Visit Doi Suthep - The most sacred temple in Thailand

Visit Doi Suthep - The most sacred temple in Thailand

Phrathat Doi Suthep is known as the most sacred temple in Chiang Mai where many domestic and foreign tourists pick as an indispensable destination when traveling to Thailand to learn the unique culture of the Golden Temple country as well as Buddhist beliefs and major holidays in the country.

Visit Doi Suthep - The most sacred temple in Thailand

Doi Suthep temple

Doi Suthep - How to get there

Doi Suthep is located on Doi Suthep hill in the southwestern part of Chiang Mai city, about 10km from the city center. The easiest way to get to this place from the city center is by taxi, and it is also advisable to rent a two-way car, because the location is not in the city center, so picking up the car is not convenient. This time of visit is from 6 am to 5 pm. There is no entrance fee when visiting this temple.

Doi Suthep - The long history temple

Doi Suthep temple was built in 1383 on the hilltop of Doi Suthep mountain which is 1676 meters above sea level, this temple is considered a sacred place of Chiang Mai in particular and Thailand in general. According to legend, the temple was built to preserve the relics of the Buddha under the direction of King Nu Naone of Lanna Kingdom.

In addition, Doi Suthep also preserves many rare precious Buddha statues from 600 years ago. After many renovations and expansion, from a small stupa, Doi Suthep has become a spacious and solid temple thanks to the help of the Buddhist followers and the ethnic people in the mountains.

Visit Doi Suthep - The most sacred temple in Thailand

Pray at Doi Suthep temple

Doi Suthep - Where the golden statues seduce tourist’s heart

In order to get to this ancient temple, visitors can choose to travel in two ways. If you are adventurous lovers, you can rent a motorcycle to drive on the curved road and then climb 309 steps. Or if it is not your favorite hobby, there are cable cars to serve you regularly. Do not worry that the 309 stone stairs will make you tired because on that road you will be admiring the statues of snake that extends along the ridge.

When you set foot on the Doi Suthep temple, you will be surprised by the magnificent architecture, the majestic tombs and especially the gilded Buddha statues of all sizes. Moreover,  you can see many small bells hung around the temple that not only are aesthetic but also bring calm, serene for the pilgrims whenever the wind blows through.

The interior of the temple is plated with gold and granite to give the unique and sparkling appearance in the sun every morning. Chedi tower is the largest tower located in the center, this is the place where Xa Loi of the Buddha was saved from thousand years ago. Around the tower, there are small statues placed on four sides to protect the Buddha.

In addition, around the tower, there are the lines of hanging yellow bell rings bearing the names of visitors from all over the world to pray for peace in mind. Chiang Mai people have told each other that, in order to turn your pray come true, visitors sincerely light incense and walk around the tower Chedi 3 rounds. Visitors can go to hear the Buddhist monk teaching, tying the white stitch to hand to get peace and luck.

Besides the many statues of Buddha in gold, visitors will also see the royal palace of Thailand on Doi Suthep hill. The place is planted a lot of precious flowers blooming fragrance all year round, so visitors will feel more relaxed.

Visit Doi Suthep - The most sacred temple in Thailand

The road to Doi Suthep temple

The impressive experience in the Doi Suthep temple

This famous temple is a spiritual destination that many visitors find not only to pray for luckiness, to admire the beautiful precious statues, to visit the unique architecture but also to see a beautiful and impressive Chiang Mai from above. Enjoying the serene view of Chiang Mai from the high view to feel a different version of Chiang Mai compared to a vibrant and lively tourist city.

Wandering around the temple, you will catch a large cloth placed outside the courtyard of the temple, you can write your family name on it after the ceremony. The monk will spell and tye a wrist white stitch on your hand and scoop a few drops ò water on your body as a way to wash out your sorrow and tiredness. Thai people believe that this ceremony will help visitors receive good luck, health, and peace from the Buddha. Visiting Doi Suthep temple, visitors pay attention to dress courteous, behave properly, keep respect attitude with the monks as well as the temple scenes.

It is no secret that Chiang Mai is home to many beautiful temples with the impressive architectures which you may have seen on your visit to northern Thailand. But if you want to have more memorable moments in the land of sacred temples, let’s come to us via Asia tours. Thank you and have a good trip!