of the mountain, you will know why this mountain is the most well-known of young adventurers in Vietnam where you can see the sea of clouds. Feasting your eyes by the stunning landscapes and panoramic views, all the effort is suddenly worthy. Bach Moc Luong Tu deserves to list in one of the best mountains in Vietnam, where you should challenge once in life.

Top Highest Mountain Tops To Conquer In Northern Vietnam

This is the epic list of mountains in Vietnam that you can consider having a trekking tour via Vietnam tours. If you are young and hungry, let’s pick one of it to challenge yourself to have the best memory that saves your youth forever. If you feel this post interesting, like and share with others. Thank you!