Visit Ha Giang In October To Admire The Beauty Of The Buckwheat Flowers

Visit Ha Giang In October To Admire The Beauty Of The Buckwheat Flowers

Ha Giang is the highest tip of the country where the stones build up the landscape and culture of this harsh land. In order to make up for its disadvantages, there is a wild beautiful flower growing up from the soil and blooming the pretty flowers that attract a lot of people to come and visit, it is the triangle circuit flowers. October is not the best time to visit Vietnam but it is the best time to go to Ha Giang to contemplate these flowers, so let’s consider visiting this land at the end of the autumn.

Admire the triangle circuit flowers in Ha Giang in October

Visit Ha Giang In October To Admire The Beauty Of The Buckwheat Flowers

The triangle flower season lasts 3 months from the early of October to the end of December. You just need to spend four days to travel to the most attractive places in Ha Giang. There are many tourists saying that Ha Giang is the most colorful land they have ever known and of course it is.  When traveling to Ha Giang in October, not fewer people have to wow that how wonderful Ha Giang is.

Many couples choose to come to the triangle flower fields to make the album of wedding photos. Many young people drive motorbikes to Ha Giang in October to have great photos with Tam Giac Mach flowers to show off to their friends. The triangle circuit flowers bloom in October, it is so romantic for everyone to have wonderful photos and great views in October in Ha Giang.

Take part in the triangle flower festival

The triangle flowers bloom in October. In this flower season, there has a festival named Tam Giac Mach flower festival or Triangle Buckwheat flower festival. Tam Giac Mach flower festival has been held the first time last year in November. It lasts from 12th to 15th of November.

As you might know, Tam Giac Mach flower festival will be held in Meo Vac town in October instead of holding in November as it used to be last year. The date and time of Tam Giac Mach flower festival may be changed, so you should update the latest information for your trip at tours in Vietnam.

In Tam Giac Mach flower festival, you will have the chance of admiring a variety of products made from the triangle flowers. In addition, you also watch street folk music shows and witness colorful costumes of ethnic minority people in Ha Giang, especially H'mong people. In this festival, many products of agriculture, tourism of all places in Ha Giang will be showing off for you to admire.

Visit Ha Giang In October To Admire The Beauty Of The Buckwheat Flowers

When you travel to Ha Giang in October, apart from taking part in the flower festival, you can also arrange the time to travel to Bac Sum slope, Co Tien mountain on the road No.4C to Dong Van,  it is from the center of Ha Giang city about 40 kilometers.

Yen Minh pine forest is a poetic forest which is from Ha Giang city about 100 kilometers, this forest is where you should travel to pick up the pine fruits and witness the romantic views of the forest. You should also visit Cam valley because there has the scene in a famous Vietnamese film named “Pao’s story”.

Sa Phin valley, Lung Cu flagpole, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Dong Van market, Dong Van Plateau are the best destinations in Ha Giang that you will have to regret if you don’t spend the time to visit on the occasion of seeing Tam Giac Mach flower season in Ha Giang.

Some tips you should know when traveling to Ha Giang in October

Most of the tourists know that they will have the exciting experiences when traveling to Ha Giang in October because they not only witness the most beautiful triangle flower fields but also have chances to join in the triangle flower festival. However, there are some problems with accommodation and eating places that will become big troubles if it is your first time traveling to Ha Giang. So, you should be sure that you have already finished booking bus, train tickets, contact to book homestays or hostels before moving to Ha Giang.

According to some reviews, if you want to travel to Ha Giang in October to admire the triangle flowers, you should go before this festival happens some days and then, you can wait until this flower festival finishes to go home to avoid crowded.

Visit Ha Giang In October To Admire The Beauty Of The Buckwheat Flowers

Most tourists travel to Ha Giang in October because of the triangle flower season. Yet, Ha Giang is beautiful during the year. There are many breathtaking landscapes in this province such as Dong Van stone plateau. There has a dazzling beauty in Dong Van when spring comes. In order to get to Dong Van, you will have to pass through the spectacular incomparable pass road that is one of the most dangerous roads in Vietnam. In addition, you will have a chance to see the beautiful rice terraces in Vietnam and meet the friendly local people and learn their lifestyle if you ask for staying with them overnight.

Ha Giang is a new place to visit in northern Vietnam but it is unexpectedly more beautiful than you can imagine. Looking for Ha Giang in the very first tip of Vietnam map to know how unique this land is. If you need further information about this land, let’s contact us. Thank you!