Where should you visit in November in Vietnam?

Where should you visit in November in Vietnam?

Vietnam always attracts visitors by the stunning tourist destinations as well as the diverse original culture. There are several locations that are suitable for visiting in November. Here are some places you may want to know.

The weather in November in Vietnam

In the North

The cold air will rise, in terms of both intensity and frequency. The Northern provinces will be likely to experience 4-5 periods of cold weather. Rain is not frequent. The temperature is about 18-23°C.

Ha Giang's buckwheat flowers

Ha Giang's buckwheat flowers

In the Central

Heavy rains are likely to happen on a large scale. Pouring rains can result in the flood, landslide and soil erosion in the mountainous area or the inundation in the sunken areas. There are about 1-2 storms occurring in the mainland or 2-3 storms in the ocean. Strong wind is predicted and the water sea tends to raise. The temperature ranges from 21-25°C. The nearer the part in the South is, the higher the temperature is.

In the South

The find and heavy rain will be likely to happen, especially in the first week of November. There are about 1-2 storms occurring in the mainland or 2-3 storms in the ocean. The average temperature is 27°C.  

Depending on the forecast of the temperature in Vietnam in November, you may prepare enough suitable clothes and the essential objects in order to have a satisfying trip to Vietnam as much as possible.

Where should you visit?

Ha Giang

The beautiful flower of buckwheat flowers has become the representative beauty of Ha Giang mountainous area for a long time. The end of October and the beginning of November when the weather gets colder and the monsoon appears is the right blooming season of this pretty flower. This special flower is in bloom in a short month during the year.

If you are passionate about enjoy the beautiful flower but not come in November, you have no choice, except to re-arrive here at this time next year. Therefore, a large volume of visitors decides to explore Ha Giang at this time to contemplate the brilliant flowers that can’t nearly be found in anywhere outside Ha Giang.

In November, every corner of Ha Giang villages and hamlets, from the terraced paddy fields, the sloping hillsides to the zigzag roads, are covered by the pure color of buckwheat flowers, which destroy the monotony of the stone blocks. When starting to blossom, the flower has the white color, then turn to the color of light pink and the color of splendid violet. Ultimately the flower has the dark red. It is time that buckwheat flowers are about to fade. The buckwheat flowers which always touch your heart become a great source of inspiration for artists.

Fansipan peak in Sapa

Fansipan peak in Sapa

Don’t forget to carry the camera. You will catch the marvelous moments more than you may imagine. Let’s sightsee and wallow in the outstanding beauty of buckwheat flowers – the gift Mother Nature offers Ha Giang. The best places to see this flower are supposed to include Hoang Su Phi, Xin Man, Pho Bang, Pho Cao, Sung La, Dong Van, Lung Cu, Ma Le, etc.

One more stunning thing about Ha Giang in November is that this is also the time that the wild daisy burst into bloom. The lovely wild daisies which have the color of dark orange are highlighted in the greenish floral carpets on two sides of the road. Be ready to mix yourself with the brilliant colorful flowers.

Must-have experiences

► Visit Lung Cu flag tower

► Reach Quan Ba heaven gate

► Discover Dong Van plateau

► Stroll around Hanh Phuc road


Located at 1,600 meters above sea level, Sapa is a tranquil picturesque town on the slope of Hoang Lien mountains with the cool weather across the year. September to November is considered to be the time when Sapa is in the most beautiful state. Human and nature get on really well together. In Sapa, November is in the winter when the weather is freezing and the temperature comes down to 8-12°C. Despite the cold weather, it rarely rains and beautifully sunny in the noon.

The outstanding thing about Sapa in November is that the landscape is covered by a dense curtain of mist in the early morning, which results in the illusory space. How romantic Sapa looks at this time! The fog which has become the specialty of Sapa for a long time floods in every corner and lays over houses and trees. Coming to Sapa at this time, you will feel like you are getting lost in the dream-land. Once you have witnessed the foggy sceneries of Sapa, they will always be alive in your mind.

Must-have experiences

► Hike up Ham Rong mountain

► Reach Fansipan peak

► Wander around Central Square

► Explore the “love” market

► Discover Ta Phin and Cat Cat hamlets

► Explore Muong Hoa valley


Many visitors come to “the land of thousands of flowers” in November when helianthus is in bloom. In November, the rainy season ended, which is an ideal condition to sightsee the lovely helianthus which has the color of vivid wild yellow creates the brilliant yellow carpets among the poetic landscape of Dalat. This magnificent natural painting will surely touch your heart. Helianthus becomes incredibly remarkable in the space of the foggy city and seems to warm the freezing highland up. In every corner, from the hillsides, two sides of the road to the small alley, helianthus is noticeable.

The stunning routes to contemplate helianthus include

► Cam Ly airport - Van Thanh flower village - Ta Nung road - Elephant waterfall - Langbiang mountain

► Trai Mai - Dat bridge -  Dran town

► Dalat - Lien Khuong - Nam Ban - Ta Nung - Dalat

► Dalat - Dat bridge - D’Ran - Don Duong - Chau Son palm hill - Phi Nom - Tu Tra - Dalat

The dreaming Dalat city

The dreaming Dalat city

Must-have experiences

► Discover Pongour and Datanla waterfalls

► Explore Love Valley

► Visit Tuyen Lam and Xuan Huong Lakes

► Visit Linh Phuoc pagoda and Truc Lam Zen monastery

► Sightsee the lavender field

These above glorious destinations are extremely suitable for visiting in November. Let’s discover Ha Giang, Sapa, and Dalat. These places will surely leave a strong impression on you.

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