Where to go in Vietnam in July

Where to go in Vietnam in July

Vietnam always attracts visitors by the picturesque natural landscapes and the exciting tourist destinations. The weather condition in July is fairly suitable for tourist activities. Here are some suggestions of where you should travel at this time.

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The weather in Vietnam in July

The North is still in summer so plenty of hot weather should be expected. With the average temperature around 30°C, it may rain frequently and stormy occasionally. Heavy showers or thunderstorm is likely to occur in Halong Bay and Hanoi. Moreover, July is one of the wettest months during the year in Hanoi. The mountainside to the north may be extremely wet so trekking is not suggested.

For the best weather, head to the Central with plenty of golden sunshine and blue skies expected throughout July. With the average temperature around 31°C,  it may be predominantly dry. However, the occurrence of the odd shower helps to ease the hot weather. High rainfall should be expected in west Dalat and the Central Highlands so trekking and adventure activities are not suggested.

To the South, July is in the wet season. However, this may not be severe. Although it may be showering more heavily than in previous months, plenty of dry and sunny day can be still expected with the average temperature of 29°C. Although July is the last month of the diving season, you can still take diving tours in Southern islands thanks to the favorable water conditions.

Depending on the forecast of the temperature in Vietnam in July, you may prepare better for the trip to Vietnam. Basing on the weather condition of the destination you will head to, remember to carry the appropriate types of clothes and the essential objects to make sure to have a satisfying journey as much as possible.

Where to visit?

Tam Dao

Situated in Vinh Phuc province, Tam Dao is a tranquil small town. Being located at 900 meters above sea level, Tam Dao owns the favorable weather condition. Tam Dao often attracts a large number of tourists in summer, especially people from Northern Vietnam coming here to escape from the blazing heat in summer days and enjoy the fresh air of the mountainous area.

It’s advisable for you to visit Tay Thien pagoda that is a famous one being hemmed by the immense forests or Truc Lam Zen Monastery that is a specific religious characteristic of Vietnam. Let’s walk on the hillside roads, wander around the town and have the delicious local dishes. Tam Dao is extremely famous for grilled food. It’s such an amazing experience to taste hot dishes in the cool weather of Tam Dao. Chayote is a famous specialty here so make sure to try it and the flavor will surely leave a strong impression on you.

Tam Coc - Bich Dong (via vietfuntravel.com.vn)

Tam Coc - Bich Dong (via vietfuntravel.com.vn)

Tam Coc-Bich Dong

Being considered “The second nicest grotto in Vietnam”, Tam Coc - Bich Dong still remains its untouched natural beauty. Let’s take a boat ride running along Ngo Dong river and the beautiful mountainous natural landscape will blow your mind away; seemingly, you are heading to the magic-land. Especially, July is in the right season of ripe rice. On both sides of the river, the bright yellow paddy fields which evoke the sense of property and peace will touch your heart at first sight. Moreover, let’s visit the unique caves that alternate with the glorious pagodas.

Central beaches

In July, the Central is supposed to have the most favorable weather condition in the whole country since the sun rarely hides and the sky is purely blue all the time. July is truly an ideal time to pop on the lovely beaches in this region.

Danang owns the long coastline with the gorgeous beaches, which are precious gifts Nature offer this land. With the soft white sand, gentle slope, calm waves, and crystal turquoise water, these beautiful beaches suit perfectly for leisure activities.

Being the six-kilometer pretty palm-lined coastline with the smooth white sand dunes and the blue crystal water, Nha Trang is a must-visit destination for any sea lovers. Sunbathing under the bright golden sunshine and soaking up the blue cool seawater may be one of the most marvelous things you have ever experienced. Tran Phu beach is the most common spot however you should head to the beaches near Hon Chong Promontory to have more authentic experiences.

Nha Trang beach (via luxurytravelvietnam.com)

Nha Trang beach (via luxurytravelvietnam.com)

Being described as Maldives of Vietnam, Ky Co beach (Quy Nhon province) still remains the unique pristine wilderness with the emerald crystal water, the silky white sand, the brilliant yellow sunshine, and the stunning coral reefs. Let’s head to the nearby Dua beach to contemplate the stunning colorful coral reefs.

Being listed as one of the most beautiful bays in the world in 2009, Lang Co beach impresses the visitors with the lyrical romantic beauty. The pristine calm sea with 10-kilometer coconut-shaded smooth white sand, blue shallow water, and turquoise lagoons is not sufficient to describe Lang Co beach. Moreover, the beach owns the beautiful coral reefs that are perfectly suitable for scuba diving.

There are lots of attractive destinations that are fairly suitable to reach in Vietnam in July. Once you have visited these above places, they will surely be alive in your mind. Let’s explore Tam Dao, Tam Coc-Bich Dong, the magnificent beaches in Central Vietnam and have a memorable trip!