What It Has In The Largest Delta Of Vietnam-The Mekong River Delta?

What It Has In The Largest Delta Of Vietnam-The Mekong River Delta?

Mekong River Delta is the largest delta in Vietnam, it covers all the southwestern region of Vietnam and is fed by the Mekong river-one of the biggest rivers in the world. The peaceful landscapes and rustic life of the friendly local people here are the appealing points that attract more and more tourists coming this plain. Let’s watch our share in Asia tours to feel how beautiful the Mekong river is.

Where is Mekong River Delta?

The Mekong river is one of the biggest rivers in the world and the mother river of almost all the mainland Southeast Asian countries. The river starts in Tibet, flows through Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia and ends in the southern tip of Vietnam. The river also is the natural border of Thailand and Laos on the flowing way and officially becomes a large delta when entering the territory of Cambodia and Vietnam. When going to Vietnam, the river splits into many branches and forms a maze of rivers that people here have to use boats to travel. Besides its name as the Mekong Delta. Vietnamese people often call it Cuu Long River Delta which means "Nine dragons river delta". It is located in the southwest of Ho Chi Minh city, so it is quite easy for you to visit this delta from this largest Vietnam city.

Things to do in Mekong River Delta

There are numerous things to see and do in the Mekong river delta, however, the region is very large and it is impossible to tell all the interesting destinations and things there. So here are the most remarkable points in Mekong delta we recommend to you when visiting this peaceful plain.

Vinh Trang Pagoda

It will be an imperfection if you miss visiting the amazing temple complex of Vinh Trang when coming to the Mekong Delta. In fact, if you visit this pagoda, the tour guide will tell you the details of the history and special architecture of this pagoda, but this pagoda even gives you more than that when you stand in front of the zen space of the shrines and Buddha statues. The Buddha statues here have a long age and they are craved very detailed that you can take the great photo to save on your trip.

Vinh Trang pagoda

Vinh Trang pagoda

Snake farm

To be honest, this attraction is not a flavor of a lot of foreign tourists but remember that this is Vietnam, a tropical country of Southeast Asia, we make sure that it will give you the different feelings for people who are associated with the modern living in the big cities. It is completely different from the proper zoos that you just see the animals in cages and feed them through the iron fences. Coming to the snake farm in Mekong river, you will have time to experience the chilling moments when getting close to the most venomous snakes locked up in smaller cages or in the bigger habitats. Here is also the house of a bunch of crocodiles and other endemic animals that you can come to see it in the ponds and gardens.

Eco-tourism village tour

It is considered one of the coolest activities in the Mekong Delta that you shouldn't ignore, it is to visit local villages. What a meaningful time for you to see how the local people live and sustain in the region surrounded by the rivers. When visiting these villages, you will have a chance to come to the local houses to see how they make candies from coconuts, how they seek for food and even join with them in the daily activities. You can follow their feet to catch the fish in the pond or river as well as go into the lush fruit garden to choose the sweet fruits to bring home. It is kind of fun for you to try fruits right in the garden. Especially they maybe invite you to the meal and drink their shots with them. Venomous dead snakes and other reptiles are kept in a large pot on alcohol and it is considered as a kind of drink good for health.

Boat tour in Mekong river

This is surely the familiar image that you used to see it in the posters or websites advertising Vietnam tourism, the image of a woman in traditional “ba ba” clothes and traditional hat “non la” rowing between the green bamboos and water coconuts. The Mekong River Delta is such a maze of rivers and there are a ton of water alleys where the local people only use the boat to move. What we are supposed to tell you is that it is a super smart choice when jumping in a boat after another departing into the land of rivers and forests. It is just one of the interesting things to do in the Mekong Delta that you can’t miss.


Boat tour in Mekong delta

Floating markets

A unique and specific place you have to visit in the Mekong Delta is the floating market. The floating market is a unique purchasing form of local people in this region. Coming to the floating markets, you will have a chance to see how the local people can set up their lives and how they can live, work, eat, earn money, and even do shopping on the water. The floating markets have been existing here for hundred years, and it is not only where local people come to purchase the goods but also where they meet and exchange the culture while the land accommodation in Mekong Delta was still at its infancy.

There are six main floating markets in the Mekong Delta which are Cai Rang, Cai Be, Phong Dien, Nga Bay, Nga Nam, and Tran On scattered around the provinces of the Mekong Delta.


Cai Rang floating market

Mekong River Delta is waiting for your coming by all its warm heart. Visiting this peaceful delta via Southeast Asia package tours to experience the exciting things of the land and people here. If you need further information, contact us to get more details. Best regards!

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