What To See In Northern Vietnam In Spring

What To See In Northern Vietnam In Spring

Speaking of northern Vietnam, so many people quickly think about the peaceful villages with green bamboo trees, the golden rice fields, and kindful people. Yet, there are more things in northern Vietnam that you have to come to see on your own eyes to feel the true beauty of this land, especially in the spring.

Flowers blooming all over the villages in January and February

Everything seems to feed up with the coldness of the winter and wait for the omens of the spring upcoming. January comes along with the warm spring sunbeam that dispels the freezing breezes and grey sky of the winter, it is time that the peach blossoms begin pinken all over backs of mountains hillsides and villages of northern Vietnam. The big petals of peach blossom in the northern mountains are different from it in the delta land. It is the symbol of the effort even in the piercing cold weather.

What To See In Northern Vietnam In Spring

The peach blossom is the very first blooming flower in all the flowers in the year, and so northern people choose this flower to decorate in their house in Tet holiday. They say that peach flowers blossom in spring right in Tet holidays while the other flowers still are in a deep sleep in the winter. So, it also represents a strong vitality and a brave heart. Besides that, the pink color of peach flowers is considered the color of happiness, love, and luckiness that spread among people in this unique time of the year.

It is absolutely a memorable memory for you to visit northern Vietnam at this time.

February comes with the plum blossom forests covering in white in all the corners of northwestern Vietnam. The weather has become warmer, it is very suitable for you to travel to the northwest of Vietnam. If you have planning to visit Vietnam, let’s visit northern Vietnam at this time to witness the most beautiful mountain scenery in the year.

Explore Love markets in February

Love market is not only a place to exchange the goods but also a cultural activity of the ethnic groups in the mountainous region of northern Vietnam. When spring comes, people from all the ages are eager to buy new clothes to go to the Love market which often happens in the period of January and February.

Love market occurs in vacant lots at the center of the villages where people bring their local specialties to sell, as well as where the young men and women meet and talk to each other and make friends after a year of hard work.

Love market is a very special characteristic of the northwestern people and it does not happen all the time, so try to arrange the time to attend the northwest love market to feel special about the special culture. Let’s come to this special form of market in Vietnam, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with what Love market brings to you.

Witness the “ban” flower in the northwest

What To See In Northern Vietnam In Spring

This kind of flower has its scientific name as “Bauhinia variegata” which mostly grow in the northwest of Vietnam. When this beautiful flower blooms in the dense forests of the northwestern part of Vietnam, people know that March has come. This white color of "ban" flower is as a symbol of the loyal and pure love and the aspiration to break through the old prejudice of the society, so the young couples often come to the root of the "ban" flower tree to have a promise to go with together till the end.

March is an omen to mark that spring is about to end, it is time people start preparing to go to the forest to collect honey, pick mushrooms and hunt wild animals.

The pure white color of “ban” petals create a limpid beauty for northwestern forests and mountains. Stretching on a wide scale over the northwestern province of Hoa Binh, Son La, Dien Bien, Lai Chau, the white “ban” flower forests create the poetic scenery touching souls and hearts of anyone.

Visit the rice terraces in the falling water season

What To See In Northern Vietnam In Spring

The drizzling of the spring awakens the landscapes after a long sleep in winter. The rains supply the water for the rivers and streams, so it is time people bring water to the fields to prepare a new crop. After a few nights, the blank dry fields are full of water which sparkle like water mirrors, reflecting the color of the northwest mountains. It is considered one of the two most suitable times to visit the rice terraces in Vietnam.

No one can ignore the lush and livable beauty of northern Vietnam in spring. Why don’t you put your busy life aside and give yourself a little break with a wonderful adventure in northern Vietnam via Vietnam travel tours? If you have any question, feel free to contact us. Thank you!