What are the needed experiences when coming to Ha Giang?

What are the needed experiences when coming to Ha Giang?

With the magnificent scenery as well as the well-preserved original culture of the ethnic tribes, Ha Giang is always one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Northern Vietnam. For nature lovers and those who have the desire to discover the new lands, Ha Giang is supposed to be the paradise on earth. Here are the amazing experiences that you can’t miss when coming to this extraordinary land. Do not forget to take luxury Vietnam tours to get more information about things to do in Northern Vietnam.

Visit Lung Cu flagpole

What are the needed experiences when coming to Ha Giang?

Being the Northernmost point of Vietnam, Lung Cu flagpole is a mighty construction standing remarkably among the winding hills and the majestic mountains of Ha Giang. The image of the country flag quivering in the breeze can touch the heart of every Vietnamese people as well as evoke the country love and the national pride. Standing at the top of Lung Cu flagpole can, under the national flag may be the most sacred moment during the lifetime of Vietnamese citizen. The flag is 54 square meters and it’s widely said that this figure represents 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. Reaching the summit of Lung Cu flagpole, you will have a chance to get a panoramic view over the valley. In the short moments, you will realize the immenseness and mightiness of nature.

Insider tips:

► You can catch a shuttle bus to Lung Cu or transport by self-drive motorbike. The route to Lung Cu is extremely scenic and you will surely take marvelous moments along the route. However, the route is winding and serpentine with several blind corners. Therefore, if you are not a professional driver, this is not the time to be risky. In case, you decide to drive the motorbike to Lung Cu, you are highly recommended to keep the pace slow and keep your eyes on the roads all the times.

► The entrance ticket of Lung Cu flagpole is 20,000 VND (about $1).

► There are over a hundred steps to hike up the base of Lung Cu flagpole so it’s advisable for you to carry good walking shoes and water enough.

Experience H’mong life

What are the needed experiences when coming to Ha Giang?

There are various ways to experience the local culture of H’mong people who mainly make up Ha Giang’s population. You can visit the House of Pao belonging to Lung Cam Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Dong Van plateau that is the residential place of over 60 households, mainly H’mong, Lolo and Han. House of Pao which was chosen to be the beautiful background of the film “Pao’s Story” impresses the visitors with the rustic beauty, especially the ancient walls that are the inspiration of many photographers. The special architecture of Pao’s house which mixes with the natural beauty results in the mysterious charm as well as the tranquil and warm atmosphere.

Visiting Khau Vai love market can be one of the most unique experiences in your lifetime. In fact, this is not a commercial place but the one where couples meet up. They are in love with each other but can’t marry other for some reasons. They come to the Khau Vai market to chat and review the memories. They may not reach the marriage but they still can remain the friendship. However, their spouses aren’t jealous or constrained. They respect the friend of their partners. Being held on 27th March according to the Lunar calendar, Khau Vai market which has the joyful and exciting atmosphere with the touching moments is supposed to be the connection among the past, the present, and the future.

Wander around Ma Pi Leng and Hanh Phuc – the legendary roads

Being through Dong Van stone highland, Hanh Phuc road which is a winding hillside one attracts the travelers by the complicated turnings and the blind corners that can challenge the most skillful drivers. One side of the road is the mountain while another one is the abyss. On this serpentine road, a vague moment can result in the accident. “Hanh Phuc” means “happy” in Vietnamese and you may wonder why this road is named “happy”. The truth is that the process of the road establishment is harsh and hazardous. Many people laid down so that the road is completed as nowadays. There is a happiness that originates from the sacrifice of these amazing builders for the community. Thanks to Hanh Phuc road, Dong Van and Meo Vac are no longer an isolated area. Hanh Phuc connects the plain areas with the remote mountainous ones. Hanh Phuc road is truly a magnificent work of the human.

What are the needed experiences when coming to Ha Giang?

Being considered to be the most rugged pass in Northern Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng which is situated on Hanh Phuc road is compared as “The Great Wall” of Vietnam. This pass truly stimulates the curiosity and the desire to discover the adventurous backpackers. “Ma Pi Leng” means “the horse that comes through the pass will stop breathing. This detail tells us about the level of the mightiness of Ma Pi Leng. Reaching the top of Ma Pi Leng, you will be overwhelmed by the spectacular natural landscapes with the misty majestic mountains, the appalling abysses, and the flowing Nho Que river. At this moment, you will feel like you are drifting among clouds.

Contemplate glorious buckwheat flower

In the flowering seasons, Ha Giang towns are covered by the vibrant colors of the flowers from the pure white color of plum and pear blossom, the brilliant yellow color of the mustard greens, the dark orange color of wild daisy to the pink color of peach blossoms and the purple color of buckwheat. However, the most outstanding flower may be the buckwheat flower. November is the right season of buckwheat flower. The pure color of buckwheat flower destroys the monotony of the stone blocks. When starting to blossom, the flower has the white color, then turn to the color of light pink and the color of splendid violet. Ultimately the flower has the dark red. It is time that buckwheat flower is about to fade. The flowers of buckwheat which always touch your heart become a great source of inspiration for artists.

With the poetic and picturesque sceneries, Ha Giang steals the hearts of many travelers. Let’s try these above amazing experiences and you will have a wonderful trip that can’t be described in words. Why don’t you stand up and take Vietnam package tour right now? Vietnam is waiting for you. Share the post if you find it useful.