Traveling to Cam Ranh, don’t miss out these 7 interesting spots

Traveling to Cam Ranh, don’t miss out these 7 interesting spots

Cam Ranh tourism is also very new and it contains several interesting things to explore. Coming to Cam Ranh cityKhanh Hoa, you can immerse yourself in the natural space with romantic scenery that is less affected by human.

Long beach

Although only about 20 kilometers from the center of Nha Trang, about 12 kilometers from the airport, Long beach has a pure natural environment. On this beach, there are only the blue sea and white sand. Along the coast are the high white sand hills that not everywhere has.

Despite the name Long beach, the beach is only about 1 kilometer from the foot of the mountain to the next strait. However, the beach here is extremely smooth, clean and especially it has not much impact of human hands. When the sea is calm, the tides withdraw far, revealing a vast sand area. The sea is quite shallow, so it is very safe for visitors to swim, even for those who don’t know swimming. The experience here is different from it in Nha Trang beach because tourists will not be affected by the noise of the motor on the street, the water motorcycles, and other tourists on the beach, etc.



The largest floating beach park in Vietnam

Sealife has a total water surface of 5,000 square meters in Cam Hai Dong communeCam Lam districtKhanh Hoa province. It is located in a beautiful beach with fine sand and clear blue sea at Long beach. Coming to this amusement park, travelers will be surprised by the largest floating beach park in Vietnam, up to 2000 square meters with many new experiences.

In here, tourists will enjoy the water sport services such as paragliding, water motorcycle, and surfing, etc. Alternatively, they can go snorkelling to see the coral, go banana float on the sea, or see the fish by boat, etc.

Binh Lap peninsula


The poetic beauty in Binh Lap

Located in the sea of Tu BinhCam RanhBinh Lap is less known by tourists because the peninsula is almost separated from the outside. Binh Lap travel does not cost too much but gives tourists the almost untouched experience of blue sea and white sand stretching to endless. In Binh Lap, visitors can explore Binh Chau beach for easy access and many restaurants. Bai Ngang is also popular to travelers. In addition, tourists can rent a boat to Con beach and other pristine beaches around Binh Lap.

Binh Ba island


Turtle island in Binh Ba

Binh Ba island is famous for its name "Lobster island" and the richness of the island which is still small and quite wild. In addition, Binh Ba is gradually developing into tourist attractions. The 3 famous beaches in Binh Ba are Bai ChayBai Nom, and Old House. Each site has its own characteristics for tourists to explore depending on their interests. If Bai Chay is a beautiful spot for sunrise, camping and enjoying the sunset in Bai Nom are also a good choice. Old House beach is loved because the water is quite deep and the scenery around is really romantic. Old House beach is also well known for scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing.

Tu Van Sea Snail pagoda

Tu Van is a temple built in 1968 on 3rd of April streetCam Ranh. Due to being built mainly from conches and coral, the temple is also known as the pagoda of Sea Snail or Coral pagoda. Thanks to the unique architecture, the pagoda has become an attraction to visitors. The most impressive is the Bao Tich tower of 39 meters - the highest tower in Vietnam. There are hundreds of large and small Buddha statues arranged in this tower.


Decoration of conches inside the pagoda

In addition to the tower, the journey down to "18 floors of hell" is a very interesting experience at the Tu Van pagoda. The "hell" road is only about 500 meters long, but it is still very beautifully constructed from coral stones and conches, covered by the eye-catching dragon patterns.

Hon Ba nature reserve


A view to the sea from Hon Ba mountain road

Hon Ba is a mountain located between Khanh Phu communeKhanh Vinh district and Suoi Cat commune, Cam Lam district, about 60 kilometers southwest of Nha TrangHon Ba is 1,578 meters above sea level, so the temperature here ranges from 10-20 degrees Celsius and clouds cover it all year round. The road from the foot to the top of the mountain is winding and it is said to go through primary forest, however, now there are only few old trees left. Near to the top, one side of the mountain is blue sky, the other side are the white clouds and mist.

Binh Hung island


Pristine nature of greenery and rocks in Binh Hung island

Binh Hung island is located in the deep-water Cam Ranh bay. Tourists can see this beautiful island from the road to the spectacular pass Vinh Hy - Binh Tien. When setting foot on the island, visitors will be attracted by the clear blue sea and the white sandy beaches. The beaches here are not as long and wide as in Mui Ne or Nha Trang beaches, but they are always clean and clear to the bottom. The sea is narrow, gentle, especially as you wade dozens of meters far, you can easily see the coral right under your foot. On the beach are the rocks with various shapes and colors which are very lively.

Predicted to be the “hottest” destination in 2018, Cam Ranh promises to offer visitors with the most interesting and memorable experience in the beautiful and pristine beaches, islands, and mountains, etc. If you like this place, don’t forget to share this with your friends. Thank you and hope you will have fun in tours to Vietnam and package tours to Asia.

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